Tips to Spice Up Your Above-Ground Pool

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Who doesn’t love cooling down their body in a pool during a hot summer day? I believe everyone does. Also, it would be even greater if the pool is accessible, so why not build it in your backyard? Not only will you be able to access it easily and get more privacy, but also, it will be an aesthetic addition to your back yard. Also, what you need to remember is that, when it comes to designs and layouts, it really depends on each person’s preferences. Therefore, there is no right or wrong answer.

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These tips below might be exclusive for particular people since a lot of people would opt for an in-ground pool. However, at the end of the day, whether you prefer an above-ground or an in-ground pool, both have the same function. Even though an in-ground pool is always a go-to, you can always explore and be unique by choosing an above-ground pool. Now, what is risky is that above-ground pools could seem a bit off-putting sometimes. But you don’t have to worry about anything. We are here to give you tips on how to spice up your above-ground pools. It works whether you are on a quest to look for some renovation ideas or inspirations before you buy. So, without any further ado, read on and check out these cool tips below!

Build A Deck

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One of the minuses of building an above-ground pool is the layering. Sometimes, it would not look that aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Just imagine having a giant bucket full of water in your beautifully organized backyard. You know it would look awful just by imagining it. However, we can always make it happen only if we see things from a bigger perspective. One of the methods to integrate your backyard landscape with your above-ground pool is by building a deck. Other than that, you can use the deck as a lounge area, how cool is that?

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There are various ways to perfectly blend your above-ground pool with your backyard landscape by building a deck. Always keep in mind that you should make the tip of the pool level with the deck to make it look more built-in. One of the essential things to put the account into is the materials that we are going to use. Of course, it depends on what materials you use for your pool to make a more integrated look. Another thing to note down is to set the budget. However, you should also remember that you get what you pay for. One of the cheapest materials is wood. You can go for pressure-treated pine, or if you seek more durable materials you can go for redwood, cedar, or tropical hardwood.

Landscape Around Your Pool

Besides building a deck, another tip to make your above-ground pool look more integrated with the yard is by landscaping around your pool. There is a vast range of materials that you can use when landscaping.

Rock or Gravel

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One of the go-to methods is by using gravel or rock. This one is rather simpler as a starter. You can begin by clearing out the area that you would want to put gravels on. You can simply use a metal rake or whatever ways you find most comfortable. Also, you can outline the area that has been cleared out. After you are done, the next step is filling out that area with rock or gravel. They are available in various types and prices. All you need to do is to choose which one meets your budget and preferences.

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Plants or Shrubs

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The wall surrounding the pool might look annoying sometimes. Also, if you are looking for a way to cover it up, plants are always great. Besides to make a nice subtle contrast to your solid-colored pool wall, they are awesome to evoke a more close-to-nature look. There is a vast choice of plants to put around your pool area. However, I have narrowed down the choices for you, and here are some suggestions. The first one is the yucca. It is super easy to maintain. It is also a heat lover, just like agave and aloe. The awesome thing about them is they do not leave much leave litter, so they are the best. The next one is a small palm. Palms can bring a tropical look around your pool area. They also do not produce that much leave litter, and if they do, it is easy to clean up.

For shrubs, actually, any kind of low-profile shrubs could work. Take Arizona Rosewood for example. It is great at taking the reflected heat and also, it does not need that much water. Another suggestion for you who want to go for shrubs is Mountain Laurel. It is ideal for you who want to add more color to your shrubs so that they are not only green.

Add some Glow Around the Pool

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Adding lights is always a good call. Especially in a place where you usually have people around. When it comes to putting lights, there are several ways to do it. Whether it is by putting lanterns, hanging up string lights, or mounting tiki torches, any of them could work well. You only have to observe your surroundings, set the budget, and you are all prepared. Adding some lights can really set up a warm and cozy ambience to your pool. Especially when you are in the mood for swimming after the sun is down. Other than that, lights are really helpful to lit up the path towards the pool. Therefore, you do not have to worry about get stumbled upon a rock or when you are climbing the stairs or something.

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When it comes to reconstructing your landscape, budget is always one of the obstacles. However, after reading the suggested tips above, I hope you can find which one(s) you prefer and start planning your renovation ideas. Even if it sounds like a pretty complicated job, it is always possible to make it happen. Plan out the layout and if you need a hand, there is always a constructor and designer to help you realize your ideas.

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