4 Unique Modern Front Door Design That Will Make Your Home Stand Out

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Do you want to create a new home? Or do you just want to remodel your front door? Well, if your answer is yes, then you should pay attention to the front doors of your home. One important thing you have to know is that the front door is not only to give security but also is a piece of art in your home. Moreover, most people think that the design front door is just a small part of your home but it will bring a big impact to make your home stand out. So, how to uplift your home with the front doors? Then, let’s stick with me to find out about some unique modern front door designs that will uplift your home. 

1. Shining and Mesmerizing Strong Copper Front Door 


The golden copper front door will bring you to the era of mid centuries kingdom. Doesn’t it sound cool? Then, you will feel like doing a time travel after you enter this gold aesthetic copper door. But you probably wonder does the copper front door feel heavy? Okay, I know that some people usually avoid having the metal front door because of the heaviness. No, it is not heavy because it is just around 1.15 – 2 pounds per square foot. Also, you should know that the metal front door has high durability which brings strong security to your home. Moreover, the copper front door is unique and aesthetic because the texture and the motif pattern are human made. Also, the copper front door will give a unique statement with strong modern industrial vibes.

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I know you probably wonder how to maintain the copper door? You need to wax the copper periodically like every six months. Moreover, you should buy wax with UV filters so that your copper door doesn’t easily get degradation. Also, this cooper wax gives coat protection to keep the copper not easily rusty. Then, how to clean? You can just wash it with a sponge. But you have to careful with acid clean materials because they corrode the copper. Also, the copper easily gets patina. So, the patina is greenish on the copper’s surface because of the chemical reaction due to the changing season. Then, you can take one tablespoon of baking soda, vinegar, and salt. After that, you have to mix it in a bowl until it changes into a paste. Then, you can rub it on the copper door. Voila, you can already remove the patina.

2. Minimalist Wooden Front Door 


Nothing can beat the simple yet stunning contemporary wooden front door design. Moreover, the full wooden front door style will enhance the natural atmosphere. You have to know that the full wooden door can combine the minimalist style and some sort of industrial style. Also, this wooden door brings a warm and calm vibe whenever welcoming your guests.


Okay, so we already talk enough about the aesthetic of the wooden front door. But don’t forget the most important thing is to maintain the wooden front door. So, how to maintain the wooden door? Firstly, you have to polish the wooden door regularly with wood furniture polish or wax. Lastly, how to keep the wood front door not easily dull? So, you can just install a protective coat on your wood door. The protective coat will give double protection on durability and dull-resistant.

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3. The Elegant Glass Front Door 


Do you want to create an illusion of a bigger door in your home? Then you should try to make a glass front door. But most people are usually afraid that this glass door is not strong enough to stand properly. Well, you can install frames like wood or aluminum to hold the glass door. Moreover, the glass door with the aluminum framing not only enhances a bigger illusion and an elegant modern style but also evokes cleanliness vibes. Also, you have to know that the modern glass aluminum door can fit with every type of home design even like the traditional home. The combination of a traditional house with the modern aluminum glass door will create a vibrant unique statement. So, I can guarantee that your guests will never stop staring at your beautiful glass aluminum front door.


Well, you just need simple treatment to take care of the glass aluminum door. So, you can wash the glass with soap that doesn’t have acid materials.

4. The Bold Strong Aluminium Front Door


The aluminum front door opens up the statement of boldness into your home. Moreover, the durability, strength, yet affordable price makes the aluminum front doors always on the top first list of every modern style lover. Also, you have to know that the aluminum front door is not heavy. So, it is very easy to install the aluminum door. But you probably wonder how to make the aluminum front door stand out? Well, it is easy because you just need to paint the aluminum front door and the wall background with one color. Moreover, we can see that the full grey aluminum front door stands out because it matches with the full grey wall and it doesn’t feel overcrowded. This idea brings simplicity yet stylishness into your home.

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I know you probably wonder how to maintain the aluminum front door? Would you believe me if I tell you that you can just do nothing? The most important thing you have to know is that the aluminum front door has a natural thermal break. Then, what is the natural thermal break? Aluminum can handle UV sunlight. So, the aluminum will not easily get corrosion. The aluminum front door also can handle many chemical reactions of seasonal changes and it takes time to make the aluminum door get rusty. So, how to clean the aluminum front door? It is easy because you just need some sponge and soap. Voila, your aluminum front door is clean and shining now!

Let’s Make Your Dream Front Door Into Reality 

So, you already know some unique ideas to make your front door stands. Then, you have to manifest your dream front right now. So, what are you waiting for? 

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