The Ultimate Sliding Glass Door Ideas for You

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Whether you just moved in or look for a house, there will always be something you should consider before making up your choice. There is a lot of things that you should think of. From the layout, the paint colors, furniture, to other ornaments. Among those things, doors play an important role in providing access around the house. The main purpose of installing doors is to part our house. We use doors to separate one room from another. Doors also allow you to have more privacy. Other than that, doors offer you extra security to prevent unwanted things from happening. However, there is a vast range of doors that you can choose from. In this article, we are going to be talking about sliding doors. So, what is special about sliding doors?

Other than easy to use, sliding doors allow you to save up more space so you will have extra room for your necessities. Also, sliding doors come in different materials and colors so you will not have to worry about them not fitting your house design. Curious about them? Read on and check out our sliding glass door ideas exclusively just for you!

Sliding Doors Materials

When it comes to the materials, there is so much to know about. You will have to look for the one that fits your preference, needs, and budget. Among wood, aluminum, and stainless steel, PVC or vinyl is the most common one. It is the most adjustable among the other materials. You can mostly create the look that you want. Even though it seems less durable compared to the other materials, vinyl is affordable and accessible. You can just go to some local stores and get one. Well, without any further ado, check out these stylish vinyl sliding glass door designs below!

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Vinyl Sliding Glass Doors

Warm-toned Finish

As mentioned previously, you can get the ideal sliding doors with vinyl since it is adjustable. Take a look at the picture above. The design seems like it incorporates the original swing doors, but instead of having swinging door leaves, it uses a sliding system. You can see how effective it is to save up more space, especially if there is only a small amount of space left. Other than that, the design of the door gives off a nice warm vibe as a complement to the room’s design. The metallic gold on the handles helps to spark elegance and luxury to the design.

Narrow Frames

This design, based on its style, is called Pocket Glass Walls. The special characteristic that makes it different from the other doors is the way it stacks up when you open it. This type of door usually has frames and panels that are thermally broken with a full weather-stripped structural interlock system for improved energy efficiency. Other than that, the thin frames make this door emphasizes the transparency of the glasses which allow you to see the inside part of the house. Also, you only have to prepare $428 for this beautiful and long-lasting door. Sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

Wood-like Finish

The next design is the original sliding door. It only has two panels with only one of them can be moved. As you can see in the picture, this design looks like it is inspired by wooden materials. However, even if it is artificial, does not make the door look less classy. The black matte finish on the handles is such a great complement to the door. Other than that, this door has a great roller system that provides a smooth operation for you.

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Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors

Elegant Black

Durable, stylish, and low-maintenance, these are the top characteristics of aluminum sliding doors. As seen in the picture, the design can help achieve contemporary design requirements. The perfect complement to enhance a modern architectural style with neat lines and narrow frames. Also, you do not have to question durability. Aluminum frames have a strong resistance to extreme weather. That is why it would be best to install it if you look for something long-lasting. You would not have to worry about setting aside more budget for the maintenance since it is quite easy.

Cool Grey

Just like the previous design, this one has narrow frames. This makes the glass more emphasized. Also, it allows more light to enter the room so you can save up some money from electricity. Since the design is sleek, it can create a contemporary, yet timeless look in your home. Other than that, aluminum is famous for the sturdiness. Therefore, you would not have to worry about the corners or the small compartments because they are highly secured.

Pet-friendly Sliding Glass Door

Are you looking for extra safety for your pets? Say no more. This door could come in handy. Where it is swinging doors that usually include pet doors, this design can be seen as an innovation inspired by swinging doors. Other than pet-friendly, this design is pretty easy to install so it is also DIY-friendly. It is built of shatter-resistant tempered glass and weather-resistant aluminum. Also, it has a magnetic closure to prevent cold and hot weather to enter your house.

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Fiberglass Sliding Glass Doors

Fancy Olive

Composed of glass fibers and resin, fiberglass has an excellent ability in keeping its shape. It does not get too affected by the cold or hot weather. This makes it perfect for you who seek durability yet still want easy maintenance. Check out the image. It does not look very much different from vinyl, but they are somewhat different in some aspects. Fiberglass doors are more durable compared to vinyl. They are also last longer, so if you plan to invest, it would be better to choose fiberglass doors over vinyl doors.

Bi-fold Sliding Glass Door

Another example of a fiberglass sliding door is this bi-fold style. Instead of stacking up in one spot, this type of door folds out. Other than that, bi-folds allow you to open up an entire wall, connecting your indoor space to your outdoor space in seconds.

Find Your Ideal Sliding Glass Door

With the various choices of designs and frame materials, you can explore and create your own style. Make sure you buy the precise size and the precise design that meets your budget.

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