Dressing Room Ideas for Small Spaces

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Have you ever woken up late and had trouble dressing up because your clothes are nowhere to be found? If you can relate to this problem, you would probably want to make a space to build a dressing room. Other than having more space for you to mobilize while dressing up, having a dressing room makes your clothes organized. Therefore, you would not have to worry about spending time trying to find your go-to outfit.

Hearing the word ‘dressing room’ probably leads us to imagine a spacious area with a big wardrobe, a mirror, and a luxurious vanity. In fact, what is inside a dressing room totally depends on the user’s routines and habits. You do not have to provide a big space for your dressing room. Yes, you can still create your dream dressing room even when you have a small amount of space. Does that make you even more curious? Well, just keep scrolling and check out these dressing room ideas below that you surely don’t want to miss!

What You Should Have in Your Dressing Room

As I mentioned previously, the essentials in a dressing room depending on the user. Therefore, there is no fixed rule about what you must have in there. However, there are a few things that most dressing rooms have in common. They usually have a wardrobe – to store your clothes in, some shelves or racks – for your footwear, and a mirror or a vanity. Still, as the year goes by, there is a variety of dressing room designs that can inspire you.

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Add Railing Clothes


Having a clothes railing can really do much, especially when you only have a small space. You can hang your favorite clothes or the clothes you often wear. With this, not only will you have access to your clothes easily, but you will also create a functional area in a small space. As shown in the picture, the clothes railing only needs a little space – a few inches away from the wall. Other than that, you can use the bottom of it to store your footwear and boxes of jewelry.


There is also another kind of clothes railing. If the previous one has a supplementary rail beneath the upper rail, this one does not. This one is called mounted clothes railing. It got the name from the way it is installed – mounted on the wall. However, it pretty much has the same function as the previous clothes railing.

A Hidden Storage


Having trouble with finding enough space for your clothes? Your stairs are here for the rescue. Turn the available space under your stairs to a fitted closet. With the drawing doors, this hidden closet looks more modern and timeless. Each drawer is designed to store different types of things. In the picture, it is shown that the tallest one is where you store your clothes – so they do not get folded. Meanwhile, the second one is where you store your footwear. Other than that, you can use the handles to hang some of your accessories like bags and headphones.

Keep It Compact


A small space does not stop you from making a full-set dressing room. Check out the picture above for example. The design shows that even in a small space, you still can fit all the essentials. Also, the design uses all-white paint for the surface. This creates an illusion to the room so that it looks like one unified whole, making the room appears wider. Other than that, you have probably noticed that the wardrobe uses sliding doors instead of swing doors. This is to save up some space so that you can mobilize more easily and quickly.

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Integrate Your Mirror


This one is a must when we are talking about dressing rooms. Who does not check themselves before stepping out of the house? I believe everyone does. A full-length mirror is probably your go-to. You can see how you look like from your head to toe. Other than to check whether you look good or not, adding a mirror can help to create the room appears bigger. The mirror reflects whatever is in front of it so it creates a more elongated projection. If you look at the picture above you can see that the mirror and the wardrobe are together. This is such a great tip for you who has a narrow and limited space for your dressing room.

It’s Not A Dressing Room Without A Dressing Table


Need space to store your jewellery? Adding a dressing table would worth it. Besides giving you a place for your nicest pieces, a dressing table provides you with a mirror as well. Also, you can store your makeup or skincare here. A multifunctional and accessible dressing table? Who does not want that? Other than that, adding a dressing table gives a nice accent to your dressing room. It helps bring out the functionality of a dressing room itself. Remember to keep it space-friendly yet practical.

Add More Glam with Lamps


Being a small detail, lighting is the one thing we sometimes forget yet it plays an important role, especially in a small dressing room. If you want to make sure that what you are wearing fits you, of course, you would want to see yourself properly. Other than that, when you are doing your makeup or skincare, you also want to have a good look at your face. This is where the lights take over. All you have to do is to make sure that the bulbs are not too bright nor dim. They should be just enough to help you see yourself.

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It’s Your Time to Shine!

Now you know that dressing rooms do not always require a big space. However, there are many things you can do to make your dream dressing room come true. From this article, you already knew some of them. Therefore, I am hoping that you can get inspired by the ideas provided above. Cheerio!

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