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Lighting is one of the essential components of a room. Whether to help you see better or to give more illuminance to the room, there are various types of lamps. There are lamps that are suitable for external use and there are lamps for internal use. In this article, we are going to find out more about floor lamps.

How many kinds of floor lamps do you know? One? Two? In fact, there are more than three types of floor lamps. However, it depends on how you want to categorize them into. The types of floor lamps may differ based on the function. For example, there is a specific floor lamp for reading as well as for luminance. Curious about the rest of them? Scroll along to find out about the best floor lamp that suits you!

What Are the Types of Floor Lamps?

You might have known that almost all floor lamps are built the same. It has a base, a shaft, a shade, and of course, a light bulb. But did you know that the design can differ depending on your needs?

The Traditional Floor Lamps

The first type of lamp that we are going to discuss is the traditional floor lamp or club lamp. As you can see in the picture, it has four components. It has a base, a shaft, a shade, and a light bulb, just as what a common floor lamp would look like. People usually use this type of floor lamp to brighten the room. Other than that, this lamp does not give direct lighting, as you would get from a reading lamp. Instead of highlighting one particular spot, the light of this lamp spreads in several directions.

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Reading Floor Lamps

Unlike the previous floor lamp, the reading floor lamps are more vibrant. Also, it gives a more direct and focused glow compared to the other types of floor lamps. Take a look at the picture above. You can see how the light is only focused on a particular area. Other than that, this lamp is suitable to be placed next to your sofa. Actually, anywhere you like to spend most of your time reading works well too.

Here is another example of a floor lamp. See how I mean by anywhere? Instead of having it near a sofa, this one is installed near your workspace. Not only will you have better and more focused lighting but also you will have more space on your desk. Having a floor lamp maximizes the utilization of your floor and wall. This will save space on the other surface, or in this case, your desk.

Torchieres and Up Light Floor Lamps

If the previous floor lamps offer spread and more focused light, this one is a bit different from that. The shades of torchieres and uplight floor lamps are pointing upward which makes the light shines toward the ceiling. Therefore, you should consider placing it on the entryway or your living room to give extra illumination to the wall and ceiling.

There is also another type of torchieres. This one looks more vintage compared to the other type of floor lamps. What distinguishes this lamp from the others is the branches and shade. Most floor lamps do not have branches, meanwhile, this one does. Other than that, this torchiere lamp floor does not have a shade.

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Arc Floor Lamps

When you look at the picture, it may seem like a reading lamp but in fact, it is quite different. Arc floor lamps are usually placed in the living room where people gather for a nice conversation. This is because of its attention-getter characteristic. Other than that, arc floor lamps usually have a heavy base and a slim, curvy stem, and a large shade. These three counterparts make arc floor lamp gives a dramatic look to the room.

Which Floor Lamp Should I Choose?

Before we get into the installing part, it would be better to know what kind of floor lamp that meets your budget, preference, and needs. So, now we are going to talk about what you should consider when choosing floor lamps.

Brightness and Light Bulb Type

The brightness of a lamp is measured in lumens which is the amount of light emitted by a light source per time unit. There are various types of bulbs based on the lumens. Most floor lamps use incandescent bulbs which are cheap but burn out quickly. Different from LEDs and CFLs that are more energy-efficient. Both are usually used for reading lamps since they are vibrant without producing so much heat. Each of the light bulbs produces a different number of lumens. Incandescent bulbs produce 14 lumens per watt, CFL bulbs produce 63 lumens per watt, and LED bulbs produce 74 lumens per watt.


The lamp type that you need depends on what you are going to use it for. For example, if you need a highlighted spot for your work, you will need a reading lamp. Even if it is called a reading lamp, it is not only made for reading. You can use it for anything that needs extra light to help you see better. Another example is when your room seems like it needs illumination throughout the room, a traditional floor lamp would be perfect. Other than that, it would also be different if you want to give a nice accent to the room, wall, or ceiling. You can use accent lighting such as uplight floor lamps.

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Style and Size

The form of your floor lamps can really make a huge impact in creating how your room looks. For example, you can try to fit the floor lamp style with the furniture around it. Other than that, you can also create a nice contrast with the floor lamp. You can match your soft sofas and cushion with an industrial-looking floor lamp.

Besides the style, you should also consider choosing a lamp that has the right size for the room. Of course, it would look obnoxious when the lamp is too big or too small for the room. Other than that, it will also make the room look less organized. For example, if you want to buy a reading lamp, you should measure the needed space for the extendable arms.


From traditional floor lamps to arc floor lamps, there are a few things to consider before you choose one. I hope this article helps you to stay inspired and be creative. Happy lamp hunting!

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