The Ultimate Sunken Hot Tub Relaxing Ideas For You

Ugh, it’s gonna be boring in the winter season. I can’t go anywhere. So, what should I do? Well, I know you probably feel stuck at home in the winter. Then, how about creating the best place to relax in an outdoor place? You can create a sunken hot tub in your backyard. Moreover, it is not only a place to bathe but it is also a good place to be a spot spa

Then, you don’t need to worry because you can enjoy it in other seasons like autumn and spring. I can guarantee that you will get the best view to relax during those seasons. But I know you probably wonder what should I prepare for the best sunken hot tub? So, let’s stick with me to find out more about the tips and unique ideas to make an outdoor sunken hot tub in your backyard.


• The Deck 

Preparing the deck is one of the most exciting moments when it comes to building a hot tub. But you have to know that the deck is the important part to be the ground base for the filled tub. Moreover, you can choose the wood, stone, or fiberglass deck depending on your own preference. But the most important thing is that the deck can handle a weight of about 100 kilograms. So, you have to make sure that the deck can handle the weight of the filled tub.

• The Heater Access 

How to make the water always warm? Well, it’s easy because you can install a filtration, jet system, or electric heated hot tub. But you are probably confused about where to put the heater access such as the jet system and the filtration. So, you can put these heater accesses on the above ground hot tub so that you can easily maintain them.

But how about the sunken hot tub that doesn’t have the walls? Then, how to make the water warm? You can install the insulation to keep the water warm. Moreover, you have to install insulation for both the lid and the bottom of the hot tub.

• Price 

You have to be really smart on budgeting to make the sunken hot tub. Moreover, the cost of a hot tub with the heater access and the deck usually goes around $2500 to $3000. 


Minimalist Sunken Hot Tub

Umm, I have a small space for the luxury of the sunken hot tub. No, don’t worry, and don’t let the small space take over your enjoyment. So, how to create a sunken hot tub in a small space? You can go with the minimalist style. Well, you can create a square wood deck hot tub like in the picture. You can also put on some small chairs. Then, the bold statement of wood will evoke the rustic style. Moreover, the integration of wood flooring, stair, and deck will provide a stable structure to handle the sunken bath. So, do you dare to try?

Japanese Upper Terrace Hot Tub

I don’t have a big backyard. Then, where is the best place to make the sunken hot tub? Now, it’s time to explore your upper terrace or your roof. You can create the hot tub on the upper terrace near your roof. Moreover, the upper terrace will give you a mesmerizing sky view. Then, you probably wonder what is the best sunken hot tub for the upper terrace? Well, you should definitely try to make an oval Japanese style hot tub.

Moreover, the oval wood deck Japanese hot tub will enhance the traditional atmosphere in your house. You can also create small stairs and a bench so that you can move easily like in the picture. Also, the glass railing vividly enhances the modern vibe of your home. So, I can guarantee that it will be your favorite place ever.

Stunning Hidden Sunken Bath Tub

Have you ever wondered about the underground sunken hot tub? Why do so many people try to make this kind of hot tub? You have to know that the underground sunken hot tub is a perfect hidden gem. Moreover, you can integrate the wood flooring and the wood sliding cover with the hot tub. The sliding cover will protect the water in the hot tub from snow or any debris. So, this idea will make your home stand out.

Stone Earth Sunken Bath Tub

Well, we already talk about the wood deck for a sunken hot tub. Then, let’s talk about the stone deck hot tub. You have to know that the stone deck is the strongest deck to hold the weight. Moreover, the stone deck will enhance the natural earth vibe that brings calmness to your relaxation. Also, the stone deck can be a simple spa spot after you put the mat and towel on it. So, I can guarantee you will get the full comfort.

Private Wood Sunken Bath Tub

My neighbors are so annoying. They are like keeping eyes on my house. So, what should I do? I know it feels very uncomfortable and you just feel like you lost your relaxation days. Well, you can create wood walls or rattan curtains. This will give you ultimate privacy while enjoying your relaxation in your sunken hot tub. You can also create a small spa spot on the deck. So, you are finally getting long-lasting privacy and comfort.

Let’s Manifest Your Dream Sunken Hot Tub 

Now, you already know some good tips and ideas to create your dream sunken hot tub. So, you don’t need to stress out when you have a small space. Moreover, keep in mind that you can make every little space to be the best cozy spot for your hot tub. Some important things that you always need are courage and creativity. Also, don’t forget to enjoy every moment while making your dream sunken hot tub. Then, what are you waiting for? So, let’s experiment right now!

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