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Have you ever looked at your dining table and wonder how it can get so crowded? All condiments gathered in one place can be a pretty heavy sight. So, how can manage to have the condiments within our reach without having to sacrifice the available space on the table? The answer to this question is by having a dining table with storage. How does it work? Well, as you all know, the outer sides of the table are usually left hollow. However, to have a maximum experience of buying a table, you can integrate those empty spaces with storage.

As you have probably found out, there are various designs of dining table storage. There are built-in tables, like countertops, and also freestanding tables with storage. Having this vast range of choices might confuse you, but worry no more because we are here to help you! We will be exclusively talking about dining tables with storage that will, hopefully, inspire you. Read on and check out these ideas below!

Leg-based Freestanding Dining Tables

Do you easily get bored of the layout of the rooms in your house? Well, if you do, freestanding tables might come in handy. Other than because you can easily move it, installing a freestanding dining table costs you less money compared to built-in tables. So, without any further ado, here are some designs that might impress you.

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Monarch Specialties


With just 32 pounds or 14 kilograms weight, this dining table can already serve you many benefits. This table has 35.5 inches in length, 31.5 inches in width, and 30 inches in height, a quite compact one. Other than that, on one of the sides of this table, there is a shelf where you can store, actually, anything. From cereals, wines, to your favorite plates and mugs, you can put some stuff that you seldom use. Also, you only have to spend $166.90 for this pretty table. But, unfortunately, this particular table only comes in one color, which is white.

Homelegance Timbre


With only $288, you can take this elegant dining table home. Made out of wire-brushed Acacia woods that were veneered finished, it makes this table more sturdy and long-lasting. The table is in weathered dark gray color which you can easily integrate with your other furniture. Other than that, this table is wider compared to the previous design. It has almost twice the width of the Monarch table, which is 60 inches. However, that impacts the weight of the table which is three times heavier than the previous one. Also, you will have to assemble every part of this table to make it whole, but it would be such a fun activity to do.

Buch Dining Table


You are looking at a French Country style table which has not two or four, but six drawers. You can store any of your belongings such as accessories, books, letters, anything. Other than that, the weathered finish on the surface creates a warm rustic feel that is very inviting.  With 72” L x 40” W x 30.75” H dimension, this table can accommodate up to six people. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about bumping into each other’s elbows or knees. With only $529.99, you can already have this traditional charming table in your house.

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Angelita Mango Solid Wood Dining Table


To have this mesmerizing rustic dining table, you will have to prepare more money which is around $1,299. However, this table does not cost that much for no reason. The grain color is unique because none has the same finish due to natural factors. Other than that, the distressed look on the surface sparks a sophisticated pattern that makes the table look more appealing. For detailed information, the dimension of this table is 68” L x 35.3” W x 29.75” H which can accommodate six people. The wide four drawers can be very much useful to store your cutlery so that you have easier access.

Pedestal-based Dining Table Designs

This type of table is ideal for you who expects something smaller yet stays functional. Unlike the leg-based tables, these tables have narrower feet. This will affect how much space is required for the table and you don’t have to worry if you have limited space if you opt for this table. Even though pedestal-based tables have slimmer legs, they still have similar durability to leg-based ones.

Demby Counter Height Dining Table


If you look for an industrial-style table, this is the one. The base is made out of metal in dark grey color which looks very classy and unique. However, not all parts of the table are from metal. The top of the table is actually from solid and manufactured wood. With two doors on the storage, you will be able to reach your most used stuff. Other than that, this table will match perfectly with metal chairs with an open back to create a more contemporary look. You only have to spend about $719.99 for this timeless design dining table.


Preciado Counter Height Pedestal Dining Table


This $770 rectangular top table, the Preciado dining table, is perfect for a small family gathering. Unlike the previous design, this one uses woods for both the top and the table base. The painting process is purposely scraped off to create a distressed look. In addition, this table has 72” L x 36” W x 36” H dimension and weight 149 pounds. The heaviness is, of course, because of the solid woods that are used to craft this table itself.

Caruso Dining Table


Different from the previous pedestal-based tables, this one has a round top. Also, what’s special about this table is that the leaves are removable. This will transform the top of the table into a square. How cool is that? You will feel like you have two different tables. Other than that, you don’t have to worry about durability. Using dark oak wood as the top and mango wood as the base makes this table solid and sturdy. With $669.99, you can already have this stylish dining table in your house.

Which Table Should I Choose?

Which table fits best with the available budget and space? Do further research for a better decision. Also, it is probably better if you can see the product directly to help you pick. At the end of the day, you decide your own table choice.

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