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Do you want to improve your home-designing game but still need some inspirations? Houzz is that one perfect website that will help you make your dream house come true. From architecture, interior design and decorating, landscape design to home improvement, you can find it all on their website. It is a platform for everyone who is passionate about home design to share their ideas, so set aside your trust issues because these people are experts and they surely know what they are talking about.

You can also search for specific items and buy them directly on the website. Another thing that will amaze you is that some of the contents on Houzz are free! How cool is that? If you are not convinced yet, check out the sneak peeks about interior design ideas below!

Rustic Kitchen

source: houzz.com

As the starter, we have a kitchen design idea. Make the most of your spacey kitchen area with adding a countertop. With this, you would not have to worry about setting aside a space to eat that fits the entire house crew. The design emphasizes the weathered finish on the wood. As shown in the picture, the floor and the barstools have it. They complement each other with the rustic yet elegant look. Other than that, the design also implements the play of colours. The white shaker cabinets beautifully fit with the dark wood on the floor and barstools. In addition, the design also maximizes the utilization of windows, so you only have to put up some hanging lamps above the countertop to add extra glow.

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Orange County Entryway

source: houzz.com

Level up your entry way with some decorations. It will surely impress whoever comes to your house, just from the first steps in. As you can see in the picture, the design is simple. It will only take you a couple of minutes to get it done. The design emphasizes the use of the color orange. Warm, rustic, and bright, perfect combination to welcome your guests. The orange color on the pumpkins reflects the lighting from above that makes them look more noticeable. Other than that, the design suggests you to add some wooden boxes to add some extra rustic feeling. You don’t have to set aside some time to think of an idea to arrange the boxes. Just do as the design suggested and you will be satisfied. In addition, the arrangement of the boxes allows you to put a supplementary vase of flowers on the top as a final touch.

Traditional Kitchen

source: houzz.com

This design is almost completely different from the previous one. This one has a smoother finish on the woods, unlike the rustic one which has more of a weathered finish. This traditional kitchen has one white cabinet that has a niche where you can put your fridge in. what is interesting about this cabinet is that it has two open doors so you can maximize the utilization of the cabinet. You can store your cleaning tools like a mop, feather duster, also vacuum cleaner, and cleaning sprays. In addition, this kitchen design involves one large pantry which has multiple drawers and shelves that can help you store your kitchen equipment and cutlery.

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Exterior Patio Dining Under Trellis

source: houzz.com

As I mentioned before, Houzz offers you anything. Different from our previous discussion which was talking about interior design, this time we are moving to the outside of the house. This time we are going to talk about backyard patio kitchen design. Yes, you heard it right. You might have just heard about a kitchen that is outside of your house, but trust me, you will love this design. It maximizes the utilization of your large backyard, perfect place to spend time with your friends and family.

The white double doors create some area which makes it easier for you to move from this space to another. The grey weathered finish chairs are perfect to set up with the white rectangular table. Above the dining area, there is a pergola that is complimented with string lights. There are also some additional lights as shown in the picture. There is one round hanging lamp right above the dining area and there are four additional lamps on the kitchen counter. They really make your place look magical.

Farmhouse Laundry Room

source: houzz.com

Going back inside of the house we have a farmhouse laundry room design. This design makes use of the white colour to make the room look wider and brighter. There is a stacked washer/dryer to save up some space. Ideal for you who have a narrow laundry room but still want to fit in both. Right next to the washer, there are two floating shelves. They can be used to add some plants so that the room will not look pale and also to make it look more alive. Actually, you can put anything on the shelves. Bring out your creativity and make the most of it. However, there is still more interesting stuff about this design. The large vanity is the star in the room. With three large closing doors and one drawer, you can easily store and access your stuff.

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Mid-sized elegant master bathroom

source: houzz.com

White is really a go-to colour if you look for an elegant finish. Also, if you have a room with wide windows or any open areas, it will give you extra lighting without having to install some lights. In addition, this master bathroom is fully covered with white quartz, making the design look timeless. Who does not love that? This bathroom is supplemented with one bathtub and one shower room which a niche inside. There is also an undermount sink which also functions as a multiple-drawer cabinet where you can store your bathing needs. Other than that, this bathroom is also equipped with a mirror right above the sink and a toilet right in front of the shower room. A complete package in just one room.


Those are some highlighted contents derived from Houzz. There are some other fascinating design ideas that you can find on their website. Not only for interior design but also exterior design and home improvement. Go to houzz.com to get inspired.

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