14 Tips How To Remodel Your Small Kitchen


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The kitchen is not only a place to cook meals. Moreover, the kitchen is the heart center of your home. What does this mean? We see that the kitchen is a place to gather together with your family while cooking delicious food. It is a place to enjoy your food that represents your hard work together with your family. But most importantly it is a place that brings comfort to your house. However, my house is small. Can I still get the enjoyment and cozy in my tiny house? Yes, of course, you can. Let’s stick with me to know how to remodel your small kitchen! 

1. Adding Extra Lighting 

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The dark space will make your kitchen feel small. Then how to solve this problem? It is very easy. Moreover, you can install more lamps above your sink, the corner of your kitchen, and above your stove. Good lighting will create a statement of bigger space in your small kitchen. 

2. Adding Green Vibe 

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Plants will lift up your small kitchen. Moreover, plants will certainly give you a sense of freshness in your kitchen. Also, you can add plants in every part of your kitchen depending on your choice. 

3. Adding Open Shelves 

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If you have a low ceiling especially under 10 inches, you might consider installing open shelves in your small kitchen. Moreover, open shelves are beneficial and functional because you can easily reach the glasses, dishes, and seasonings on open shelves. Meanwhile, the upper cabinets doesn’t fit with a low ceiling kitchen. If you install upper cabinets in the low ceiling, it will make the kitchen feel narrow and crowded. Also, open shelves will enhance the vibe of open space like in the picture above. 

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4. Adding Floating Table

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Installing a floating table is truly a game-changer. Why is that so? The floating table can be a casual place to make a coffee standing space. Moreover, adjusting a floating table will bring cafe vibes to your small kitchen. 

5. Go with Bright Color

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Brighter color brings larger space. What does this mean? The bright color like a white wall will create a bigger illusion in your small kitchen. Moreover, you can also combine the white wall with a colorful light palette or natural color like dark wood. Also, adding a natural statement like adjust wood will enhance the warm atmosphere. 

6. Adding Lighting Under Cabinet 

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Installing lighting under the cabinet is an easy way to remodel your kitchen. Moreover, you can add LED light under the cabinet. Also, the light that sparks giving a bigger illusion but also it makes the kitchen feel warm. 

7. Adjusting Kitchen Island

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Your small kitchen is not a reason to give up your dream to make a kitchen island. One important thing is that we have to maximize the function of the kitchen island in the small space. So how to create a multifunction kitchen island? You can put a table with storage inside. Moreover, we can see that the metal table has storage inside it. Then, the top table has a design of a floating table to expand more space. This kitchen island can be a prep area to prepare breakfast, dine, and tea time. Moreover, it also can be additional storage in your small space. 

8. Smart with Cabinet Storage

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You have to be smart and strategic to keep everything organized in a small kitchen. Then how to keep my stuff organized? You can level up your cabinet. Moreover, you can create drawers inside your cabinet. Then you can put your seasonings, pans, spatulas, or depending on your needs. 

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9. Adding Hanging Storage

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Putting hanging storage will be saving space in your small kitchen. Moreover, the hanging storage can add a colorful chic accent when you arrange it based on color. For example, you can hang your colorful glasses. 

10. Using Tiny Sink

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Most people tend to avoid using a tiny sink. In fact, the tiny sink is also functional to clean the dishes like the big sink. Moreover, the tiny sink is very beneficial to free up your space. Also, installing and fixing the tiny sink is very easy. 

11. Creating Fridge Inside Cabinet

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It takes a lot of effort to create a fridge within the cabinet. But this idea will free up more space. Moreover, the fridge merge with the cabinet will make a flawless and seamless surface.

12. Playing with Rug

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The rug does not only give a warm vibe in your small kitchen. But rugs are more than that. Putting rugs in your kitchen can minimize the noise. Moreover, rugs can also protect your floor not to easily get scratches. Also, rugs have double protection that can keep your dishes not easily broken when they suddenly fall. Lastly, rugs will evoke bohemian style in your small kitchen. 

13.  Playing with Pattern

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Don’t let your wall feel boring. I know you probably wonder how to make your wall not feel boring. Well, it is very easy. You can just put patterns on your wall or floor. Both the pattern wall and the patterned floor will create the illusion of a huge space. Moreover, you can choose tiles or porcelain pattern floors to give a chic statement in your small kitchen. Then, you can add pattern decoration on your wall with wallpaper or tiles. Moreover, the wallpaper is less expensive than tiles. But you have to keep in mind that the wallpaper material is paper. If you want to buy wallpaper, you should definitely buy washable wallpaper. This wallpaper has a transparent plastic coating to make it water-resistant. Also, washable wallpaper does not easily become dull.  

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14. Adding Pegboard to The Wall

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Do you want to add a creative statement but also give you a simple solution to add more storage? Then, you should definitely buy a pegboard. Now, there are a lot of pegboards with different sizes that you can buy offline and online. Moreover, you can easily put floating storage on a pegboard using a wood or metal stick. The pegboard also gives a cheerful and playful statement in your small kitchen.

Let’s Manifest Your Dream Kitchen! 

There is no other time than right now to create your small comfy kitchen! You just need the courage to start. What are you waiting for?

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