Modern Living Room Ideas Without Throw Away Your Old Sofa

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A living room is a place where you welcome guests. It can be a place to spend free time with beloved family. Just make sure that your living room is comfortable and cozy enough. The good thing is that you can remodel your living room no matter the size. You can try the living room remodeling tricks below. Let say, you can change your old-fashioned living room into an attractive mid century living room or other cool ideas.

A Cool Living Room with a Mid-Century Model

One of the most important elements in the living room is a sofa. The image here is an example of an outstanding living room with a mid-century modern model. This area is using a simple sofa in which it uses an English or club sofa. The designer strengthens the mid century modern sofa with the use of grey colors. The wooden materials also show the characteristic of a mid-century modern style. A large rug will make the room looks cozy and warm. It is a simple example of a mid-century modern living room in which you only have to play with colors.

A Beautiful Living Room with a Farmhouse Model

Another simple model you can apply in your living room is a farmhouse model. It is a little bit similar to a mid-century model in which you can use wooden furniture or materials in the living room. The more natural the design of the furniture, the better because it strengthens the farmhouse atmosphere. Let say, the table on the image looks fantastic, along with the natural wood pattern. You can choose some soft colors such as cream, brown, white, and chocolate to make the living room looks comfortable. Two club sofas are a great option if you have a large living room area. If it is not, you can use one club sofa or a sectional sofa.

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A Living Room with a Rustic Model

You may have a white or cream club sofa at home. You don’t need to throw it away only to remodel the area. Just add some accessories to make it becomes a rustic living room. You can also use recycled furniture such as an old small shelve or box. You can use the old wooden box as the table in which it is also a great place to store some important items. An old small shelve is a good place for a table lamp and succulents. Just add simple patterns by adding patterned pillow covers and a rug. It is also okay to hang two paintings that support the rustic model. 

A Living Room with a Contemporary Model

A white club sofa set is also perfect for a contemporary living room. You only have to combine the sofa with furniture or accessories with blue or cream colors. You can even only need to add blue pillow covers and put them on the club sofa. It looks simple, but your living room will look so beautiful and comfortable.

A Living Room with a Minimalist Model

In case you only have a small living room, you can apply a minimalist model. Just let your white club sofa there. You even don’t have to play various colors. Let the room white. You only have to balance the living room with several accessories such as abstract paintings, a small tree, small plants, and round mirrors. Indeed, it is one of the minimalist modern living room ideas you should try at home.

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