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Do you want to have privacy and intimacy comfortable while you sit? Then you should definitely buy an armchair or accent chair. Unlike a sofa that is a big chair to use for a lot of people which leads to the feeling of crowded and uncomfortable, you will never feel this way in an armchair or accent chair. But you probably wonder how to perfectly choose an armchair or accent chair that would fit in your living room, dining room, or library nook. So, let’s stick with me to know the answer!


One important thing you should know before buying an armchair or accent chair is the difference between these two seats. The Armchair is a cozy chair that offers an armrest and the handrest. Moreover, some of the armchairs have a really big size that can also be a nap place.

Meanwhile, accent chairs are single-seat chairs. Since an accent chair is a single chair, this creates a more free option because you don’t have to buy a full set like the full set or matching set of dining room chairs. Moreover, adding an accent chair will enhance an aesthetic statement of the eye-catching style in your room. Another thing you should know is that some of the accent chairs don’t have the armrest and handrest. But if you don’t mind it, then this is not a big deal.

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How to Choose Arm Chair

1. Be Smart with Your Space

If you have a small space, you have to be smart to arrange the armchair so that your room doesn’t feel overcrowded. Moreover, you have to precisely measure the square of a footstep, the length, and the width of the armchair. You have to make sure that every corner will perfectly fit with your armchair. Moreover, you have to keep in mind that the small armchair can also bring comfortable and aesthetic like the big armchair. 

2. Comfortable Upholstery 

Never underestimate the upholstery of your armchair. Moreover, the upholstery can bring ultimate comfort when you sit. So how do we choose good upholstery? Then you have to choose a fabric with durable, scratch-resistant, and dull resistant quality like microfiber, polyester, and leather. 

3. Best Circulation 

Most people usually don’t really pay attention to circulation. Moreover, the move circulation is an important part of your room. You have to ensure that the position of the armchair can still make people move smoothly.

Best Timeless Armchair Ideas

1. Classic Wooden Armchair 

source : Pinterest

You will never go wrong with the simple classic wooden armchair. This wooden armchair is not only comfortable but it doesn’t make your room feel overcrowded. Moreover, you can put the wooden armchair in your living room. 

2. Unique Modern Metal Armchair 

source : Pinterest

The leather modern metal armchair will enhance a strong unique vibe to your room. Moreover, you can also get double comfort with the metal armrest and handrest. Also, you can put this metal armchair in your library room, living room, and even your bedroom.

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3. Colorful Armchair 

source : Pinterest

If you want to bring a playful atmosphere to your room, then you should try to put a colorful armchair in your room. Moreover, you can even put the colorful armchair in your bedroom to spice up the playful and creative atmosphere. Also, we can see in the picture that this armchair is the best place to curl up.

How to Choose Accent Chair

1. Match with Your Style Room 

You have to keep in mind that accent chairs have a specific style. Moreover, you don’t need to worry because you can mix and match the style of your room with your accent chair. I know that an accent chair can bring eye-catching style but you have to remember don’t be too contrasted with your room style. The strong retro pattern accent chair might over power your minimalist room.

2. Bold with Shape

Do you want to make a strong eye-catching statement without having too much color in your accent chair? Then you have to try experiment with a bold shape accent chair. But you don’t need to worry because the bold shape accent chair will not over contrast or overpower your style room. 

3. Playing with Pattern 

The pattern accent chair not only brings eye-catching style but also colorful statements in your room. Moreover, if you have a retro style room, then the pattern accent chair will perfectly match in your room. 

Best Accent Chair You Should Never Miss

1. Unique Cozy Papasan Chair

source : Pinterest

The oval bold shape of the papasan chair creates a unique statement in your room. The upholstery of the papasan chair is usually a cotton pillow cushion. Moreover, this upholstery is very comfortable to sit in Then who want to leave this comfort chair, right?

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2. Classic Wing Accent Chair

source : Pinterest

The wing accent chair will combine a classic vibe to your modern minimalist style. Moreover, the wing accent chair can fit with all types of style room. Also, you can place a wing accent chair in your living room, library room, and even in your home office. 

3. Triple Comfy Swivel Barrel Accent Chair

source : Pinterest

The swivel barrel accent chair is not only about aesthetics. But more than that the bold swivel barrel accent chair with the high armrest and high handrest will create double comfort. Moreover, the backrest has a rounded shape that will certainly make you easy to curl up. Then, these triple comfort will make you get ultimate relaxation.

4. Playful Pattern Accent Chair 

source : Pinterest

Adding the colorful pattern accent chair will evoke a playful vibe in your room. Moreover, you can put the colorful pattern accent chair in your work home office to enhance the creative atmosphere.

Your Turn

Now, you know how to choose both the armchair and the accent chair. These two seats have similarities but with different purposes depending on the function of style and statement. It is your choice to choose the armchair or the accent chair depending on your needs. Moreover, this is your turn to decide and your turn to experiment. Then What are you waiting for?

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