Easy Tips on How to Style Your Traditional Living Room

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What makes a traditional living room still relevant nowadays? Well, its best feature is no other than comfort. We are used to the layout and ambiance which makes traditional living rooms always feel warm, cozy, and welcoming. However, we sometimes can feel like the design seems a bit dull over time. Of course, we can just rearrange the layout and the living room can look brand new, but some elements cannot be moved, like a fireplace.

Well, if you just moved into a new house and wanted to remodel the whole room, we have some tips and ideas just for you. Also, for those who are still looking for a place to live and want a traditional living room, don’t worry, we got you covered! In this article, we will be talking about tips on how to make your traditional living room looks more stylish and edgy. Read on and create your own style!

Use Warm Tone Color


You can try applying colors in a warm tone to evoke warmth and solace in your living room. From the picture, we know that yellow and gold are dominating the appearance of the room. The mirror frame, the furniture, and the fireplace are in gold that sparks elegance and luxury. Therefore, even though this design uses a traditional layout – with a fireplace and sofas surrounding it, it still looks classy. Other than that, you can notice that the wall also uses a warmer tone of white. This creates a sense of continuation in the room. Also, to spice things up, you can place a patterned armchair, as seen in the picture. This is also to avoid making your living room look plain.

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Add Traditional Ornaments


Make your traditional living room more pop out by implementing symmetricity to the design of the room. As you can see in the picture, the end tables, the lamps, and the mirrors bring balance to the layout of the room. Other than that, the design uses a neutral color palette. However, you can notice some details on the wallpaper. The patterned wallpaper has thin lines that create a personality to the room without making it look heavy. Moreover, the metallic details on the mirror and the end tables give a nice accent to the neutral color. You can try using this tip if you want your living room to stay simple yet architecturally stunning.

Don’t Forget About the Fussy Details


Look at all those patterns! You probably noticed that this picture already represents a traditional living room just by a glance. Starting from the curtains, a platted pattern with ruffled endings in every fold, to the armchairs with fringe underneath them. These details bring characteristics to the design, hence making the design look one of a kind. Other than that, you probably have noticed some other patterns in the picture. Look at the carpet for example. The crowded pattern is such a nice complement to the bright yellow plain wall. The chairs are in pairs. This brings a sense of stability to the room.

Bring Back the Traditional Colors


Combining coral and blue is a good call. As two of the most favorite traditional colors, coral and blue spark such vibrant finish to the room. This will help you create a more eye-catching room that will invite people to come and have a little conversation. Other than that, these two colors are complemented with brass and metallic colors. As you can see in the fire screen and the table feet, brass and metallic colors are great companions to coral and blue. Other than that, the rug has all of the colors of every element in the room that is sparked throughout the room.

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Comfort Is the Key


Maximize the comfort of your living room by choosing the right sofas. Since sofas are one of the living room essentials, it would be best to increase their functionality. As seen in the picture, there is a grey traditional roll arm with some throw pillows on it for extra fuzziness. If your sofas are at the most top level of comfort, you would automatically have everyone’s favorite living room. Other than that, this design uses many beautiful vibrant colors on the throw pillows, artwork, and plants. All of these colors are incorporated well into the rug.

Dimmed Colors


Other than vibrant colors, you can also use dimmed or muted color palettes to decorate your living room. Take a look at this design for example. It uses mint green for the wall and the lamp, light blue for the sofas, and beige for the two chairs. In this color palette, there is nothing too shiny or glittery. Every color does not look too flashy. Also, each of them represents calmness and solace which what people usually seek in a living room. Even though the colors are rather muted, this design still uses gold and metallic on some parts. If you look close enough you will see that the paint frame is in gold. It shares the same color tone as the table feet.

Use Victorian Style as A Reference


If you have seen movies with an old setting, you might have seen some Victorian-style houses. These houses usually have big windows, especially in their living room. Therefore, to bring about the traditional sense of your living room, you can try making your windows bigger. Having floor-to-ceiling windows can create a traditional look for your living room. You can design your windows however you want to. Whether you want to use tiebacks or not, or perhaps whether you want them to be pleated or not, it is your call. However, to enhance the traditional sense of the room, you can add some ornaments such as vases and embellished lamps.

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Create Your Own Traditional Living Room

Having this vast range of choices can be confusing sometimes. What makes a traditional living room? Well, there have not been any fixed rules related to that. However, you can use the pictures above to help you design the best version of your living room.

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