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The year has passed. It is the perfect time to recap all the designs that had been the trends in the year 2020. Who knows they will inspire you to create your own design in the near future? Of course, there are so many things to talk about when it comes to design since a house consists of many rooms. However, in this article, we will be exclusively talking about kitchen designs.

Since your kitchen sometimes is one of the places with high traffic, you should think of a timeless design. This is to prevent you from spending more money because the design could get a bit dull over time. Other than that, choosing on-trend designs can help you to maintain a long-lasting effect. So, without any fuss, let’s check out these modern kitchen designs in 2020 below!

Calacatta Marble is the New Trend

Before we get into the design, let’s talk about this marble a little bit. What makes it different from its sibling, Carrara? Well, you are about to find out.

Calacatta and Carrara Marble

Having different names, of course, there are major differences between the two. The one on-trend, Calacatta, has larger and thicker veining compared to Carrara. Other than that, Carrara has feathery lines while Calacatta has bigger and wider lines. This makes Carrara marble appears to have a darker tone because the distance between each line is closer than Calacatta. You can see how the two are used as kitchen countertops in the pictures below.

Can you spot the differences? Which one do you think is Calacatta and which one is the Carrara? The correct answer to that question is the top is Calacatta and the one below it is Carrara. As you can see, both almost have the same background color. However, the lines appear to be different. Other than as countertops, you can also use marbles as a backsplash. Check out the picture below!

There are two recommended designs that you can use as your backsplash inspiration. The first one is to use it as one big slab, just like what you do with countertops. Meanwhile, the other design using cut-off marbles to create a brick-look backsplash. Of course, there are many other designs that you can try. All you have to do is sketch out your ideas and find the one that fits the most to your style.

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Keep It Simple

Who doesn’t love a simple design? Keeping everything simple yet functional has always been most people’s go-to design, including in this 2020 kitchen design. Maximizing the cabinets and minimizing the ornaments, is one of the characteristics of a modern yet simple kitchen design.

In the picture above you can see how there are only a few kitchen tools on the surface. Meanwhile, the rest are kept inside the cabinets. That is why the drawers and cabinets are rather wide and big. The colors in this design tend to be neutral. White is dominating the storage, while the countertops use shiny black color. There are no patterns in this design. However, you can see how the bricks that frame the window give such a nice accent to the room. Also, the vibrant red on the kitchen tools gives a nice contrast to the muted colors.

Other than simple, this design is also ideal for you who only have small spaces. However, there is a trick in this design that can help you make your kitchen appear bigger. See that wide window over there? Yes, the trick is to allow enough sunlight to enter the room. Having a big window will make your kitchen brighter and airier.

Another detail that you probably have noticed is the simple design of the cabinets. Almost the same as the previous design, the drawers only have one horizontal line. All of them are fully furnished so there is no weathered effect on the surfaces. Other than that, this design also uses neutral colors. Although white is dominating the room, there is a bright yellow color that is used for the backsplash. To complement the colors, the drawers are in sage green color which is not too vibrant but not too dark as well.


Statement Backsplashes

Sometimes you need something that can gather the attention to make your kitchen look more popped out. One of the methods to do it is by installing a statement backsplash. Of course, you can experiment with what materials. However, the one material on-trend is tile. Available in many shapes and colors, tiles have a vast range of the spectrum that you can choose from. To find out more about the mesmerizing designs, check out these pictures below!

If you look at the picture, the backsplash is the only one that has a pattern. This makes it look more appealing and also brings a nice contrast to the one-colored cabinets. Other than that, this design uses greyish green color for the kitchen cabinets, drawers, and all the way to the door frame. Using gold for the knobs and the faucet is a good call. Since the design is dominated by deep colors, metallic gold gives such a nice accent to the room.

Here is another example of green-themed kitchen. Since green has been what most people go for in 2020, many designs are dominated by this color. Other than refreshing, green brings a sense of health and harmony. This is one of the reasons why it is perfect for your kitchen. Don’t forget about the backsplash. As you can see, this design seems to use both marble and tiles as the backsplash and to decorate the wall.

Don’t think that green is the color you want to go for? We got you covered! Check out this unique design. Implementing an ombre design with the backsplash, this design gives you a new and fresh look of a kitchen. Other than that, the hexagon shape is not everyone’s go-to so it will make your kitchen design one of a kind.

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Making your kitchen look more long-lasting can be quite challenging but I hope after reading this article, you get some inspirations that will help you along the journey. Stay classy and unique!

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