Easy DIY Coffee Tables

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There are many things that you can do to make your living room looks more stylish and pleasing to the eye. Other than the ornaments, paint colors and the layout of the room, the furniture in your living room can take everything on a whole new level. Other than that, they can also help you create the ambience that you look for. One of the essentials of your living room is the coffee table. Other than putting food and beverage for you and your guests, a coffee table serves many advantages that you can get. You can store anything that you want to be within your hand reach. Either it is a newspaper, TV remote, controllers, and even cell phones. Other than that, a coffee table can help to bring balance to your living room.

Now, what does an ideal coffee table looks like? Well, it depends on your room design and the atmosphere that you want to create. Other than that, one of the most important things is that it has to meet the available budget. Something that is too pricy will end up burdening you. Pick one that is stylish yet still affordable. However, you can always make your own coffee table so you can find the one that you need. If you are curious, check out these ideas below to find out more!

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DIY Hairpin Leg Coffee Table from Ugly Duckling House


Simple and minimalistic, these are the words to describe this DIY coffee table. It is exclusively made by a designer named Sarah for you who seek simplicity and a sense of rustic. The name of this DIY coffee table is quite self-explanatory. As you can see from the final result picture above, the table has skinny legs made out of heavy-duty cold roll steel. The satin black finish on the legs is such a great complement to the weathered-finish top table. Sarah bought them off Amazon for only $16. Sounds very affordable, doesn’t it?

Other than that, this coffee table is considered easy to make. Sarah started by gathering the slabs and measuring them. After that, she cut smaller scrap pieces to square off each side. The next step is to assemble the coffee table and put the legs. After it is done, you will be ready for the final step which is to sand and add a stain to the table. That is all you need to do to make your own simple and aesthetic coffee table.

Tree Stump Coffee Table from Twelve on Main


If you seek a coffee table that maintains originality, this one is for you. As you can see from the picture above, the design is very different compared to the previous design. Instead of a square and has four legs, this one is shaped just like logs.

To acquire this look, firstly you have to get some logs. This would be so much easier for you who live in the country. However, if you happen to live far from the wood source, you can always go to the nearest lumber yards and get some. After you get the logs, you will have to cut and dry them up for weeks. You can try using a heater to make the process go faster. After you are done with those steps, using a palm sander, make the surface a bit smoother. Also, if you want to paint the logs, now is the time. However, the tree logs are quite heavy, so it would be very much helpful for you to have someone to help you. To find out more, you can check the mentioned link above, right below the picture.

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Industrial Farmhouse Coffee Table by Cherished Bliss


Are you afraid your table would not look like what you have expected? Say no more. This industrial farmhouse coffee table is very easy to make since there will be no difficult or sophisticated cuts and patterns. Also, the materials are easy to get. Almost similar to the hairpin design, what you need, basically, are woods for the top table and new legs. Once you have all the materials and tools with you, you are ready to go. The first thing you need to do is assemble the base into one unified compartment. After you finish, you can move to install the top table with the help of wood glue and pocket holes. To bring out the distressed finish on the table surface, you can sand it and add stain.

Herb Garden Coffee Table from A Beautiful Mess


Have you ever heard of a tiny built-in garden in your coffee table? Well, if you haven’t, you are about to. An innovative idea, this coffee table will bring you a sense of nature in your living room. Other than beautify and decorate your living room, this Herb Garden Coffee Table can also provide your needs. If you plant some mints in it, you would not have to walk all the way to your kitchen just to add them to your summer drink. Also, just like most DIY tables, this one is easy to make. Even if you don’t have a craftsmanship background, you can simply learn from the guide and tutorial that you can find on their website.

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Balustrade Coffee Table by Megan LaMacchia


By making this table on your own, you will have a $1,000-looking coffee table with only spending around only $200. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Also, you would not have to worry about wasting time in making this coffee table. The 38.5″ x 38.5″ square coffee table will cost you approximately 7 hours to build it and 5 additional hours to do the sanding and staining. However, if you have already done this before, it would be so much faster and easier for you. In her blog, Megan stated that she only spent $201.08 on the total. The wood itself costs $64.82, the Osborn legs cost $28.03 each, the water-based stain costs $10.47, and the water-based polycrylic costs $13.67. This is a major price difference if compared to the Restoration Hardware Balustrade coffee table.

Grab Your Tools and Start Working

After finish reading this article, I hope you get some inspiration that you can use to create your own coffee table. DIY-friendly and budget-friendly, what else are you waiting for?

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