Tips to Make a Luxury Formal Living Room

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Being attentive to the holistic look of our living room is something habitual to do by the interior decor connoisseur. The main reason for it is because our living room contains a lot of our daily items, whether it is classified as our primary or secondary things. So by that definition, our living room is a vessel that recapitulates our most valuable belongings and we have to take care of our living room at any cost.

The luxury type living room is socially acceptable in case our bourgeoise guest is coming by and of course, the more casual people will not mind about the luxury design. By the luxury design within our living room, our kids also can learn the value of seizing and appreciating the elegant art in their subsequent lives. Here are the simple steps on how to embellish the resplendence in our living room.

Contemporary Painting

If we discern closely, the fundamental nature of people in our modern era is actually seeking simplicity in the middle of the intricate world polemic. So the term ”luxury” is not always relating to exaggerated opulence but rather the sense of having an eye towards the modest thing in our lives. That is the cornerstone of the creation of contemporary art.

To hang some contemporary painting into our living room also means that we are conveying the story from the painter itself. At first glance, most contemporary arts nowadays are seemingly vague and abstract to look at, but that is the true beauty that is embedded in contemporary art. Every smear of the brush in the contemporary painting showcases the genuine emotion of the painter itself and it brings a spark of energy into our living room. 

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The contemporary painting also can be the element to equiponderate the grandeur of our living room and to forgo the overlapping sense or the contrast of certain aspects. To implement the assimilation of simplicity with luxury is interesting and it should be considered into your bucket list!


”..never trust anyone whose TV is bigger than their bookshelf,” said the artist Emilia Clarke. That notion is consciously postulated that knowledge is the indicator of someone’s true character. To obtain that cerebral acumen, tangible books are the concrete solution for it.

Even though there are a lot of platforms to supply ebooks in our gadgets, the eminence of conventional books remains undefeated. To feel the book in your own hands might be the best feeling ever that cannot be replaced by any modern technology. That is why collecting books as much as we can have become the unique hobby of a big chunk of people and this where the bookshelf roles are prominent. 

The more gradual our bookshelf is, the more room it has to store our books collection. The bookshelf is also enhancing the living room appeal to be more eye-pleasing and informative simultaneously. Stupendous!

Paint the wall

Everyone in the world has their favorite color. The big factor of it is because, in a certain color, people can relate to it in the spectrum of psychology, and also people’s favorite color is a determinant of their personality traits. The common division of the color palette usually ranges from the stark and neutral color distinction. 

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If you are the type of person who likes to accentuate yourself clearly, bold color saturation is the most appropriate one for you. On the contrary, if we are inclined to be more subtle in expressing our feelings, the lighter or neutral color will be bonafide. However, it is not impossible to synthesize the seemingly clashing colors to excogitate an immaculate color tone that breaks the rule.

Always keep this in mind, to generate a luxurious atmosphere in our living room, it knows no color boundaries. So, be as creative as you can and start to grab your brush!


Ever wanting something perpetual that can complement the corner of our living room? Then the purchase of the sculpture is obligatory. The sculpture is basically an art to carve the available materials(e.g: rock or clay) into a new form that the artist aims for. The selection of sculpture art is highly diverse and it can be enormous, small, or even medium in the term of size.

The small sculpture can be placed down on the top of the table or the vacant space on our shelf. On the other hand, the medium or the big sculpture can be positioned on the living room floor and we can adjust the disposition of it by ourselves. How amazing it is to have an inanimate object that can rekindle the spirit of the living room to be more alive.

The classic rocking chair

The rocking chair has been utilized, likely older than our lifetime. Our ancestors had a visceral interest to relax in a rocking chair and the rocking chair is the epitome of consolation for them. Researchers said that the rocking chair can reduce our anxiety level and prevent arthritis at a later age. 

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The benefits of a rocking chair are not only limited to the adult, but it also can have palliative effects on people at any age. Generally speaking, sitting in the rocking chair can battle our sleep deprivation, and if you happen to have a baby/toddler, the rocking chair is the perfect place for you to babysit them to sleep. Other than it helps our psyche tremendously, the rocking chair is also renowned to bolster up our somatic health.

Little did people know that the former United States president, Mister John F. Kennedy had his rocking chair to alleviate his back pain. It is because the rocking chair can increase our blood flow to all of our organs thus rejuvenating our body entirely. The complete package of charm and medical perks are embodied in this magical chair concomitantly. It could not be more epic than that, isn’t it?

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