Top 7 Best Affordable Flooring for Dogs

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Hi, greeting for all Dog lovers!

Do you want to renovate your house? Or maybe do you want to buy a new house? If the answer is yes, you probably want to find the best flooring which are pet-friendly and waterproof for your best buddy with the best quality but also with affordable price, right? Then stick with me, I will tell you the best 7 affordable price options floor for your dogs.

1. Vinyl

The durable, flexible, yet very affordable makes vinyl always on the top first list of every dog lover to search.  The price list of vinyl usually goes around $3-$10/square.

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The material of vinyl is waterproof resistance synthetic floor. This makes vinyl tend to be less humid compare to other flooring, for example like linoleum or laminate. The pros of vinyl are it is very easy to clean especially when your dog accidentally poops or vomits in the floor and also it is easy to install whenever you want to renovate your house because vinyl floor is very flexible. But the vinyl floor is less scratch-resistant, for example, compare to tile ceramic floor. If you use vinyl type like LVT (Luxurious Vinyl Tile), then the scratches of your dog are less visible but it still have some small mark on the floor. Furthermore vinyl is also not an eco-friendly due to its synthetic materials.

2. Tile

The unbreakable, affordable, and timeless quality makes tile is unbeatable. The basic material of tile is ceramic or porcelain. The price of the tile is around $5-$10/square.

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Moreover, tile are waterproof, water-resistant, and scratches resistant so you don’t have to worry when your best buddies play because you won’t notice their mark of scratches on the floor. The bad side of the tile is not cold resistant. So how to solve this problem? You can easily put some lap for your dogs to warm them or you can a little bit raising your heater’s temperature

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3. Laminate

Are you wood lovers try to find durable, water-resistant, and waterproof wood floor? Then the answer is laminate. The price of laminate is around $5-$15/square.

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If you are a person who values the importance of sustainability of the environment, then laminate will fulfil your needs because laminate is very eco-friendly. Moreover laminate is more eco-friendly compare to vinyl but vinyl still win over laminate in term of durable in waterproof and water-resistant.

4. Cork

Most people know that cork contains wood so it is hard to beat the warmth of the cork. The price list of cork is around $9.50-$10/square.

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Moreover, cork has the ability to absorb sound, so you don’t need to worry about the noises of your dogs when they are walking around your house. But the cork is only water-resistant not waterproof. Then what the difference between water-resistant and waterproof? Waterproof means that the floor can handle the moisture environment like snow in a long time. Meanwhile, cork is water-resistant, it means that cork can’t handle big amount of water in a long term. Otherwise, it will cause fast damage to the cork floor. Furthermore, cork is easily getting discoloured because it is not sunlight resistant. So you have to be careful in the summertime if you use cork flooring.

5. Bamboo

Do you want to have natural, stylish, and pet-friendly floor? Then bamboo will definitely fulfil your wish. The uniqueness of bamboo comes from its root material like grass and wood. The price of bamboo can be quite expensive and it is around $7-$10/square.

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Moreover, you don’t need to be worry because bamboo will give warmth to your best buddy. Furthermore bamboo provides durability and flexibility. Meanwhile bamboo is only water-resistant but you don’t need to to be afraid because bamboo is very easy to clean. But bamboo is a type of floor that produces a sound so it will be a little bit noisy when your dog is playing around. Moreover, sometimes bamboo flooring can be easily crack especially in the seasonal weather. So how to solve this problem? Some little tips if you want to the bamboo floor to be more durable and not to be easily crack, then you have to make sure to give some gap when installing the bamboo floor.

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6. Stone

If you want to have waterproof, water-resistant, and, stain-resistant floor, then stone will be a good option for you. The average price of the stone is around $6-$15/square.

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Moreover, the stone floor also has high durability so it will not easily crack or broken. However, keep in mind that stone is not cold resistant. Actually stone and tile are not cold-resistant but both of stone and tile need different treatment in order to minimize the cold temperature. If you only give lap in stone flooring in order to make your dogs feel warmth, it is not enough. The fur of your best buddies still cannot handle the cold of stone in the winter season. Then what you should do? The easiest way is to use Ditra underlayment before you install the stone floor. The ditra underlayment has the ability to absorb water and also snow. Moreover, ditra can also help to naturally balance the temperature. Hence these tips can make your best buddy feel more warmth.

7. Carpet

Do you want to have warmth and soft floor for your house? Definitely, the carpet will fulfil your expectation. But I know that some people usually avoid buying carpet floor for their dogs. Often times, people think that carpet is hard to clean and also it has easily become dull. Moreover, the carpet is also not scratch-resistant. Duh, then how to solve this issues? You can buy carpet floor with the basic material of nylon.

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This nylon carpet has a soft texture, so your best buddies will be comfier to play around. Furthermore, it is easy to install and clean the nylon carpet. The price of nylon carpet is around $8-$45/square.

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All those 7 types of floor can suit every type of dogs. One thing for sure is to know more about your dogs. Are your dogs are active or easily get cold? Those questions should be the factors when you want to install the floor for your house.

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