7 Best Ideas Marble Top Table For Dining Room

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There are no other words than elegant, luxurious, and timeless to describe a marble top table. If you want to make your dining room look beautifully aesthetic, you should definitely buy a marble top table. Moreover, you should know that marble tables are different than others. What does this mean? I will cover everything about the marble table. So, let’s read the list down below.

The Pros and Cons of Marble Table


1. Nothing can beat the beauty and luxury of marble stone. Moreover, the marble table can fit with every style, for example like modern, vintage, and rustic style.

2. Marble is durable yet it has a soft texture.

3. The material of marble is natural stone. Thus, marble is very eco-friendly.

4. Marble is one of the cheapest stone tables compares to others for example like a granite table.


1. Marble is not scratch-resistant.

2. Marble is very sensitive to heat and cold temperatures.

3. Marble is also sensitive to acid, so you need to be careful not to throw any acid material in the marble table.

4. Marble table is easily dull.

Moreover, you have to remember  to keep marble have long term durability, it needs special treatment.

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How to Take Care Marble Top Table

1. Using Protective Sealer

You have to keep in mind that the marble can easily become stained. Then how to solve this problem? You can use a protective seal. One of the best seal products is the Laticrete StoneTech BulletProof Sealer. This seal product is water-proof and it also can protect your marble from oil. Therefore, this seal can make your favorite marble less stained. Also, you need to reuse the protection seal once or twice a yea.

2. . Cleaning

You have to be gentle when you clean the marble table due to its soft texture. Also, you have to wash your marble table regularly. You can just use a sponge or any cloth material to wash. Then you should wash with soap liquid but you have to make sure you don’t use any high basic pH material soap because marble is very sensitive towards acid. Also, an important note is that do not bleach your marble table because bleaching has a high acid material.

3. Applying Polish

Polishing is very beneficial to your marble top table. It is very important to polish your marble top table to make marble become less dull. Also, you can use baking soda as your polish material. You just mix the baking soda with water. Then you can apply it to your marble top table. But what if there is a big scratch on the marble’s surface? How to polish it? You can use Glazpolitur, Lithofin Polish, or Antiquax. These wax polish are good to hide the scratches on your marble top table. You just need one layer and it will definitely hide the mark or scratches onyour marble’s surface.

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The Cost of Marble Top Table

Carrara Marble

Carrara is always on the first list of marble tables. The carrara marble is usually in neutral colors such as white and grey. The price is around $45-55 per square.

Bianco Venato

Bianco venato marble is usually in neutral colors such as black and white. The price of bianco venato is around $55-75 per square.

7 Best Ideas Marble Table

1. Minimalist Shining Rounded Marble Top Dining Room

source : Pinterest

If you have a small space, then you should definitely choose a rounded marble top table in your dining room. The small rounded marble table is durable and flexible. Also, this small rounded marble top dining room sparks the luxurious vibe vividly.

2. Black Bold Stunning Marble Top Dining Room

source : Pinterest

Marble is usually ready in natural colors such as black and white. Most people usually choose white marble over black marble. They tend to think that black marble is hard to mix with other furniture colors. But in fact, black marble can fit with dark and bright colors. Moreover, black marble enhances the unique bold elegance vibe in your dining room. The picture above shows the stunning and shining black top marble.

3. Rustic Marble Top Dining Room

source : Pinterest

Rustic style enhances the natural, simple, and comfy atmosphere. What will happen if we mix the luxury marble table with rustic style? This combination will definitely create an elegant luxury cozy vibe with a touch of natural atmosphere. Just take a look at the picture above! Your guest will never leave your dining room.

4. Minimalist Marble Top Dining Room

source : Pinterest

We all know that minimalist is all about simplicity. But you have to remember that the minimalist style also enhances aesthetic quality. Then how to make a minimalist style to have a sense of aesthetic and glamour? You should definitely put a marble top table in your minimalist dining room. This touch of luxury marble table will definitely evoke asimple elegance in your minimalist dining room. Would you dare to try?

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5. Industrial Marble Top Dining Room

source : Pinterest

Strong and masculine are the best words to describe the industrial design style. If you want to add luxurious furniture, you should definitely put a marble top table in your dining room. So, just take a look at the picture above! You will certainly grasp the strong yet elegant luxury atmosphere.

6. Vintage Marble Top Dining Room

source : Pinterest

The Vintage style evokes an antique and unique atmosphere. What if we put a marble top table? Moreover, the arrangement of the marble top table will definitely create an authentic unique luxury vibe in your dining room. Do you want to try?

7. Modern Marble Top Dining Room

source : Pinterest

The modern design style represents a clean atmosphere. But one thing that you will never miss is a luxury vibe in the modern style. Also, adding a marble top table will enhance a timeless elegant luxury in your dining room. Moreover, this picture above definitely describes how the marble top table fits the cleanliness of the modern style.


Adding a marble top table is not only about bringing aesthetic luxury in your room. Moreover, you also need to take care of the marble top table carefully and regularly in order to make the marble top table stain in the next hundred decades. Furthermore, a marble top table can fit with all types of design styles. So, let’s try the experiment! Then what are you waiting for?

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