Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas: How to Make Your Bedroom More Aesthetic

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Ahh, bedroom, everyone’s favourite place. You can do almost everything in there, from working, exercising to chilling. If you do most of your daily activities in your bedroom, you might want to spice things up a little bit. You know that you are comfortable with spending all day doing different kinds of things in your bedroom. You don’t have to worry about spending your entire savings on this. Decorating your bedroom can be a fun yet cheap activity to do. So, without any further ado, here are some tips to make your bedroom aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

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1. Come up with a theme

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Choosing one particular theme can help you focus on deciding what you want to add in your bedroom. You can try choosing colors that have the same tone. For example, black, white, and grey could go along pretty well. It gives you that simple yet modern look. Other than that, you can also try choosing one particular theme like, let’s say, retro. You can try adding some cool accessories such as neon lights, a shelf to arrange your favorite band’s vinyl records, or decorating your dull wall with some posters to bring back that old but gold vibes.

2. Set up the lighting

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The next bedroom idea that you should consider is by adding some lights. Playing with lights can spice things up a little. You can try hanging them on one side of your wall. Apart from making your room look more aesthetic, you can use it to hang your best pictures of you and your loved ones. Other than that, you can also try installing neon lights on the corners of your room or on the ceiling. This will give you a major glow up in your bedroom. You don’t have to worry about getting bored staring at the ceiling while contemplating life again.

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3. Add some plants

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Don’t know what to add next to your huge window? Just bring in some plants and boom! Major upgrade. There are various options when it comes to bedroom plants. For example, Snake Plant is very good as an air purifier. You can also try putting Lavenders that are really good for a deeper sleep. There’s not enough space on the surface? Try hanging Golden Photos on your wall. Putting plants really is a go-to.

4. Customize your wall

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A plain wall can be pretty dull most of the time. You can fill it with one huge frame of artwork, or small pieces and arrange them however you want. Other than that, you can hang your favourite inspirational quotes. If you feel like that is an expensive thing to do, you can decorate your wall by painting it. You can use some tapes and create a simple pattern. You can try searching for other inspiration on the internet. Bring out your creative side to turn that boring wall into something amazing.

5. Try different layouts

This could be the cheapest idea to make your bedroom look more aesthetic. You don’t have to buy or add anything to do this. All you got to do is rearrange your room. You can try switching the positions of your furniture. Other than that, you can try to stay organized. A well-organized room can help you relax. I know that this sounds like an ineffective way, but trust me, once you did it, you’ll never regret it.

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6. Install some shelves

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As I mentioned before, by staying organized, you can feel more relaxed in your bedroom. One of the tips I’m going to give you to stay organized is by adding some shelves to store your things. Other than that, shelves can maximize the utilization of your wall. It can also function as a decoration, so you don’t have to pay extra money to make your wall prettier. Seems like a win-win situation, right?

7. Add extra fuzziness

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Another way to make your bedroom look more aesthetic and pleasing to the eyes is to put down a rug. It can help to add more structure to the floor. Just imagine, waking up and feeling that warm, fuzzy touch to your feet. Such a satisfaction.

8. Decorate the surface

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Got a desk or vanity that looks a little boring? Spice it up by adding some flowers. Rose is a go-to. It has a vast variation of colors and you can easily pair it with other flowers. It has such a fresh fragrance and very elegant look. Other than that, if you are looking for something a little more vintage, you can try adding some daisies. They spark that rustic vibes and can really fit well with a weathered finish wood desk. However, you can always choose what flowers to add on your desk. Whichever you think will help to set the mood.

9. Lit up some candles

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Aesthetic is not always about the look, sometimes it is about the smell too. If you are stressed out from doing too much assignment or work, just lit up some candles. They can totally help you relax. There are various scents of candles that could help you go through your bad days. Lavender is famous for its calming ability. It is proven to slow down the nervous system and make you feel zen. There is also vanilla which is often used as aromatherapy to stabilize your blood pressure.

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10. Add a mirror

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Apart from helping you to have that extra confident by looking at your reflection in it, a mirror can help you to make your bedroom look more elongated or wide. To do this, try placing it across your door so that it will show the reflection of the hallway. A mirror can also help to add extra lighting by placing it across your window. Therefore, the light will be bounced around the room.


There are various ways on how to make your safe haven look more aesthetically pleasing. Whatever option you will take, make sure that you choose it based on what motivates you the most. By doing that, you will stay productive in your bedroom. I hope after reading this, you get inspired to step up your bedroom organization game.

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