How to Remodel Your Kitchen with a Low Budget

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Since food has become one of our needs in our daily life, the kitchen becomes one of the most important areas in our houses. The kitchen is where we start our day. When we wake up, we go to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee or to make some breakfast. The kitchen has become the center of our activity during the day. It is where we spend our time with our house members, our guests, and even our pets. The kitchen is one of the most heavy-traffic places in our houses and that is why it needs extra care. Sometimes, the area of the house that is used frequently needs a repair or an upgrade. That is why we are here to help you remodel your kitchen so that it looks brand new and timeless.

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1. Highlight Your Needs and Preferences

The first thing that you should do is to narrow down what you really want. Similar to when you are about to buy a house, by picking out what you favor can help you reduce the possible options and manage your budget. Also, the final result will be just like what you wanted. How cool is that? Ask some questions like what does your current kitchen lack of? How can you improve it? Do you need to change the layout? What kind of activity will occur in the kitchen? Asking questions will help you determine what you need and will eventually make you have the ultimate kitchen model. 

2. Adjust It with Your Budget 

After you narrowed down your necessities, it is time for you to manage the money. Of course, it is not easy since you do not have a very realistic data on how much money you will spend. However, we can always predict how much approximately what you need to remodel your kitchen. A good rule of thumb is to spend 5% – 15% of your home’s total value on your kitchen renovation. So, for example, your house is worth $150,000, the remodeling of your kitchen will need roughly $15,000. The budget can of course vary, depends on each person’s need. However, you should keep in mind that the role of highlighting your needs is really important. For example, if you need a countertop more than a cabinet, then you should start looking for countertop designs. It will also help you balance your money as well. 


3. Get Inspirations from Stores

By going to your local hardware stores or showrooms, you will get some inspirations on how you would want to remodel your kitchen. Stores and showrooms usually provide layouts suggestion of each room. Also, by going to stores and showrooms, you will know the price of the materials that you will use. It will also help you consider possible materials for your kitchen. For example, your plan is to get hardwood flooring but it is way over your budget. By going to stores, you can easily explore the materials and their price as well. You can also ask for a professional help to assist you while you are in the store. 

4. Leave Some Space to The Professionals

After you have done the previous steps above, you are ready to execute your plan. Now, if you think you have enough experience and could remodel your kitchen by yourself, it is completely okay. However, since the kitchen is the most seen area in your house, it is never a wrong move to bring in some professionals. Hire a contractor and a kitchen designer. By doing that, not only will your kitchen look neater but also you will be able to make your dream kitchen comes true.  

Hiring a contractor is always a good call. They provide the materials and set up a timeline so that the whole remodeling process stays on track and finishes on time.  The process will run smoothly and you will not regret calling a contractor to remodel your kitchen. The same with hiring a contractor, hiring a kitchen designer will cost you more money but it is going to be worth it. They are the experts in making the layout and deciding what materials will fit perfectly in your kitchen.

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5. Execute The Plan

You are all set and now it is demo time! As I mentioned before, hiring a contractor will help you in this part so, you only have to clear out your cabinets and fridge. However, if you decide to do it by yourself, there are a few things that you should pay attention to. Make sure that your kitchen is ready by checking things such as water, gas, and electricity. Make sure that those are off. You will surely need a cloth and a bucket, in case there is leakage during the demolishing process. 

6. Work on the Internal Elements

The demo leaves your kitchen gutted and it is the perfect time to start working on the internal elements like plumbing. The easiest way to do this is, of course, by calling a plumber. However, if you want to do it by yourself, you should look out for these problems below: 

  1. Clogged plumbing 
  1. Leaks from possible areas (dishwasher, sink) 
  1. Low water pressure 
  1. Shut-off valves upgrade 

Other than that, you should also work on electricity and lighting. Since it is very needed in the kitchen, you should observe which area needs a high amount of brightness and how bright the lights should be. For example, you can add some lights under the cabinets so you can comfortably use the area. Another tip is to install additional light above the countertop if you have one. This is to add an extra glow to your kitchen and highlight the area.

7. Upgrade the Wall

The first thing that you need to do before painting the wall is to hang new drywall. If you work with a constructor, you can leave this part to them. However, if you decide to do it by yourself, you need several things to help you work such as a saw, a hammer, screws, and a screw gun that are specified for drywall.

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After the drywall is set and dried, it is time for painting the wall. A kitchen designer can help you choose the color by giving several paint colors. However, if you want to work by yourself, you have several things to pay attention to. The color paint depends on what atmosphere you seek. Most people would go for a neutral look, so white is a go-to. However, dark colors like black, dark grey and dark brown can also bring out that elegant look to your kitchen. 

8. Install Flooring

There are several flooring options for you and of course, the price depends on the materials. Linoleum is a go-to. It comes in different colors and shapes. It is also affordable as well. However, if you go for this one, expect some changes with the color if it is overexposed to sunlight. There is also hardwood flooring that is natural and long-lasting. Although it is durable, it is also expensive and should be refinished every 10 years. Each flooring has its pros and cons. All you need to do is to choose which flooring meets your budget, preference, and needs.  Or you can see our article related to the flooring


Now that you know the steps to remodel your kitchen, you can start working on it. I hope this article helps you to make your dream kitchen comes true. 

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