10 Built-In Kitchen Cabinet Ideas


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Okay, let’s be real here. We all know that there are so many things we want to fit in our kitchen. Whether it is your cutlery or your daily needs such as cereal and pasta, they all need a place to settle. Well, there is no other better storage than a cabinet. Other than to help you store your necessities, installing kitchen cabinets maximizes the utilization of your wall. This will set aside more space for you to mobilize around the kitchen.

In this article, we will talk about kitchen cabinet ideas that will, hopefully, inspire you to build your own cabinets. There are many things to consider before settling down your choice. Color tones, sizes, and placement are some of the main things you should pay attention to. So, without any further ado, check out these mesmerizing designs to make your kitchen more functional and appealing to look at!

Floor-to-ceiling Kitchen Cabinet

Don’t leave yet! This might sound a bit questionable since it seems very outdated, but I guarantee you will consider these cabinet designs. When you read the name you probably would imagine a wall fully covered with cabinets with no empty space. Well, that would not be it because these designs have their characteristics. An opened corner or area is created to make your kitchen look airier. This design is ideal for you who live with a big number of occupants. This is because the necessity would be a lot much more compared to those who live alone or with only two or three more people.

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Mix The Colors


As you have probably noticed, this design maximizes storage. Deep drawers, stacked cabinets, and tall pantries help you to create the most of the available space. Combining a creamy white color with bright yellow is a good call. Since most kitchens would tend to be dominated with pale white, using a more subtle tone of white would step up your kitchen design.

Mint Green


As one of the on-trend colors, green makes your kitchen look fresher and modern. Since this design uses a darker tone of mint green, it makes the kitchen more eye-friendly. Just like the previous design, there is an open space in the corner and also a window to prevent the kitchen to look like wall-to-wall cabinetry.

Glamorous Marbles


A luxurious kitchen with maximum functionality? Say no more. Opt for marbles will help you make that glamourous kitchen come true. The marble that is used in this design is Calacatta marble which has larger veining compared to Carrara marbles. Other than countertops, you can also use marbles as backsplash. Take a look at the picture above. The grey lines on the marbles complement the ashy grey color on the cabinets very well. The countertop is made to be as tall as the base cabinets to make the kitchen look more balanced. Also, there are some brass-colored details that help your kitchen look more lavish.

Go for Shelves Instead of Cabinets

Instead of having cabinets, you can try installing shelves. Unlike cabinets, shelves provide you a more open area to look at. This will help to create an airier space, especially if you only have a small space. Other than that, shelves don’t have doors. Therefore, you do not have to try and guess which box you put your favorite place in because you can see your stuff more clearly.

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Classy Rustic


Hey, rustic lovers! Do you want your kitchen to look stylish while keeping the characteristics of the wood? Worry no more, because we are here to present this beautiful design just for you. As you can see in the picture, not all of the furniture has a weathered finish on the surface. The countertop, as well as the range hood and the shelves, keep the rustic ambiance to create the farmhouse look in the kitchen. Meanwhile, to match the range, the base cabinet has a more polished look.

Touch of Gold


Jumping off from rustic, we now have this more modern kitchen look. Using marbles for the top of the cabinet base allows you to cook more comfortably. Additionally, the wall is also covered with the same type of marble to create a continuous look. Our main focus is the shelves. Storing your cutlery on some shelves will give you easy access to your kitchen tools. Other than that, you should also pay attention to the distance between each slab so it will create a more organized layout.  

Muted White


Creating an all-white kitchen can sometimes be a bit challenging, especially when choosing the color. Of course, you can use other colors to match the white and spark a livelier mood. However, you can also opt for all white paints by choosing different tones. In this design, you can see the color difference on the ceiling, base cabinets, and countertop. The ceiling and base cabinets seem to have a warmer color compared to the countertop. This will avoid your kitchen from looking too plain. Other than that, you can try adding more colors by using the furniture.

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Transparent Cabinet

This is the number one solution if you still want to keep having cabinet and want to be able to see your things through. Since shelves might not have the same amount of security as cabinets, you should consider having this in your kitchen.

Stack It Up


Do you have a narrow space in your kitchen? Just stack your cabinets. The base cabinet is not see-through, which makes sense because it will make the design look redundant. The upper one, however, allows your lovely plates and mugs to show up and give a nice accent to the plain white cabinets.

Stay Original


Unlike the previous one, in this design, the glass has texture. This is a great example, especially since the wood has a textured surface. Therefore, the texture on the glass will balance it. However, even having texture, you can still see the things you store clearly.

Minimalistic Look


Minimalist design is about keeping it simple while not neglecting the functionality. Take a look at this design for example. Providing one particular spot for your transparent cabinet helps you arrange your belongings and make your space look organized.

Move Aside for Turquoise


If the other designs tend to be dominated by white, this design uses turquoise to pop up the kitchen. The picture already shows that this design emphasizes the functionality aspect. You can see this from the number of drawers and cabinets.


From closed cabinets to shelves, there are many considerations you should weigh up. Try to measure everything precisely so that you will have your ideal storage section for your kitchen.

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