Front Yard Landscape Ideas


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Have you ever looked at your front yard and just think that it needs an upgrade? Say no more. You are in the right place because we are going to give you the ultimate front yard landscape ideas. Starting from the easiest way to the ideas for those who are handy, so you do not have to worry about anything.

The ideas below include some tips and tricks to decorate and remodel your front yard landscape so that it looks more eye-catching and organized. Most of the ideas are DIY friendly. Therefore, if you are the type of person who likes to do things by yourself, these ideas are perfect for you. Also, you do not have to worry about spending your entire saving just to spice up your front yard. With these ideas below, your front yard will look way better than before. So, without any further ado, buckle up and read on to find out more about front yard landscape ideas.

1. Clean Up the Pathway

Sometimes by cleaning up the pathway, your front yard will have a major change. This is also one of the easiest ways to rearrange your front yard. What you need to do first is to check the materials of the pathway. If you have not covered it with anything (concrete, bricks, etc.), you can sweep away all the remaining dirt. Basically, anything that can be a possible hindrance.

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However, if you have got your pathway covered, you can grab some tools like a scrub brush, a water hose, a concrete cleaner, and a tank sprayer. The first thing you need to do is to brush the pathway so that all the dirt is peeled off. After you are done with that, the next step is to spray the pathway while brushing it. By doing this, the dirt will get easily peeled off and your pathway will look brand new and much cleaner.

2. Build A Retaining Wall

This idea might be a little harder compared to the previous one. However, it depends on what type of retaining wall you would want to go for. For example, you have a flower bed alongside your front yard. A retaining wall is not very necessary for it. You can simply go for a border just to frame the flower bed and make it look neater. To make the border, you can just arrange some bricks or stones and make a frame for your flower bed.

Another tip is to build a retaining wall. This is ideal for you who have an uneven layer of soil so that it prevents erosion from occurring. Other than that, by building a retaining wall, you can improve your front yard landscape. It can make your landscape more attractive and aesthetic to look at. All you need to do is to choose the materials that fit with your front yard design and make sure it can function well as a retainer.

3. Make It Glow

This one is another easy idea for your front yard landscape upgrade. Put up some lights in some areas of your front yard. For example, you can install some lights alongside the pathway so that it is still visible after the sun is down. Not only will it make your front yard look more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes but also it will increase safety. Another part that is great for light installment is your porch. You can simply hang a string light along the front porch. It can be a nice spot to hang out with your friends and family.

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There are several types of lights and where to put them. To decide, you will need several things to note down. For example, what kind of activity usually occurs in the front yard, whether or not you have kids, and so on. Why are these important? It is because we need to make sure that no strings of the lights are in the way. With this, we can minimize injuries and other unwanted things.

4. Add More Plants

Since the front yard is the most seen place of your house, it is important to keep it look everlasting. You definitely do not want your house to look like Nebbercracker’s house from the movie Monster House, right? Well, one of the easiest ways to hinder this is by adding more color to your front yard. Plants are always ideal for this job. Whether you want to have roses or hydrangea bushes, both can work well in your front yard. You can also hang a garland on your front yard porch.

Another plant-related idea to spice up your front yard landscape is by placing flower pots. There are various types of flower pots and they are made out of different materials. One of the techniques to have the ideal flower pots is to blend them with your front yard design. For example, if your front yard has more of a rustic design, you can go for whiskey barrel halves flower pots. It will enhance the rustic atmosphere.

5. Go for Supplementary Features

Now, this is going to be such a game-changer to your house. A lot of people might not realize it, but sometimes, some of your gardening and housing tools can be quite the eyesore. Therefore, the next idea is to hide them, or more like give them the ability to camouflage. Let’s say you have an air conditioner. The AC itself may seem fine and normal, but the unit can be quite irritating. Also, it can ruin the whole look of your front yard. This is why we need to give it a home. For the AC unit, you can simply build a wooden screen. You can build it by yourself or call a lawn-care office to help you. Other than that, you can build a place for your gardening tools such as your water hose. It can also function as a flower pot as well.

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Now you know the ways to improve your front yard landscape. Most of the suggested methods above are DIY-friendly so you will not need to spend more money on hiring professionals. Try observing your surroundings and you will find your ideal front yard landscape for your home.

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