Top 10 Best Combination Colors Pair with Navy Blue

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Nothing can beat the elegant dark of the navy blue. Navy is one of the darkest shades of blue. Another fun fact is British Royal Navy change the name of marine blue to navy blue. Moreover navy is different from other blue shades because its tone connects with the deep dark of the sea. Furthermore, if you connect the color with personality, then navy blue describes the strong personality of confidence, independence, and intelligence.

Do you want to decorate your wall? Or do you want to add some furniture with navy blue? You don’t need to worry because navy blue can fit with all types of colors including bright and dark colors. So here are the top 10 best combination colors with navy blue:


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You will never go wrong with the classic combination of white and navy. If you paint your bedroom wall in navy blue, then the deep dark of navy blue can help you to get a sense of relaxation so it will make you sleep easier. Moreover, adding some white accents such as white pillows will add more calmness to the room. What a dream cozy room! 


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Can a mother earth color like green go well with navy blue? Don’t worry because the unique combination of green and navy creates a natural atmosphere in your room. If you pair deep green and navy, this combination will definitely spark the luxuriousness of nature. This combination will go perfectly in your living room. Don’t forget to add some plants to make your room feel fresh. 

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You probably won’t believe me that yellow and navy are a perfect combination. Isn’t it a strange combination? Well, I know that the brightness of yellow is quite opposites with the deep dark of navy blue. But you don’t need to worry. Trust me this two combination creates strong unique intelligence vibrant. Moreover, the navy blue gives a strong atmosphere of intelligence then combined with yellow which enhances the playful and cheerful spirit. What a cool combo! Moreover, yellow mustard and yellow pastel are usually the most popular combination with navy blue. Also, navy blue can also represent deep thinkers and intellectual personality. The combination of yellow and navy will definitely fit for your library room. Do you dare to try?


Have you read my intro about the fun fact of navy blue? You should know that the navy blue has a brave atmosphere of authority due to its history with the navy military. Then how about gold? Gold has a strong history with every kingdom. I mean you will never miss every gold accent in the palace, right? Thus, it makes gold symbolize wealth in authority. So what will happen when you pair these two colors? 

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Both navy and gold which contain the authority of intelligence and wealth are a perfect match to level up your house decoration to be more fancy and classy. Does it sound cool, right? 


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I know that navy has a strong spirit of masculine color. Then how to balance the strong dominant masculine of navy blue? Pink. Yes, you should choose pink. You probably wonder why, right? Nothing can beat the femininity of pink. The combination of pink and navy enhances the sweet atmosphere so it can balance the masculinity of navy blue. What a lovely decoration! 

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Do you want to make your navy room to be more romantic and energetic? Then you should definitely pick red. Moreover, the navy’s masculine tone and the red’s femininity create an authentic intimacy. Also, you have to know that the femininity of red represents a courageous and energetic vibrant. Moreover, this combination will perfectly match with your dining room. You can add some candles and also red flowers. I can guarantee with these tips will make your significant other greatly enjoy your dining night.


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Nothing can beat the eccentric accent of orange. Then what will happen with the combination of navy and orange? Hold on, I know that navy is a highly elegant color. Don’t worry this combination will not ruin your decoration. In fact, these two colors will bring the vibrant of alluring eccentric elegance. Moreover, orange represents the emotion of endurance and determination. Take a look at the vibrant on the picture above, the deep orange and dark navy create a bold strong elegance and endurance. 


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Do you love the classy bourgeois decoration? Then you should certainly pair navy and brown. Well, I mean you will never miss the strong accent of brown and navy in a classic kingdom in all European kingdoms. The bold statement of brown enhanced the classic bourgeois style of blue blood. Also, you should add more furniture with deep dark brown wood to make your house like a castle. Furthermore, the combination of brown and navy evoke elegant classic styles that are timeless. 


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Gray is a mixture color of white and black. Moreover white and black considered neutral in the color’s spectrum. This gray will definitely match with navy blue. Trust me you should match navy blue and gray to your bedroom. Also, gray color represents the moon and navy blue brings the deep nightfall. Just take a look at this picture. Indeed, you will get the magic moonlight of nightfall to your sleep. 

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Purple is a mixture color of red and blue. Moreover, it is very easy to match purple with navy. Also, these two colors are very famous due to their elegance. Purple will create a strong elegance of royalty. Meanwhile, navy blue will make an authentic elegance of independence. What a great elegance combo!


Navy is a dark color that is very easy to mix and match. You don’t need to worry about combining navy blue with deep dark or bright light color. Also, you can pair navy blue with the opposite colors. The most important thing when it comes to decoration is your own choice and preference. So, you don’t have to be afraid of experimenting navy blue with other colors. Then what are you waiting for? 

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