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Bathroom is not just a place to take a bath. It is an important place to start your day. Moreover, the bathroom is also a place to relax after a busy day. Umm, but the problem is I don’t have enough space! Can I feel the sense of relaxation in a small bathroom? Yes, of course, you can. So, let’s check out the small bathroom ideas!

8 Design & Ideas For Your Tiny Bathroom

1. Minimalist walk shower room with glass

source : Pinterest

Nothing can beat the simplicity yet glamour of minimalist style, Moreover, the easiest way to maximize the space is to create a frameless glass walk shower room. This idea will create a sense of more space in your small bathroom.

2. Industrial Oval bathtub

source : Pinterest

Industrial style will bring a strong vibe in your small bathroom. Moreover, you probably wonder about how to put a bathtub in your small bathroom. Most people tend to think that a bathtub will consume a lot of space. But you don’t need to be afraid because an oval bathtub will fit into your small bathroom. Moreover, you can also put the standing shower and bathtub in the same space as in this picture. Combining the standing shower and an oval bathtub will create a luxurious atmosphere. Would you dare to try?

3. Unique sliding door

source : Pinterest

There is no opening radius in the sliding door. What does this mean? We all know that the classic style of the door is usually a swinging door. Moreover, you have to remember that the swinging door has an opening radius. This opening radius needs some free space to open up the swinging door. If you don’t create a proper opening radius in a swinging door, it will against other furniture or walls. Then how about the sliding door? You don’t need to worry because the sliding doesn’t need an opening radius. So, the sliding door is completely space-saving.

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4. Maximizing wall shelves

source : Pinterest

Creating wall shelves are a brilliant idea to maximize your small space bathroom. Moreover, you can put small lamps on the wall shelves. Hence, this sparkling light of lamps will enhance the cleanliness and glamour vibe in your small bathroom.

5. Rustic creativity in corner

source : Pinterest

You probably always hear that the corner wall of a small bathroom is hard to arrange. Also, most people usually just leave the wall corner space empty. But what if I tell you that all of them are wrong? In fact, it is very easy to decorate the corner wall. You can build a sink in the corner of your small bathroom wall. Also, you can create cabinet storage under the sink to hide the pipe. Moreover, adding the stone and wood element will definitely create a rustic cozy bathroom.

6. Bohemian chic aesthetic curtain

source : Pinterest

The curtain is not only about the aesthetic part. Moreover, the curtain will save the small space of your small bathroom. Okay, I know you probably question which curtains will be good in my small bathroom? Do not choose plastic curtains. Why? You have to know that plastic curtains contain polyvinyl chloride or (PVC). Also, the smell of acid chloride can attack your respiratory system. If you breathe the smell of the chloride in the long term, you can feel like you want to vomit. Moreover, the plastic curtain is not only bad for your health but also it is not eco-friendly. But you don’t need to worry because there are s a lot of options. You can choose Sunbrella fabric because it is weather-resistant. Moreover, you can choose sheer fabric because this fabric can dry faster. Moreover, choosing colorful curtains will add a bohemian chic vibe to your bathroom.

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7. Modern farmer with floating storage

source : Pinterest

Sometimes we confuse where to put our essentials like hand soap and tissues. You probably don’t want to put these essentials in close storage because it will be hard to reach. Then where should I put my essentials? You can make floating shelves in your small bathroom. These floating shelves can be open storage to put your essentials like hand soap. Moreover, adding rattan furniture evokes the modern farmer style.

8. Modern multifunction furniture

source : Pinterest

Multifunction furniture is a true life saver in the small bathroom. Moreover, you can put a mirror with additional storage to put your makeup, hand soap, and perfumes. Also, adding multifunction furniture will enhance modern style yet still spark the glamour vibe.

Tips and Tricks to create a bigger illusion to your tiny bathroom

1. Put a big mirror

source : Pinterest

The big mirror has two functions. First, it will create a bigger illusion so that your small bathroom looks like it has more space. Moreover, the big mirror also reflects the light to make your small bathroom feel bigger. The best mirror to create a bigger illusion is the frameless mirror.

2. Installing tiles on your wall

source : Pinterest

Do you want to make your small bathroom look like it has a higher space? Then you must install tiles in your half wall. These tiles will create an illusion of bigger and higher space. Adding white tiles can give a sense of cleaner. Moreover, these white tiles can naturally bring bright lighting to your small bathroom.

3. Installing bright lighting

source : Pinterest

Do not leave any dark space in the small bathroom. Why? The dark space will make your room feel tiny. Then how to solve this problem? You have to put bright lighting in your small bathroom. Yes, you have to choose bright lighting, not dark lighting. This bright lighting will create a bigger illusion in your space. But you have to remember not to put all light everywhere because it will make your room look unorganized. Then where should I install the lighting? You can put the lighting behind or around the mirror to make the room feel bigger. Moreover, you can also install the lighting under the cabinet or in the corner because this place tends to be dark.

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4. Using wallpaper wall

source : Pinterest

Wallpaper not only enhances the aesthetic vibe but also it can make your small space feel bigger. You can install geometry wallpaper in your small bathroom. The geometry wallpaper can create a higher space and also add the chic style.


Yes, it is true that the small bathroom needs extra effort to arrange. But this should not be an excuse because you can still freely decorate your small bathroom without making it feel small. You can just follow the tips and tricks like putting a big mirror. But keep in mind you don’t need to be afraid of experimenting. So, what are you waiting for?

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