Small Changes, Big Impact: Living Room with Fireplace Design Ideas


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Did you just move into a new house and think that your living room needs an upgrade? Or you wanted to give it a makeover? Cut off your remodelling budget by simply adding a fireplace! Not only will you save more money, but also a fireplace can make your living room cozier. Just imagine having a nice conversation over a cup of hot chocolate around a fireplace during a cold night. Such a warm feeling, right? Who doesn’t want that? However, even though installing a fireplace sounds like a piece of cake, there are some things you might want to consider. One of the most important things when planning is choosing the design. Also, it is best and recommended for you to sketch out the design first before buying the materials. Therefore, there will not be anything wasted. Need some suggestions? Read on to this article to find out!

Keep Your Things Arranged with Storage

Don’t know what to put on your wall? Simply install some shelves! By having shelves, not only will your stuff stay organized but also you will have easy access to them. Check out this design for example. Even though there is only a little space available, the design maximizes everything that is there. The shelves were installed pretty neatly and precisely, making them very accessible to the inhabitants. Other than that, instead of using a wall-to-wall carpet, this design uses the carpet like a rug. The measurement is done well, not too close or too far to the fireplace and the walls. This design is ideal for you who seek a traditional yet elegant look.

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Create Some Segments

Who knows that you can use your fireplace to separate the areas around the house? With this design, that is highly possible. The fireplace in this design separates 3 big rooms of the house which are the kitchen, dining room, and living room. By simply adding one fireplace you can turn one spacious area into 3 separate rooms. Other than that, the fireplace is accessible from 2 rooms, the dining room, and living room. Therefore, you can feel the warmth in both rooms. How cool is that? The design of the fireplace complements the rest of the room’s design making it looks like a part of the room.

Mesmerizing Minimalist Design

A little different from the previous designs that make the room look fuller, this one has a simpler finish. This design emphasizes the functionality of the room, so it only has one large sofa and a fireplace. The walls are not full of furniture and ornaments. They are left empty. However, there is some stuff to give accent to the room such as a green plant, a standing lamp, and a square mirror. Therefore, even though the room seems not to have many things, it still looks catchy, simple, and modern.

Go for A Rustic Look

Who doesn’t love a touch of traditional and classic finish? This rustic design is for you, rustic lovers. Dominated with woods and stones, this design emphasizes the warmth of the colors. As you can see in the picture, yellow and warm beige is dominating the room, sparking warmth and coziness. This really pampers the eyes. Other than that, the patterns on the chairs also giving a nice contrast to the plain wall. There is a lot of ornaments you can add to give nice accents to the room. Take a look at that clock, for example. The carving details add a little more rustic finish to the room.

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Dare to be Unique

You can already notice the difference between this design with the previous ones. Yes, instead of having the chimney covered with bricks, this one only has a pipe. This is perfect for you who seek a one-of-a-kind design. Other than that, the placing of the fireplace is unlike the common ones. Instead of having it parallel to the wall, this one is in the corner of the room. From this, you can tell that the designer really thinks out of the box for this particular design. Also, the square frame of the fireplace imitates the glass doors around it. This makes the fireplace looks like a part of the room, instead of making it look distinguished.

Contemporary Living Room with Fireplace

This fireplace design uses gas as the fuel instead of dry woods. The see-through design allows the inhabitants to enjoy the fire pattern that expands alongside the fireplace. This creates a mesmerizing look and also builds up the atmosphere in the room. Other than that, the simple and contemporary finish makes this design look timeless. Therefore, it will take you a quite long time before you want to give another makeover to your living room. Hence, it will save up more of your savings. Sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

Go Big or Go Home

Since your living room is one of the most seen rooms in your house, of course, you would want it to look catchy. One of the methods you can try is by maximizing the ornaments. Take a look at the design above. The huge painting above the fireplace makes it the center of attention. People would easily be drawn to it. Other than that, the other ornaments such as plates, sculptured woods, and chandeliers, set aside the minimalistic look. You can also notice that the fireplace is covered with tiles on the chimney. Tiles give a glossy surface and that continues the room’s concept which is luxurious.

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Traditional Living Room with A Touch of Modern Look

A TV right above the fireplace is probably everyone’s go-to layout. This one is called traditional because it uses the most common layout. However, this does not mean that it is outdated. Staying with the regular look can be pretty challenging but if you think more creatively you can transform your living room into something more stylish and chicer.

Your Turn

Now that you know several designs of living rooms with a fireplace, I hope you can find some inspirations. The key is to find out what you prefer, set the budget, and most importantly, sketch out the layout.

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