How To Spice Up Your Master Bedroom

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Do you have a spacious area for a bedroom? Better not to take it for granted. Maximize the utilization of the available space by making a master bedroom. You will have the privacy that you have always wanted by having a master bedroom. This is because the majority of master bedrooms have an en suite bathroom. Other than that, having a master bedroom can give you the privilege to access many areas easily. This is why most master bedrooms are on the first floor, where the kitchen, living room, and entryway are on.

If you are wondering about what is in a master bedroom, well, it can vary from your needs and routines. For some people, a master bedroom consists of an en suite bathroom, a large bed, and enough space for a wardrobe and TV. However, you can always mix and match pretty much anything to add to your type of master bedroom. Do you still have no idea about what you are supposed to add to your master bedroom? Check out these ideas below to get inspired!

Settle with a Theme

Choosing a theme for your master bedroom is probably one of the methods to make your bedroom arrangement easier. Once you decide to commit to one theme, the rest of the designing process will not take so much time. Still don’t know what theme you should choose? Well, a theme can come from anywhere. It can be colors, ambiance, or style. Try exploring your preferences and interests. Brilliant ideas often come from there. If you are confused with the theme, you can try using the following ideas:

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Rustic Master Bedroom

This one is a great example of a master bedroom with a rustic finish. This master bedroom is ideal for you, woods connoisseur. As you can see in the picture, almost the entire room is full of weathered-finish wood. Other than that, settling with a rustic finish will give you a cozy and warm atmosphere that is created in the bedroom.

The bedroom has an additional room that extends as an office room. This emphasizes the multifunctional aspect of a master bedroom itself. Easy access to your home office? Who doesn’t want that? Also, this extended part of the bedroom applies a rustic theme. Therefore, this creates a look where the office is a continuation of the bedroom instead of two separated areas.

Contemporary Master Bedroom

Almost like the complete opposite of the previous design, this one does not emphasize a traditional look. Unlike the rustic design that uses weathered finish woods, this design has a more modern finish look. Take a look at the picture! Only with a glance, you can already notice that this is a completely different theme from the previous one. However, this design uses laminate flooring which still has a touch of nature on it. Other than that, just like most master bedrooms, this design provides additional space for a desk and a chair. You can use this space for anything, depends on your situation.

Add A Cozy Hang Out Area

Having a spacious area for a bedroom is always a great opportunity for experimenting and exploring. Observe your habits and interests so that you can make your bedroom your favorite place. For example, if you like reading, having a lounge area is a go-to. check out these designs below!

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A lounge right next to the window, who can say no to it? This is the perfect spot to hang out with your partner while reading books together. The upholstered sofas are in the same shade as the room which makes the room look organized. Other than that, this design uses a wall-to-wall carpet as the flooring. This enhances the warm and cozy feeling in the room.

The design above is another example of a master bedroom with a lounge area. You probably have noticed that in this design, the lounge is also near the window, just like the previous design. One of the reasons why that happens is to maximize the utilization of the area around the window. Also, who doesn’t want to enjoy the view while relaxing? Other than that, there is also one seating right in front of the upholstered bed frame. This can also be a nice hangout place while watching your favorite sports match.

Integrate the Storage with the Bed

The wall behind your bed might seem a bit empty if you don’t put anything on it. Make use of the remaining space by adding integrated storage. Therefore, you can access all of your stuff easily and also make them stay organized.

Look at the picture above for example. The design applies some integrated shelves behind the bed. As you can see in the picture, you can store so many things in there, since the storage has many doors and large areas. Also, the no-knob design makes the storage look more modern and timeless. Other than that, the headboard of the bed is removed and replaced with a wooden wall to support the shelves above it. You can also notice that there is enough space left to install a bed lamp and to put some ornaments such as framed photos.

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Not so different from the previous design, this one also makes use of the wall by installing integrated storage. However, the storage is slightly bigger than the previous one. You can see that there is an extended part on the right side of the picture. Having integrated storage in your bedroom needs effort in measuring and accustoming the space with your needs. Therefore, it would be better for you to take a decent amount of time before you commit to the design.

Time to Make Your Dream Master Bedroom Come True!

Now that you know some ideas to level up your master bedroom arranging game, it’s your time to shine! If you are afraid of making wrong choices on the design, you can always ask a professional interior designer to help you. After all, to have a multifunctional master bedroom needs a lot of effort.

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