Grass-free Yard Ideas

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Almost everyone’s yard is a landscape full of grass. Well, we cannot deny the fact that grass makes us feel zen. Just imagine, a long day in the office, looking at the screen and sitting on the chair for such a long time. One thing for sure is that you need fresh air and just a little escape from your routine. Then, you walk there and see such a refreshing sight of your fertile grass. Nothing is better than feeling the texture of the grass while you are walking on it. Sounds pretty relaxing to me.

However, if you want a good quality of grass, it, of course, comes with a good price as well. Not only that, but you will also need to keep good maintenance of it. That includes a good amount of water, fertilizer, electricity, gasoline (for your lawnmower), and many more. So, after thinking about it, do you still want to plant grass in your yard? Well, if you want to reduce the expenses and keep the environment healthy, you have come to the right place. We will give you some ideas and tips on grass replacement for your yard without having to sacrifice your comfort.

Add Some Edibles to Your Yard

Fruits and Vegetables

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Instead of having an overlay full of grass, replace the grass with plants that grow fruits and vegetables. Unlike grass that does not actually give you anything, growing fruitful plants would give you many benefits. Just imagine having a yard full of fruits and vegetables that are ready to be harvested. It would be such a sweet and memorable experience to have with your children, close friends, and even your guests. Other than that, by growing fruitful plants, you will reduce your expense on food. Also, you will live a healthier life because along with that, you will have fresher comestibles. It is really different from what you usually buy from the store because most of them use pesticides and potentially other chemicals as well.

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However, just like grass, growing fruitful plants would also need good maintenance. That includes frequent watering and weeding. Also, not to mention that some plants require replanting on every growing season. Of course, each plant requires a different time of replanting depending on the type of the plant. Therefore, you need to dig deeper to know about what plants you need for you and your family. Ask questions like what do you usually eat? How old are your children? Do you have any pets? What kind of activities do they usually do? This will help you determine what plants are safe to be planted in your yard.


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Just like growing fruits and vegetables, when it comes to herbs, you will also have to manage your time to take care of them. A bit of background knowledge is essential, especially if you feel like you do not have enough experience in gardening and farming. You can easily go to your local plant store and ask some questions related to your herbs. You can also give a bit of explanation about your surroundings. For example, you should choose herbs that are not harmful to your children or your pets. Since some herbs might contain a toxin, you also will have to pay more attention to them. Also, you can plant your herbs however you want. You can make raised garden beds or you can just simply put them in pots. Explore your ideas and find your favorite method for planting.

Arrange Gravel and Stones in Your Yard

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Unlike growing grass or other plants, by adding gravel, you do not have to dedicate much of your time to it. Gravel and stones do not require regular watering or weeding. In fact, it will only need to be raked away several times. Other than that, stones and gravel can prevent weed growth. Also, the need for low maintenance makes them rather cheaper compared to growing plants.

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Stones and gravel come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. All you should do is observe and explore your preferences on the design. Not only dark colors, but stones also come in light colors as well, such as cream, white, and pale purple. If you need a hand, simply ask your garden designer and a constructor to help you execute your plan. However, I have some suggestions for you if you prefer to do it by yourself. You can outline your flower beds with stones and you can also make a statement pathway by arranging the stones. Whatever your call, make sure it fits your lifestyle.

Use Artificial Grass

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This tip is perfect for you who still want to experience a grass yard, minus the high maintenance and extreme water usage. By using synthetic grass, you do not have to do all the watering, mowing, regular weeding, and all the stuff you have to do when you have an actual-grass yard. Also, artificial grass is more durable compared to its rival. Well, it is, of course, because you can always step on it without having to worry about damaged grass. Besides, it provides almost the same finish feel to your feet when you walk on it. However, even it seems like it is completely different from fresh grass, you still have to do a little maintenance. For example, you still have to clean it. Make sure that it has no unwanted odor that might get a bit annoying sometimes, especially if you have a pet.

Build A Gazebo

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Don’t know what to do with your spacey yard? Perhaps you should try making a gazebo. Not only will it be a nice gathering and playing section, but also it will maximize the utilization of your yard. Even if it does need good maintenance, just like other features, you will not regret having it in your yard. It will provide a good place for any of your routines or habit. You can spend your time reading, meditating, relaxing, or even having fun with some companies.

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Your Call

There are many ways to turn your empty yard into a nice relaxing place. Make sure to pay attention to your surroundings and also your budget before deciding your choice. If you need help, call the experts and ask for suggestions on your plan. They will help you happily. Always keep in mind that everything can happen only if you put in enough effort.

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