Top 7 Best Rustic Living Room Ideas

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There are no other words than natural and comfy to describe rustic decoration. If you want to greet your guests with the natural and comfy vibe, then you should definitely create a rustic living room in your house. But you probably question about do I have to make over everything? You don’t need to worry because it is very easy to transform your old style living room to a new rustic living room. So let’s check out these 7 ideas to make a rustic living room! 

How to Make Rustic Living Room

I think before we know the ideas of the rustic living room, we should know how to remodel your living room to have a rustic vibe.

I think before we know the ideas of the rustic living room, we should know how to remodel your living room to have a rustic vibe. 

Natural Color

Rustic decoration enhances the spark of natural beauty. The rustic decoration really emphasizes the earth’s natural atmosphere. If you want to make your room look rustic, then you should choose white, brown, green, and other natural colors. One important note is that the wall color should be in natural color in order to enhance the mother’s earth atmosphere. Recently, most people usually just mix white and brown to create rustic decorations. Moreover, brown represents the earth’s land. It is better to create themes of white and brown to your wall. Also, the combination of white that brings a sense of relaxation and brown which evokes a warm vibe will definitely bring rustic style to your house. Furthermore, you can also add an accent color like red bold, dark navy, purple, and other colors to your rustic living room

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Organic Furniture 

Don’t choose plastic furniture. You have to know that the purpose of rustic design is to create a natural atmosphere. Then how to create this natural vibe? People usually use organic furniture like leaves, wood, stone, and other natural organic furniture. The aim of rustic design is to emphasize the mother earth atmosphere. If you want to create an authentic rustic design, you don’t need to worry about the asymmetrical form of natural organic furniture. The rustic design highlights the unique symmetry of each natural organic furniture like the raw of its wood. The more aesthetic rustic design celebrates the imperfection raw of the natural organic furniture,

Ornament Decoration 

The rustic design emphasizes the simplicity of nature. Wood is one of the important parts of rustic design. There are a lot of wood choices in rustic design. Moreover, you can use walnut, pine, poplar, birch, maple, and teak. The art decoration of rustic design uses natural elements like iron, stone, leaves. You can also put animals to expose wild nature elements. For example, you can put antlers on the wall.

Adding Warmth Decoration

You cannot put aside the warm atmosphere in rustic design. Then how to make a rustic design feel warm? It is very simple. You can add pillows and blankets to your sofa. Also, you can add cotton and wool rugs to make your living room floor feel warm. 

Rustic Living Room Idea

1. Twist Masculine & Feminine Farm Rustic Living Room

source : Pinterest

Adding the antler decoration will mix the rustic and farm style. Moreover, the antler decoration will definitely spark a masculine vibe in your living room. Then how to twist the masculine atmosphere? You can add pastel colors like pink and red. In this picture, we can see that the pink flower can balance the masculine vibe. The pink color will evoke the sweetness vibe vividly.

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2. Antique Vintage Rustic Living Room 

source : Pinterest

The vintage style will evoke an antique vibe. If you want to add fresh and natural, then you should mix the rustic style. The combination of vintage and rustic style will certainly spark an antique, fresh, and warmth vibe

3. Timeless Modern Rustic Living Room

source : Pinterest

Rustic style is timeless. What does this mean? You don’t need to be afraid because rustic style is timeless and it can adapt with every style. You can try to mix the modern and rustic style. This picture shows how simple modern furniture can easily connect with a natural rustic style. 

4. Strong Industrial Rustic Living Room

source : Pinterest

Nothing can beat the strong vibe of industrial design. Moreover, the strong vibe of metal creates a cold atmosphere. Then how to solve this problem? You should definitely combine the rustic style and industrial design. The rustic design will definitely evoke the warm and it will balance the cold of industrial style.

5. Authentic Bold Rustic Living Room 

source : Pinterest

Do you want to create a bold authentic living room in your rustic living room? Then you should definitely add a bold accent color to your room. You can add black, navy, red, and other colors. Adding red furniture will enhance the bold authentic courage vibe in your rustic living room.

6, Unique Stone Rustic Living Room 

source : Pinterest

Unique and sophistication are two words that will perfectly describe a stone wall. The asymmetric texture of the stone wall will enhance a unique natural aesthetic vibe. There are several options if you want to remodel your wall with stone. You can choose sandstone, granite, and fieldstone. These three stones are durable and easy to cut. Moreover, the fieldstone is the cheapest among these stones. Lastly, keep in mind you have to use mortar to make your stone wall become stronger in the construction.

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7. Dramatic Warmth Rustic Living Room

source : Pinterest

What is your first impression of this picture? I can guarantee this picture brings you a dramatic scene in the kingdom Netflix series. Moreover, the wood wall not only brings warmth but also represents the design house of the European kingdom era. 

If you want to remodel your wall with wood, you can choose hickory wood. Moreover, hickory wood is one of the most durable, strong, and hardest. There are also other options like white oak, red oak, walnut, alder, maple, birch, mahogany, and teak. The cheapest wood is pine. The wood wall will definitely bring an elegant and natural atmosphere to your rustic living room. 


Rustic style is timeless and adaptive. You can experiment with rustic style with other styles. Then do you dare to try?

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