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Color is one of the most important things in architecture. There is no such thing as “it is just a color”. Color represents emotions, symbols, and expressions. Other than that, colors take a huge role in creating the psychological mood that supports the functionality of a space. There are variations of colors that we can choose. One of the colors that are available is pink.

It brings calmness and sweetness into the room. The color pink resembles unconditional love and understanding. However, it would not be that eye-catching if there is only one tone color in the room, it will end up looking dull. Therefore, we need to spice things up a little bit by mixing the colors. Now, the question is, what colors would fit with pink?  Well, without any further ado, here are colors that fit perfectly with pink.

1. Green

source: Pinterest

This might be a strange combination of colors and it also might be a little tricky. However, if you are good at selecting which shade to use, you will get the hang of it. As shown in the picture, the designer seems to choose a dustier pink rather than bright pink to avoid making a huge contrast gap between the combined colors. The dusty or sandy sofa and the dark green wall complement each other well. In addition, the color green is more restful for the eyes to look at. When it is combined with the shade of pink, it illuminates a warm and natural atmosphere which is why this combination is perfect to be applied in a living room.

2. Gold

source: Pinterest

Lavish and luxurious, those two words describe the combination of gold and pink. This might be the first time you hear about the bizarre combination, but trust me on this one, you will not regret this. You should not be afraid of choosing patterned furniture because it will fit flawlessly with your one-colored wall. As you can see in the picture, the salmon pink wall is complemented by the yellow sofa. Other than that, you can also add some throw pillows with the same tone as the sofa to create a richer color.

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3. Blue

source: Pinterest

The combination of pink and blue might sound a little vibrant. However, if you choose a suitable color palette, the color combination will be just precise. Like in this picture, for example. Both pink and blue colors are dimmed, not too vibrant. The pink color is rather soft and faded. It goes well with the shade of blue as well. Both colors are in darker shades which add a little more depth to the room. The color combination is not limited to the wall paint. You can combine these two colors with your furniture as well. A chair with a velvet finish goes well with the pink color. You can also add some throw pillows with the blue shade to add a touch of warmth that fits with the nuance that is created by these colors.

4. Brown

source: Pinterest

Warm and stable are the words to describe brown. As you see in the picture, the color brown is dominating almost the entire room, from the ceiling to the furniture. If you seek a sweet and welcoming feeling, you can combine it with soft pink. In addition, having a bit of pink in the room, will create a different kind of atmosphere and make the room sparkier.

5. White

source: Pinterest

It is such a common combination because white is a basic color. It goes with any color there is. You can actually play safe with this color combination because no matter what kind of pink you choose, it will fit just fine with white. Take a look at the picture. The room is dominated by white as you can see on the wall, bed, and window. However, you can make the room look livelier with a touch of pink. You can experiment with the ceiling as well as shown in the picture. The furniture and decoration are also flexible to experiment.

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6. Orange

source: Pinterest

Now, if you want to make the room look livelier, a combination of orange and pink is a go-to. Both pink and orange radiance cheerful and energetic ambiance. However, you still have to be focused on the range of colors that you are about to apply in the room. A little too bright or a little too dark might change the mood. If you look for a joyful, extroverted vibe, you might want to consider choosing the color palette as shown in the picture. In addition, to avoid making the room looks tacky, you should pay attention to the color balance. The implementation is shown in the picture. The wall has a milder pink color compared to the bed cover. This is to reduce the room’s exposure and to make the room more pleasing to the eyes.

7. Black

source: Pinterest

Black is a subtle color. That is why it is flexible to be combined with any bright color, especially pink. The muted shade of black will go perfectly with pink because it will create such comfortable and welcoming feels. Take a look at the picture above. The dark shade of black complements the smooth and sweet color of the pink curtain and pillowcases. It is also essential to choose the color palette because we need to see whether or not the shade of colors that we are going to use fits perfectly with each other. For this picture, the color palette goes well with a bit of white, as you can see on the wall, bed, and side table. Other than that, you do not have to be afraid to choose patterned furniture. Some patterned throw pillows will be such a great game-changer.

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8. Red

source: Pinterest

This bold color will fit perfectly with pink, especially if you look for an eye-catching finish. However, there are some things that you need to pay attention to. You might not choose red as your wall color. Instead, you would better choose it for the things in the room such as sofas, desks, drawers, and tables. This is to avoid creating an aggressive atmosphere in the room. A softer shade of pink on the wall will fit flawlessly with the bold-colored furniture.

9. Navy Blue

source: Pinterest

Other than black, the other subtle color that fits perfectly with pink is navy blue. However, you need to be creative in the mix and match the color palette. Navy blue would look best with soft pink color because it would help to soften the dark shade of the blue. Use the pink to add a little blush to the dusky blue, like what you see in the picture. The navy-blue wall looks more radiant with a touch of thulian pink. You are, of course, free to arrange the color however you want to. If you are confused about which pink fits better with which navy blue, you can simply look for a color palette that provides both colors. However, you can also go with the suggested colors in the picture.


Now you know the variation of colors that will fit perfectly with pink. However, you need to underline that there are specific colors that, probably, will look kind of tacky. Therefore, you should pay more attention to the color palette and choose which shade color is the best. Let’s start and bring out your creativity!

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