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Backyard patios are really good to relax and have a good time with your loved ones or even by yourself. You can just sit in there and enjoying the lovely breeze or have a nice dinner with your friends and family. Backyard patios are really flexible to be adjusted to your preferences and daily activities. It is such a great escape if you are bored of being inside the house but too lazy to go out. Even patios are in the same area as your house, you can feel how different it is compared to when you are inside. How could that happen? Well, it depends on what nuance you want to create and how you make that happen. All you need is an idea and a bit of arrangement. Need a hand? We are happy to help. Check out these modern backyard patio designs to find out more!

No-Roof Modern Backyard Patios with a Dining Table

If you like spending time with people, this type of backyard patio is your go-to. With an open area and a dining table, these designs are perfect to have a little barbeque party or just a simple feast.



When building a patio, you need to observe your surroundings. Whether or not there are trees, bushes, or other unremovable items. Instead of treating them as roadblocks, you should think out of the box and use them as your ideas to create your patio. Take a look at the picture above. The design involves trees to be part of the patio. Aside from making the area looks greener, the trees also give calmness and they are great protectors from the stingy sunlight during summer. Other than that, this design also takes advantage of the trees to create such a natural nuance. The wooden furniture complements the beige white concrete floor and the combination really goes well with the ambiance created in the area.

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Black and White


Different from the previous design, this no-roof backyard patio has a smaller table compared to the previous one. However, there is a complementary countertop next to it as an extension. You can use it to place several things such as foods and beverages so that you do not have to waste your time going back and forth to the kitchen just to get them. Unlike the previous design, this one has a more modern and simpler look. Just look at how there are only four chairs and a dining table. The colors used are the same tone as the ones inside the house. It is like showing that even though the patio is on the other side of the house, it is still part of the house.

Kitchen in The Garden


Adding a kitchen in your patio is a brilliant idea. You can cook with your guests and serve the foods while they are still fresh from the stove. In addition, for the furniture, you can choose colors that are still in the same tone as the building or the fence so that it creates a continuation of the building. Aside from choosing colors and adding things to level up your patio, you can also try exploring different layouts. For example, in this design, there are stairs to create some kind of bridge to connect the patio with the other area of the house. To avoid dull views, you can try adding ornamental grass on some parts of the patio.

Enclosed Modern Backyard Patios with a Dining Table

If you seek a backyard patio that you can use in any weather and season, you might want to consider building an enclosed type of patio. This design allows you to treat your friends and family even if it is raining, snowing, sunny, or whatever mood nature is in.

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Lit It Up


A patio with a pergola with a heavy plant on it creates a natural and warm nuance. The design is also complimented with one hanging chandelier on the pergola, two lanterns on the side, and also some table tealights. The candles can be switched with candle-shaped light as well if you prefer it that way. In addition, there are also sheer voiles to create some kind of wall to minimize the amount of breeze to come in the dining table so that there will be no dirt on your plates.

Think Green


This enclosed backyard patio design also uses a pergola, as the previous design. However, this one does not use a particular plant as a cover. It uses rattan or some kind of plant root on the half side of the surface. The other side is hollow. It is to allow more sunlight to get through. This design uses small chairs instead of a bench and it can accommodate up to 6 people. The round table and the chairs are made out of woods. The color used goes well with the concrete floor. In addition, there is also a simple hanging lamp right on top of the table to add extra glow when the night comes.

Warm and Cozy Backyard Patios with A Fireplace

Create a warm and welcoming ambience with adding a fireplace in your patio. Other than that, adding a fireplace can step up your backyard view so it helps you prevent your backyard from looking dull.

Keep It Classy


A fireplace surrounded by chairs is such a go-to layout. It spreads warmth all around the area hence making you comfortable spending hours in there. The chairs have a similar color to the concrete floor making them look like built-in chairs. This illuminates that the chairs are sturdy yet comfy. Almost all patios with a fireplace do not have a roof because it will only make the smoke kept below the cover and it will not be comfortable for you to breathe. Therefore, it is important to keep that in mind.

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Instead of building upon the existing landscape, create interesting levels by cutting away and create stairs. Using the tree to hang some lamps is a brilliant idea to make use of the available sources. In addition, having a built-in table is perfect for a fireplace. You don’t have to worry about finding out how you have to arrange the woods because the table is built to make it easier for you. There is also a remaining space to mobilize so it would be great to have a small gathering with some people.


There are many ways to level up your backyard patios. All you have to do is explore your preferences and be creative.

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