11 Unique Staircase Ideas To Uplift Your Home


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The staircase doesn’t only help you to connect each floor of your house. But the staircase is more than that. It can spark up your house. Moreover, you can create your staircase as stunning art. So, you will have a double function staircase that will help you move easily and an aesthetic staircase. Then, how to create a unique staircase in my home? So, let’s stick with me to know about 7 unique staircase ideas that will definitely uplift your house.

Charming Spiral Staircase 

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The spiral staircase is truly space saving in a small space. You will never go wrong with the spiral staircase because it can fit with every design style like minimalist, retro, and industrial. Moreover, the spiral staircase can also spark up a unique charming piece of art in your home. Do you dare to try? 

Floating Elegance Staircase 

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Nothing can beat the fresh outlook of a floating staircase. But some people tend to avoid the floating staircase because they think that this staircase is not strong enough. Well, this is not true. You have to know that the metal hand railing and hand holder of the floating staircase can handle weight up to 100 kilograms. Moreover, the floating staircase brings elegance and a minimalist vibe to your home. Also, the floating staircase enhances the open space atmosphere. Do you still think twice to create the floating staircase? 

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Artistic Library Stair Shelves 

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Would you believe me if I say that you can create book storage and staircases at the same time? Then you can try to make bookshelves under the stairs as your book storage. Moreover, the book storage under the stair will directly create a library room in your house. This is a very multifunction idea, right? Also, the library staircase will evoke an artistic vibe in your home. 

Minimalist Mirror Handrailing Staircase 

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Do you want to create an illusion of a bigger staircase in your house? Then you should try to use the mirror as the handrail of your staircase. Moreover, the mirror handrail staircase will enhance the fresh minimalist outlook of your home. 

Eccentric Angular Iron Staircase 

source : Pinterestsource : Pinterest

Nothing can beat the eccentric statement of the angular iron staircase. Moreover, if you paint the angular staircase red, black, or yellow, it will create a bold chic statement that will spice up your home. One important thing that you should know is that the angular shape of the staircase not only brings aesthetic art but also can free up the small space. Also, the full metal material of this angular staircase enhances the industrial style in your home. 

Fascinating Geometric Square Staircase 

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The geometric square staircase can free up and spark up your small home. Moreover, you have to know that the square shape of the stairs can be a seat and a storage place. This square staircase will definitely be a stand out aesthetic art in your home. Do you want to try? 

Aesthetic Shelves Staircase 

source : Pinterest

If you have a small space, then the smart way to maximize your space is to create a multifunction staircase. So, how to create the multifunction staircase? It is very easy. You can create shelves under the staircase. Moreover, if you create zigzag high stairs like in this picture, it will evoke a unique art aesthetic in your home. Also, you can put your stuff in these shelves like a gucci, flower vase, or books. This unique idea staircase is truly a big game changer to your small space. 

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Gorgeous Chic Pattern Staircase 

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Do you wonder how to elevate your staircase to create a unique creative statement in your home? Well, It is very simple but I can guarantee this idea will create a big impact on your staircase. So, let’s try to install a wallpaper motif pattern or tiles. But I suggest installing wallpaper because it is cheaper than tiles. If you want to have water resistant wallpaper, then you should buy vinyl wallpaper because it is not easily dull and water resistant. Moreover, you can install it only on one side of the staircase. Voila, you will get a gorgeous chic statement in your staircase. I can guarantee your guests will never stop staring at your chic aesthetic staircase. 

Colorful Painted Staircase 

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I know that you probably wonder how to make your white staircase don’t feel boring, right? So, let’s try to paint your floor staircase. You can try to paint only on one side of your stair floor so that it will not feel overcrowded with color. Moreover, this painted staircase idea will uplift your home to be more colorful and playful. 

Long Lasting Strong Natural Stone Staircase 

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Nothing can beat the durability of the stone staircase. Moreover, the stone staircase is very strong to handle the weight with more than 100 kilograms. Also, you have to know that the stone staircase is very easy to maintain. So, you don’t need extra effort because the stone staircase is not easily dull and scratch resistant. Moreover, you just need to sweep or mop the stone staircase to maintain it. Also, the stone staircase sound resistant. So, you don’t need to worry about noisy sounds whenever you step on the stone staircase. Another important thing is that the stone staircase is fireproof. So, the stone staircase can be a safet route when there is a fire in your home. 

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But sometimes the stone staircase can be quite pricey. Meanwhile, you should know that the stone staircase is long lasting. Well, I mean you can see that the stone staircase never aged in every palace, right? So, the staircase can provide you fireproof, durability, long lasting, sound resistant, and scratches resistant quality. Then, I can guarantee that the stone staircase is a worthy investment in your home. 

Classic Wood Staircase 

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You will never go wrong with the classic combination of wood stair and wood hand railing. Moreover, the vintage outlook of the classic wood stair will vividly enhance the mesmerizing aesthetic that everyone will stop in. 

Let’s Create Your Dream Staircase 

Now, you know some great and unique ideas to create your dream staircase. So, this is the right time to manifest and create your unique and stunning staircase. Then what are you waiting for? 

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