7 Decorating Tips That You Must Try For Kid’s Room

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Decorating and styling are an important part of your kid’s room. Moreover, you not only provide an artistic or aesthetic room for your kids but also you have to give them a functional room so that your kids can grow and improve their creativity. So, you probably wonder how to create a functional room with the concept of playful and creative for your kids? It is actually simple and I can guarantee your kids will like it. Then, let’s stick with me to find out more about how easily decorating your kids room! 

1. Creating Chalk Zone 


Are you familiar with the chalk zone? Well, I know it sounds like a cartoon. It’s actually one of my favorite cartoons when I was a kid. This cartoon tells about Rudy Tabootie, a kid with magic chalk that can draw anything on the blackboard and becomes real when he erases it. So, what does this tell you? You have to know that kids are naturally very creative and energetic. Then you have to provide a place that can help them to explore more about their creativity. 

Meanwhile, some parents are afraid of their kids drawing or painting on the wall. So, how to solve this problem? It is very easy and simple. You just need to install a big chalkboard on the wall. Also, the big chalkboard will be a central place for your kids to draw and explore their creativity. Now, I can guarantee your kids will never stop to draw and express their happiness. Moreover, you can also draw together with your kids on the chalkboard. What a lovely quality time! 

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2. Adaptable Pegboard Storage


Does your kid is a collector? Sometimes you are probably confused about your kid’s hobby. For example, they love to save card games or other stuff. So, how to organize these things? It is easy because you just need to install a pegboard. Moreover, you don’t need to worry because the price of pegboard is around $33 until $100. Also, the pegboard is very adaptable so you can just put some baskets or floating shelves. Then you have to knock down the back of the edge with some sticks so that your shelves do not easily fall down. You can also put some metal hook to hang your kid’s stuff. Voila, your storage is ready! Moreover, you can create the pegboard shelves with your kids together. So, I can guarantee your kids will never say no to create a creative room. 

3. The Adventure Room


Do your kids love adventures and camping? If yes, then you should definitely build a Pocahontas tent inside your kid room. Moreover, the cozy bed under the small tent will bring ultimate comfort to your kid. Well, you can also play and read together to create a good bond. Also, adding rugs to your kid room will enhance the warm atmosphere. Moreover, the open storage and the big windows will evoke an open space vibe. Furthermore, the traditional Pocahontas and the wool rug create a combination of bohemian and rustic style to this adventure room. Now, your kids will definitely never leave this room. 

4. The Fort Playful Room 


You know that your kids are very active. Also, sometimes you feel like they are never running out of energy. But you are probably wondering how to make a room that will perfectly fit with your energetic and active kids. Well, you don’t need to stress out. Let’s try to create a fort room. 

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Umm, is it hard to make a fort room? No, it is actually very easy and functional. You just create a structure like a small home with wood. Then, adding a slide in the center as a playroom for your kids. Moreover, you can also add bunk beds so when your kids feel tired after playing, they will immediately sleep. Now, you have multifunction room in the bedroom and playroom. 

5. Swing Colorful Room


Hold on, I know your little princess loves to play. But I also know you don’t want to have a lot of physical play activity for your sweet little princess. Then, what about adding an indoor swing? Moreover, adding an indoor swing will enhance a playful vibe in your kid’s room.So. your little princess will know this would be her favorite place ever. 

6. Rocket Space Room


Do your kids have an infinite imagination like going to Mars? Then, you have to make a galaxy room for your kids. Also, you have to design the room to be like a rocket space to vividly bring the galaxy vibe. You can create a box with some holes and you can add some pillows with galaxy pattern upholstery. This box will feel like a miniature rocket and it also can be a small reading nook space for your kids. Moreover, you can create bunk beds to maximize the place. Now, your kids have a bedroom, library nook, and playroom. Surely, your kids will never stop to admire their room. 

7. Colorful Pastel Forest Room


If your kids love a natural place like a forest, then you should definitely decorate your kids’ room to have a forest atmosphere? So, how to create this forest idea room? I can surely say it will be simple. You can create bunk beds to maximize small space. Then you can decorate the room with forest wallpaper and also add some cactus pillows like in this picture. Moreover, creating some cabinet under the bed is a smart trick to free up space. 

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Let’s Create Your Kid’s Dream Room

Now, you know some ideas, tips, and tricks to create a functional room that can provide a creative and playful room for your kids. Moreover, you have to remember that the playful and creative atmosphere is important to your kids so that they can explore their skills. Also, you can apply these ideas with your kids like you can create some DIY shelves together. If you are doing this activity together, you can also learn and fulfill what your kids need. So, let’s create your kids’ room together with your kid! 

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