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Each room of a house has its own meaning and function, the living room is no exception. It is where you spend the most time together with the family members or your guests. Also, it is an ideal place to hang out and relax, have a little escape from your routines and endless job. Used as a gathering spot, the living room holds a special place in a house. It is one of the most-seen places of a house. Hence, it is no doubt that you want it to look timeless and new. Therefore, sometimes you feel the urge to decorate it.

In this article, we are going to talk about what you are suggested to do when decorating your living room. Whether you just move into a new house or just want to change how your living room looks, we got you covered! These ideas below will give you exactly what you need. So, keep up and read on our ideas on giving your living room a makeover!

Sketch Out the Layout

Before you spend your money buying things, it would be better for you to plan out what you have in mind. Most people would have a TV in front of their sofas and settle with that layout. However, you can always experiment with the layout. Check out this picture below, for example.

This one is a simple living room with a fireplace. It is perfect for you who seek a living room that emphasizes the conversational function. There is no TV or anything that can distract people from a conversation. There are enough seats for many people, making this layout more engaging. Other than that, the design is modern and simple yet still has a traditional touch in it. Just look at the chimney. It uses bricks to cover up the chimney, just like a common fireplace. However, it uses white instead of red bricks. The reason is no other than to stay with the design and style.

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Another example is a living room with a TV. This one is perfect for you who still want to have the TV, but want to avoid the common layout. Having a TV in the corner of the room? Who knows it can be such a game-changer? If you have a small space yet still want to manage many things in your living room, this layout is your go-to. Maximize the utilization of the room corners to install your TV. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about adding a supplementary desk which will cost you more money and space.

Lay Down A Rug

Do you want to make your living room cozy and warm? This is the number one solution. Other than that, adding a rug to your living room is going to spark more color, pattern, and texture. Even if it does sound easy, choosing the right rug needs a lot of consideration. A rug that is too big will end up making the room look like it has carpet flooring. Meanwhile, a rug that is too small will leave more space in the room making it look incomplete. But don’t worry. We are here to help you find out what you should do before ended up buying the wrong rug.

  1. Measure your room. This will later determine how big the rug that you are suggested to buy.
  2. After you are done measuring the room, write the numbers. The note will help you remember the result.
  3. Here is a simple tip for choosing the ideal-sized rug. Make sure that the edge of the rug is approximately 10 to 18 inches from the wall. This will help you avoid making the rug look like carpet flooring.
  4. Last but not least, leave some space so that no one will stumble over the furniture. If you have a small room, give about 18 to 24 inches of space between the furniture. However, if you have a bigger room, leave 30 to 36 inches of space.
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What Colors Should I Paint the Walls With?

This is one of the most budget-friendly tips if you want to give your living room a makeover. You don’t have to buy any furniture or ornaments when all you want is your room to look fresher and newer. Although it might sound like a pretty exciting thing to do, choosing the colors can be pretty exhausting as well. You need to take a long time before you land your choice in one paint color. To help you find out what colors you should choose, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you want to use bright or dark colors?
  2. What kind of finish do you aim for?
  3. How do you want your living room to feel like?

After that, you also need to test the paint colors on the wall. The lighting of the room plays a huge role in making the paint look brighter or darker. Before you decide to commit to one color paint, choose a slightly darker and a slightly brighter shade of the paint. After that, you can test it on the wall to see which one goes perfectly with the room’s lighting.

Freshen Up the Surface

Having an empty wall or an empty desk might end up making your room look dull. To avoid this, try decorating the wall with artworks or other ornaments like photos, clocks, or baskets. There are several suggestions on how to arrange the ornaments. You can try choosing things that have the same shade of color. Take a look at this picture below! You can see how the design revolves around vibrant colors such as orange, blue, and pink.

With your desks, you can add some pots of your favorite plants. Make sure that the arrangement is neat so that it would not look uneven. Other than that, pay attention to the availability of the space and budget since some plants might need extra care.

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Now it’s Your Turn!

There are many ways that you can try if you want to decorate your living room. See your space from a bigger perspective and define your style.

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