Living Room vs Family Room: Which One to Choose?

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Do you want to buy a new house? If yes, then keep in mind you have to provide a living room or family room in your house. These two rooms have an important part in your house to create bonding with your family. Since the fast development of interior design, you probably confuse what are the differences between the family room and living room. Well, I know both of these terms have the same nuance but actually each room has a different function, design, location, etc. So let’s break down the differences between the family room and living room!


The living room is a guest room. What does this mean? The architecture of the living room was famous in the 19th century. The function of the living room is to do formal activities with your guests. People usually use the living room to entertain guests. Moreover, the living room is like a professional meeting place when you invite your coworker or your boss to your house. Thus it makes the living room feel more formal. 

Meanwhile, the architecture of the family room was famous in the 20th century. Moreover, modern houses or contemporary houses usually add to the family room. Furthermore, the family room is usually a space to do casual activities like watching movies with your family and playing with your children. Also, you can do your hobbies with your family in this room. So people usually spend their leisure time with their family in this room. Therefore, the family room feels more informal. 

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People usually put the living room in the front area. Sometimes the living room is also known as the ‘front room’. The living room is located in the front part of your house in order to directly welcome your guests. On the other hand, home owner usually put the family in the center part of the house. This is because people want the family room to be more private.

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Often time, people put the family room close to the kitchen or the backyard. It is also not strange that people combine the family room and the kitchen. If the family room is near the backyard, then the home owner will create doors that connect to the backyard or pool area. Sometimes it is not strange to put the family room in between the kitchen and the backyard. 


The living room is one of the biggest places in the house. Home owner usually put large couches in order to serve their guests. Moreover, people usually put aesthetic art like painting in the living room to entertain guests. Thus it makes the living room become one of the largest parts of the house. Commonly, the family room is usually just average room size. But you can also make the family room bigger. It actually depends on how many people in your family. 

Design and Furniture 

The design of the living room tends to be more formal. Moreover, the simple living room contains couches, tables, and art decoration. 

Meanwhile, the design of the family room tends to be more informal. Moreover, the family room usually has a cozy vibe. Well, I mean you will never miss TV in the family, right? The existence of a TV and couch in the family room definitely represents a comfy vibe. Also, you can add some pillows and blankets. Moreover, you can also add a game table or play board to play with your children in the family room. 

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How To Combine Living Room and Family Room

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Oh no, I’m on a budget! Oh no, my house doesn’t have enough space! Well, you don’t need to worry because you can combine the living room and the family. So how to combine both of these rooms? Do not give any furniture like curtains, cabinets, or whatsoever in the middle of the living room. This trick creates a sense of a bigger space. Moreover, you don’t have a big gap between the living room and the family room. It is better to make the living room and the family room become closer to evoke the differences. 

Do you want to blend the living room and the family room? If yes, then you definitely have to use the same wall color. Try to combine neutral and bright colors to create a formal and comfy vibe. Moreover, you have to choose one style. What does this mean? For example, you only choose a classic or minimalist style. There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing style but you will create a clear distinction between the living room and the family room. 

How about furniture?

You probably wonder how to arrange the furniture when it comes to combining the living room and the family room. You have to know that a simple living room just consists of a small couch and table. Moreover, you can add a bigger comfy seat which also has a function as a small bedroom in the family room. Adding bookshelves will create a formal and comfy place to learn. But then how to add entertainment furniture? It is better to add some play board rather than a TV. Keep in mind that you blend the living room and the family room. Therefore, adding a TV will lessen the formal function of the living room.

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The most important note when it comes to blending the living room and the family room is about the mix and match furniture. It is really important to know which furniture can fulfill your needs. It is also very beneficial because you can have a multifunction room especially when you don’t really have enough space. Moreover, this will also help you when it comes to budgeting. 


The living room and the family room have their own purposes. It is your own choice and preference to choose to only have a living room or the family room. But you also can blend the living room and the family room all together. Moreover, blending the living room and the family room definitely will make a multifunction room. Do you dare to experiment? 

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