Simple Small Master Bedroom Ideas That Make You Sleep Tight

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You may try to remodel your master bedroom to help you sleep tight. Here, we have simple small master bedroom ideas to apply. You can even apply it immediately and feel a different master bedroom in a few hours. Later, you can sleep there and feel a significant impact after the remodeling process.  

Master Bedroom to Start Living as A Minimalist   

In case you and your beloved couple decide to live minimalist, you can try to apply this minimalist master bedroom. There is nothing complicated and complex in this bedroom. You only have to buy a mattress for a couple and a wooden bed frame. Just use a plain white pillow cover, bed cover, and blanket to keep it minimalist. Add a big shelve to put your clothes as well as a small shelve to store some important accessories. Pick your special photos and hang them at the top of the master bed. Put a rug with stripes to give a pattern.

Rustic Master Bedroom

You can still combine the white color with other colors and materials to create a rustic master bedroom. Let say, you can add the pillows, along with different pillow cover colors. You can also use a different type of blanket such as a wool blanket. You can make the blanket by yourself or buy it from your favorite online store. Add two shelves to store all the important items. The top of the shelves also has a great function such as putting a table lamp as well as your favorite plants. Just like the image here in which you can put cactus or succulents. The wooden materials and plain colors keep the master bedroom tidy and cozy enough for a couple.    

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Colorful Master Bedroom

Having a small master bedroom doesn’t mean that you can’t play with colors. Indeed, you can play with colors and make a colorful master bedroom at home. You can change the bedcover in different colors such as pink, yellow, or green instead of using white. It is also the same case with the pillow covers. You may paint the wall close to the headboard to make the room fresher. It is also okay to add mid century modern lamps that make your bedroom looks alive. You can also add some accessories such as artificial flowers or rattan baskets. You will have a colorful master bedroom in a few hours.

Master Bedroom in a Limited Space

You may want to have an extra master bedroom outside. If it is so, you can apply the example here. It uses a small space close to the living room to create a comfortable bedroom. You only need a small bed and cover it with a white bedcover. Use patterned pillow covers to give texture and keep away from a monotonous model. A hanging board is enough to put some of your important items. 

Master Bedroom for Plant Lovers

In case you love plants a lot, this is one of the best small master bedroom ideas you can try. You don’t have to replace all the things in the bedroom. Just replace some of them to meet the theme. Let say, you can replace the white bedcover with a green bedcover. Then, find a plant-patterned blanket and pillow covers. The last touch is putting some of your favorite plants or trees inside the bedroom. That’s it! You have the most comfortable sleeping area at home.  


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