Tips to Build The Cheapest House

tiny house

To create a cheap and cheerful dwelling place is not tantamount to the twopenny epitome. It means we are prudent and sagacious enough to maximize the expediency of the house without on tenterhooks to be improvident. The veridical blueprint to envisage our future house is pivotal to eschew the half baked establishment. If we discern in our reality, the complicated intrication and polemic in this contemporary epoch sporadically left a longing feeling towards the unpretentious figuration, especially in our lifestyle. It should not be a perturbation to us anymore and here are the exemplifications of the modest infrastructures of the house that you can equiponderate and might avail your housing decision.

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The big chunk of the hodiernal society prefers to harbour their choice based upon the housing catalogue and being oblivious to the true essence of building the abode with our own hands. The do it yourself mentality has embedded in our subconscious and it is derived from our primordial ancestor second nature. Occasionally, the elements in the past teach us the lesson that subsequently is utilitarian in shaping our future. By implementing the D.I.Y. method, we attain an endless option in the spectrum of the material selection and the cost-free labour force. If we happen to have a tight budget, reusing the proper old material is a keen-witted decision. Who knows? maybe we can be on velvet to come across with the antique furniture that can embellish our house significantly.


The Housing Location

The more congested the area, the more it has the upsurge in the context of defrayal. We can commence the location survey to discover the pinpoint milieu for our house disposition. Off the grid or rural environment habitually has a reasonable cost compared to the downtown area in dint of the price criterion that is embroiled in the dorp spectrum. Remote areas incline to possess the merit of beauty that the urban area might lack in terms of the natural atmosphere, fresh air, the absence of obstreperous noise, peaceful traffic, and many more. These exquisite whereabouts are usually occupied but a vacant space is still a probability. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bag as soon as possible!

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Small house

Building a small house is a buzzing trend in the realm of real estate at this moment. Small in this definition is not referring to claustrophobic sense nor diminutive epitome but rather it elucidates the minimalism sphere of house modelling. It does not require ample spaces as long it is adequate to recapitulate our holistic belongings. The more fractional our expanse, the more we cut down our monetary expenditure and we can allocate our finance into another necessity. Another value of the small house is it can stimulate our sentiment to appreciate the underlying simplicity and accustomed ourselves to be elegant without being exaggerated.

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Utilize Stone Wall

Have you ever watched medieval theme movies, such as Robin Hood, King Arthur, or even Monty Python’s Holy Grail? The prominent resemblance from these movies is lying upon how the people reside and their unique living places. The inhibition of the impecunious people until the aristocratic layers from their social hierarchy is made from the stone-based material. This application might sound unorthodox to modern outlook, however, this procedure is prevalent in the city called Aldeia de João Pires in the county of Portugal and other several places in Europe. Stonewall utilization is one of the oldest pragmatic methods in the infrastructure field and it stands the test of time for a lot of reasons. The stone input purports to prevent any termite incursion and to defend the house against calamitous weather or other disastrous contingency. The other magnificent thing about the stone wall house is it does not oblige us to paint the exterior or interior because the natural colour of the stone itself already excogitates the striking pattern which is distinct from the most fabricated painting. The practicality and the aesthetic of the stone wall house seem like a win-win situation, right?

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Traditional Brick Placement

The red colour that we can infer from the brick itself can symbolize the fiery passion that can augment our productivity and strengthen the bond within the house habitant. Brick has genuine and authenticity intrinsic beneath it, also it is widely known for its robust quality. However, to assemble the bricks into a splendid compartment is demanding professional assistance because it can be somewhat arduous and it needs the conscientious aptitude of the construction workers. Smearing the cement to firm the bricks together is not that easy and if it is erroneous just a bit, the ramification of it can be detrimental. Nonetheless, do not be discouraged about those obstacles, the elbow grease to install the brick materials into our house will come into fruition because of how durable the brick foundation is. If in the worst scenario there is a fire breakout, brick is an effective repellent for the fire before it spreads out. Versatile and yet affordable. Perfect!


The Bamboo

Bamboo is not only known as the Panda bear’s nourishment, but it also has perks to bolster up the Asian infrastructure. How the Asian people preserve the archaic technique to be implemented in our recent world is worthy of admiration and it is very poetic. In the Taoism(Chinese religion dogma) tenet, the concept of bamboo represents the wise archetype of a human being with its sturdy and lenient traits that cultivate their inner spirituality and praxis collective goods. That postulation is also an impetus for us to be grateful for the richness of our nature and fortunately, the bamboo tree is pretty cheap compared to the other conventional materials. Still, we have to emphasize our treatment of the bamboo tree to make it everlasting and keep it at one piece.



The proverb ”lay on the thick ” is correlated with the broad outline of the house expense retrenchment and how we undergo postmodernism temptation of dissipation by our adroitness. The autonomous deportment to act against the norm is consequential and we should resist being embroiled in the consumerist mentality. The fundamental reason for it is that consumerism can drain our pocket to the core and also it damps down our optimistic feeling towards building our place of being. Always be smart and do not forget to be selective all the time. Happy building, peeps!!

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