Convenient Walk-in Shower Designs for You


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Simple, organized, and functional, who does not want all of those in one shower? For those who like simplicity, especially those who have limited space, a walk-in shower would probably be your best choice. Other than saving up much more space, a walk-in shower can also help you to arrange your bathroom more easily. You can simply put a partial wall to separate each section of your bathroom. What else should I have in my bathroom? It depends on your needs and habits. However, a bathroom usually contains everything that needs to be in your hand reaches when you are showering. Your loofah, soap, shampoo, they all need a place so that they stay organized and you can access them effortlessly. Curious about how you can design your shower room? Say no more. Check out these convenient walk-in shower designs below that will inspire you!

Built-in Storage for Your Needs

Marbles, marbles, marbles. Seems like marbles have been one of the most on-trend materials. They just, never get old, don’t they? Marbles are ideal, especially for your bathroom wall. Not convinced yet? Just take a look at how elegant this design is. Also, you can modify it however you want. For example, in this design, you can see how the marbles are cut off into some slabs and are arranged just like you would stack bricks. This will create a more interesting and unique look to your bathroom. Another thing that becomes one of the characteristics of this design is the built-in storage right next to the shower. This is such a nice strategy to keep your stuff without having to set aside some space.

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Similar to the previous design, this one also uses marbles but the difference is this one uses dark-colored marbles. However, the same technique is implemented, which is using a brick pattern. In this design, a sliding glass door is used to divide the shower room and vanity. It is important to opt for a sliding door instead of the swing one because it can save up more space. Other than that, if you look closely enough, you will see that the flooring uses hexagonal white marbles that match perfectly with the black bathroom wall. The built-in storage next to the shower room maximizes the utilization of the remaining space and also brings out a character into this design.

A Nice Niche

If you want to grab your shower essentials without having to leave your shower, creating some niches would be a great solution. As can be seen from the picture, there are three niches right below the shower head where you can store all of your shower needs. Other than that, the mosaic pattern of the bathroom wall creates a statement look that draws your attention. To complement the wall, the bathroom flooring uses patterned tile in a lighter color to avoid making the bathroom look heavy. Also, to continue the tone of the design, the sink applies distressed-finish wood with white marble as the top.

A bit different from the previous design, this one uses blue to create a nice accent on the appearance. As you can see in the picture, there are tiny blue squares that are arranged to make a mosaic pattern. This creates a slight separation of your walk-in shower from its surroundings. However, to maintain the unity of the bathroom, you can match the flooring color with the tiles. In the picture, the flooring uses the same blue tone color as the mosaic. Other than that, the matte black finish on the showerhead is such a nice touch to the design. Don’t forget about the little niche with the blue tiles that allows you to get easy access to your shower essentials.

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No Doors No Problem

This might be one of the best methods to apply if you want to create a continuous walk-in shower. With no doors or walls to separate each section, you can make your shower look wider and more spacious. As can be seen from the picture, there is only one doorless entryway to the shower. Other than that, there is no partition in between each showerhead that makes this shower room look airy. The wide window allows some sunlight to enter the room, giving extra lighting to your bathroom. The all-marbles design sparks a luxurious touch to the room. As you probably have noticed, this design uses a light neutral color palette that allows the sunlight to bounce around the room.

Here is another no-door design for you. A bit different from the previous design, this one uses a waist-tall wall to separate the shower with the small vanity next to it. This design seems to use tiles for the walls and the flooring. Even though only half of the shower room is covered by the wall, the flooring inside the shower is made to be more concave. This is to prevent the water from running outside the shower. Other than that, the light blue color matches perfectly with the navy-blue floor. You can also decorate your vanity with flowers, as suggested in the picture. To help to organize your shower essentials, there is a niche close to the showerhead that you can easily access.

Walk-in Shower with A Bath Tub

For you who have more room for a bathtub, you can use these designs as inspiration. Where is the best place to put the bathtub? Well, obviously, you place it somewhere against the wall. However, in these designs below, you will find that they are put right beside the window. Take a look at the first picture. This alleyway-like area provides the perfect area for a bathtub right between the two sinks. Even though the tub is slightly not aligned with the sinks, it does not ruin the layout of the shower room.

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This design almost looks the same as the one above. It has a bathtub right next to the window. However, what makes this design different from the previous one is the shower room. This one is fully closed, so the steam will go up and escape the room without having to make the entire room foggy.

Choose Your Own Walk-in Shower

With all the suggested designs above, I hope you can get some inspiration to bring your dream walk-in shower to life. Sketch the layout, set your budget, and you are ready to go!

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