How To Design A Flower Bed

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Don’t let your front yard or your backyard become empty. Then, how about transforming your empty front yard to be a flower bed? But I know you probably wonder what a flower bed is. So, the flower bed is a place to plant various colorful seasonal plants that can make your boring empty front yard to be beautiful and colorful.

You might think that changing your front yard to be a flower bed is just a small thing. But trust me it will bring a big impact to your yard. Well, let’s imagine your yard will fill with butterflies and colorful flowers in the spring and summer season. Don’t you think this is a worthy scenery in your house? This can only happen if you create a flower bed in your house. But, how to make a flower bed? Well, you can hire a gardener but you can also make your own flower bed. So, let’s stick with me to know how to make a flower bed and what kind of plants you should put in your flower bed.


Most people usually confuse about where to make a flower bed. Moreover, the most important thing when it comes to placing a bed is a place where it can provide a buffer against the noise and traffic. Also, the entryway around the front yard and the backyard can be the best place to make a flower bed. Then, how about the flower bed condition in winter? You can try to wrap your plants with burlap. Moreover, the burlap can be a protection of plants from the snow. Also, you have to remember to avoid the salt spray in the winter because it can damage your plants and your oil.

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Moreover, you also need to choose a place that gets full of six hours of sunlight in the summer or spring. This place is very beneficial for annual flowers to bloom in the summer and spring time. Then, you can create a flower bed based on geometric forms like rectangular, square, or oval so that it will be easier to arrange the plant.


Choosing soil might be tricky because you have to know what kind of soil suits various plants. Well, trust me it is easy. Moreover, you can choose loamy soil. This oil can suit many seasonal plants including annual and perennials plants. Also, don’t forget to put compost to add many nutrients to your plants.


Do you want to build a flower bed on the top of existing grass? If yes, then there are several tips that you can apply. Firstly, you can cover the grass with newspapers. Then, you can put the planting mix on the top of the paper. Lastly, you can finish it with a layer of compost.

Removing Grass Existing 

Some people usually don’t want to make a flower bed on top of the grass weeds. But then, how to remove the existing grass? Firstly, you can dig out the grass. I know this can be difficult. So, you have to use a shove or a hoe. Then, use a shovel to remove the grass in your future flower bed. Also, you can remove the weeds. After that, you can compose the soil for planting.

Would you believe me that you can remove the grass without digging? I can guarantee that removing the grass without digging is very easy. So, you can just cover the spot of your future flower bed with some sheets of newspaper. Firstly, you can layer the pages with six papers. Then, you have to cover the newspaper with some inches of compost and soil. After that, you should water it. Then, you just wait for the next few months because the grass will die and the newspapers will decompose. Moreover, this decomposition will nourish the soil. Lastly, you can add some decorative features like boulders to break up the design after the grass has been removed to add texture to your flower bed.

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Plants Tips 

Your garden should have a collection of various plants. Moreover, you also have to be aware of the blossoming timing of your plants. Also, you don’t need to be afraid of mixing colors, textures, and height of the plants in your bed flower. So, how about arrange the plants in a flower bed?

• Winter

Let’s start in the winter first, shall we? Most people usually confuse what the best plants can suit in the cold of winter. So, you can add Himalayan White Pine (Pinus wallichiana). This plant has a unique and soft weeping structure that has durability in the winter. Moreover, you can add Hemlocks because this tree will add winter interest. Also, don’t forget to add Cypress (Chamaecyparis) because this plant will give greenery decoration to your flower bed in the winter. 

• Autumn

Well, we already talk enough about winter’s plants. Let’s head into autumn. So, you can put Coral Bark Maple (Acer palmatum sango-kaku). Moreover, this coral bark maple will beautifully blossom in the perfect combination of red, orange, and yellow leaves. So, I can guarantee that your guests can’t stop staring at your stunning coral bark maple during autumn time. 

• Spring

Spring is all about flowers. Are you ready to see colorful blooming flowers full of butterflies in the spring? Well, you can put rhododendrons and weigela family like weigela florida verweig and weigela florida alexandra. These flowers will blossom in various colors like red, purple, and pink. Moreover, weigela florida alexandra is very famous for attracting butterflies. 

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• Summer

Everyone knows summer has the highest heat temperature compared to other seasons. So, what kind of plants can handle the temperature of summer? You can put a big globe master allium. These flowers will blossom with perfect purple in the summer and it will add ornamental decoration to your flower bed. Moreover, you can also add sunflower plants because this plant can handle the heat. Also, sunflower has a strong stem with a perfect yellow blooming flower in the summer. 

Here you can watch the video below to find another important information.

It’s Time For You To Shine

Now, you already know how to build a flower bed and some good tips to arrange the plants in the flower bed. I know that making it might be a big project. But, don’t forget to have fun while making your flower bed. So, what are you waiting for?

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