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You probably never think that the COVID-19 pandemic would happen, right? Well, me neither. But one important note is that this pandemic brings all of us to work from home. So, yeah we all know that we have to move our co-working office to our home. Well, I mean I am also working from home while typing this article. Moreover, you will see more people working from home in the next future years. Have you prepared to make a home office in your home? Umm, not yet. I don’t have enough space. This reason should not be your excuse. Would you believe me that you can turn every space of your home into a home office? So, let’s check out these home ideas to know the answer! 

Home Office Ideas In The Small Space

1. Turning your awkward nook into a minimalist home office 

source : Pinterest

You probably confused about how to make your awkward nook to be more useful, right? There will be one solution. What is it? Remodel your awkward nook into a home office. Then how to make a home office in the nook? You can put a desk, drawers, and shelves. Moreover, the minimalist style will enhance the productive and simple vibe. So, do you want to try? 

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2. Rustic home office under the stair 

source : Pinterest

Are you joking about making a home office under the stairs? No, I’m not. Trust me it is actually simple to arrange a home office under the stair. Really? Yes, of course. You just need to put a desk and hanging storage on the wall. Moreover, you can put some wood furniture to enhance natural and rustic style. Then, your home office is ready to use.

3. Multitask closet home office

source : Pinterest

Would you believe me if I say that you can make a home office in your closet? Moreover, It doesn’t matter whether it is a bedroom closet or a living room closet because you can transform all of these closets into a home office. Then how to make the home office in the closet? You can use the closet shelves to be your office desk. Moreover, you can put hanging storage in the closet’s door. Now, you probably wonder where to put your clothes if you only have one closet. You don’t have to worry because you can put it in the box and put it on the top of your shelves like in this picture. 

4. Kitchen home office

source : Pinterest

Do you have an empty space on your kitchen cabinet? If yes, then you can transform your cabinet’s empty space into a home office. But you have to know that you will need a set up of light. Moreover, putting a table lamp is the easiest way to set up the lighting. 

5. Basement home office 

source : Pinterest

Don’t let your basement become dark and empty. You can remodel your basement to be a friendly home office. But people usually avoid making a home office in the basement due to the lighting. You have to remember that a table lamp is not enough. Moreover, you can make a new window to add natural lighting in your basement. 

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6. Backyard home office

source : Pinterest

Trust me that your backyard is a good place to create a home office. Then how to build a home office in the backyard? You can just build a wood box and paint with your own choice. Moreover, you can put a desk, shelves, drawers, and cupboard. This backyard home office can also be an open co-working space. It sounds cool, right? 

7. Living room home office 

source : Pinterest

Nothing can beat the classic arrangement of the home office in the living room. Moreover, adding a home office in your living room is very beneficial to your work life. Why is that so? If your client comes to your house, you can directly work with them in your home office. 

8. Guest room home office 

source : Pinterest

If you have a guest room but you rarely get a guest to sleep in your house, you can think about creating a home office in your guest room. Moreover, the idea of combining a guest room and home office is a perfect double combo. 

Tips on maximizing home office in a small house

1. Home office under the bed 

source : Pinterest

Umm, I still don’t have enough space to make a home office. Well, you don’t need to worry. Moreover, you can start to remodel your bedroom. How to remodel the bed to have a home office? You can buy a bunk bed. Moreover, you can also put a desk, table lamp, and drawer under the bunk bed. 

2. Home office with floating desk

source : Pinterest

A floating desk is a smart saving space furniture. Moreover, it is better if you can buy a floating desk that can be closed. This floating desk is very beneficial because it can also be a cabinet and a desk office in your house. Voila! You already have a full set up home office now. 

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3. Modern multifunctional furniture space-saving escritoires

source : Pinterest

I know that the term space-saving escritoires is very strange to your ear, right? So, what are actually space-saving escritoires? The space-saving escritoires are modern multifunction furniture to a small space. Another fun fact is that most of the space-saving escritoires are wall furniture. This furniture is the best solution because the only space to create a new room is on the wall. Then how can space-saving become a home office? The space-saving escritoires in the picture are called K Workstation. The Miso Soup Design creates the K Workstation with a compact all in one surface. Moreover, the K Workstation consists of a desk, a backboard, and upper shelves. Also, the upper shelves can be a storage space. You can put books or other stuff here. What creative furniture! 


You don’t have to much stress if you just have a small space. Moreover, you should keep in mind that you can definitely make every little space of your house to be a home office. One thing that you should have is courage. Then, what are you waiting for? Let’s experiment right now! 

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