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Purple is one of the colour spectra that acquired the unique story within it since the dawn of time. In the ancient monarchy era, the Phoenicians kingdom for precise, it was told that purple is the concrete indicator of power or in the other word only the rich one can obtain this colour tone. The layers of the family who embellish their home or domain with the colour purple can be discerned as people who are at the top of the social hierarchy.  

This is in dint of how hard it is to generate the colour purple at that time. The fun fact is, the original source to produce the colour purple is based on a certain genus of a snail named ”Bolinus Brandaris” which inhabits the Mediterranean Sea. As time goes, the colour purple becomes more ubiquitous(can be found anywhere) because of the protracted genetic manipulation of this type of snail by the scientist. 

However, the luxury epitome of the colour purple will never be opaque and the quality of it is embedded perpetually. In the psychology term, it is explained that the colour purple conveyed serenity and renowned as a spiritual colour. The purple colour enthusiast is also considered plenteous and there is no gender barrier to drape our room in the colour purple.

Purple is a flexible colour to incorporate and to make purple to be more vibrant and enticing, here are the other colours option that you can assimilate with the colour purple.

1. Green

source: Pinterest

As if the expanse of lavender flowers in the middle of grazing space, the natural colour of the green itself complements the introspective atmosphere of the colour purple which can stimulate our meditative mindset on our habitual basis. 

2. Gold

source: Pinterest

Just like what the proverb said, ”my house is my castle”, it entices us to make our dwelling place as appealing as possible and we shall never be half-hearted on it. The maximalist grandiose of these two colours are the essence of our prestige and this combination cannot go wrong with each other because both of them share the tantamount luxurious trait. I mean, how can you not be in awe after looking at this room’s interior? 

3. Yellow

source: Pinterest

Roughly speaking, yellow is the less conventional version of the colour gold but it does not forego its sophistication. With the help of the colour yellow, it can enhance our mood significantly and bring out positive energy inside the house. If we happen to live alongside our other relatives, these colours have a big effect to strengthen our bonds to be more solid. 

4. Blue

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Blue is a complex colour and each of its shades represents a different element in our lives. The darker blue combination is suitable for the working space and it is highly applicable especially in the United States industrialization. People are improving their productivity in work ethic because of this colour and they are becoming rigorous in their working cycle.

On the other hand, the light blue is objectively more lenient and it enkindles the spirit of the younglings. Blue is actually the most liked colour for human beings, especially for the male and the good news is, we are not confused with the colour option for our son’s bedroom anymore. The fundamental purport of the colour purple in this context is to tone down the blue contrast and make it more interactive. 

5. Turquois

source: Pinterest

For those who still do not know, turquoise is a borderline colour between blue and green. The turquoise colour palette took its inspiration from the rare gemstone with a tremendously valuable price. Turquoise is considered to attract good luck in some of the world’s culture and imagine how cool it is to implement this colour palette into our decoration alongside purple. 

Not only it enhances the aesthetic in our house but also it bolsters up our prosperity subsequently.

6. White

source: Pinterest

White symbolizes purity and a vessel for any colour to reside. White is one of the colours that never clash with any other colours so do not worry about being tacky with this colour combination!

7. Orange

source: Pinterest

Orange is pretty underrated to be considered as a combination colour and not many people acknowledge its versatility. The colour orange will never detach from the atmosphere of freshness and the sunray that we feel in the summer. It stimulates the longing feeling of our inner childhood that envisages the world as the way it is. 

The innocent trait of the colour orange that synthesized with the more mature purple excogitates a figuration of human dualism that complements each other. Very poetic indeed.

8. Grey

source: Pinterest

Grey is the colour that we usually find in the minimalistic establishment or even within contemporary art nowadays. Grey is not always embroiled in the gloomy epithet but rather it is more closely related to the elegant design and the reflection of our desire to live in simplicity milieu among the vast polemics of the world. 

9. Red

source: Pinterest

If you are an art connoisseur, the name of Mark Rothko might be familiar in your ears. A big chunk of his paintings revolves around the amalgamation of colours including the utilization for the red and purple that collide with each other. We can say that this combination of colour is considered radical and there is an underlying genius beneath it that went through a lot of people’s heads. 

Both red and purple spark the counter normative principles of colour bending and it is worth a try because some rules are meant to be broken, right?

10. Black

source: Pinterest

Black is the night sky and the colour purple is the galaxy that accompanies it. These two colours unconsciously broaden the horizon of our room to be as capacious as our universe. We cannot feel suffocated anymore in a concealed room and this is exactly the precise helper for those who endure claustrophobia.


All of these experimental colours combination is truthfully to mould a perfect colour harmony in our lives. The best architect to decorate our house is transfixed within ourselves because only us that can be cognizant of our true taste so for that, be bold to try different aspects of colour, peeps!!

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