The Most Inspiring Indoor Stair Railing Ideas

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Stairs are made for connecting two separate places on different levels. When remodeling or building stairs, you need to think of every compartment of the stairs. You need to measure the elevation angle as well as you need to determine the design. One of the components of the stairs is the railing. Its number one function is to give extra security for the users. Other than that, railing can also add more sense of style to your place.

There is a lot of things to consider when choosing railing design that fits perfectly to your needs and preference. But worry no more because we are here to give you the most inspiring indoor railing designs for your stairs. Read on to find out more!

The Wooden Railing Designs

Wood is always a go-to material when it comes to home decor. Other than its flexibility to be shaped into almost anything, wood also gives you good durability and mesmerizing finish. You are free to experiment with the designs. The best method to do it is probably by sketching it out. Check out these wooden railing designs below to gather some ideas!

Contemporary Wooden Railing

The balusters in this design make the stairs look contemporary and timeless. Other than that, you can also see that both the flooring and the stair railing use woods as the material. This creates a continuation look that makes the stairs and flooring look as a whole. Also, in this design, the railing does not seem to use other materials than woods. The woods are furnished and painted so that the weathered finish does not pop out. This design is perfect for you who seek a more modern look rather than a rustic one.

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Metal Balusters

Different from the previous design, this one combines woods and metal, but only on the balusters. As mentioned before, woods are adjustable. You can mix it with almost any material to create the look that you desire. Other than that, this design emphasizes the texture of the woods by keeping the weathered finish instead of having it painted over. Also, the supplementary carpet on the steps reduces the knocking sound when someone uses the stairs. They also give extra safety compared to wooden or tile flooring.

The Glass Railing Designs

If your stairs are near wide windows facing great views, you might want to keep the ability to enjoy the view. If you have a similar case with this one, you should consider choosing glass panels to replace the balusters.

Glass Panels

This one is a good example of glass stairs next to a glass window. Opting for glass can give you both security and a good finish look. Combined with metal, this stair design looks even more sturdy and goes well with the modern theme.

Levitating Handrails

Who knows that woods can go really well with glass? Take a look at this design. Using woods as the material of the handrail can give you comfort and a sense of security. Since you can turn woods into any shape, you can use this advantage to create an easy-to-grip handrail. Other than that, there are no balusters in this design. This makes the handrail looks levitating.

Metal Stair Railing

Similar to the wooden railing, you can customize metal into any shape that you like. This material is ideal for you who look for an industrial design. Sturdy and solid, metal can give you a defined finish to your stair.

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Sophisticated Pattern

Banisters do not always look the same in every stair. Take a look at this design for example. The abstract and uneven organization of the metal bars accentuate the artistic design of the stair. Other than that, the design uses black color to bring out a more elegant yet solid finish to the stair.

Wall Mounted Metal Railing

Having an additional railing? Why not? This will be really helpful, especially if you have elderly people in the house. Installing an additional railing on the opposite side will you extra security. Just make sure that you choose the same design with the original railing so that it will look like a continuation of the stair.

Rope Baluster Designs for A Beachy Look

Who knows that ropes can make a good baluster too? Opt for a rather thick rope to balance the ratio of your stair. The most commonly used rope is the natural fiber Manila. Check out these designs below to find out how the ropes are organized.

Hold on Tight

The arrangement of the ropes can make a huge impact in creating your desired finish look. In this design, the ropes are arranged just like metal railings. Stiff and tight.

Loosen Up

Meanwhile, in this design, the ropes are rather loose. You should pay attention to how you want to arrange the ropes because it will influence what kind of rope you should go for.

Cable Stair Railing

Other than ropes, you can also use the cable as a railing. When choosing the cable, it is important to make sure that it is stainless steel. Therefore, you would not have to worry about it to get rusty and ruin the colors. Other than that, you also have to choose the right color palette so every compartment will fit perfectly while combined together.

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Cables and Metal

Take a look at the picture above. The design is a great example of the implementation of cable utilization as railing. The handrail is metal, as well as the newel. This material is one of the best materials that go well when being put together with cables. Other than that, the design also uses the dark, neutral color, black, which fits perfectly with the silver cable.

Cables and Woods

Not only metal, but cables also work well together with woods. As you can see in the picture, the combination of woods and cables seem neat, sturdy, and contemporary.

Design Your Own Railing

After finish reading this article, I hope you get inspired so you can start sketching out some ideas. Be sure to fit all your preferences and needs with your budget. Create a maximum look with a minimum budget!

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