Aesthetic Color Combinations for Gold

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Luxury and classy are the words that usually come together with the color gold. It is such a great color to give an accent to furniture, clothes, cutlery, and even rooms. The warm color of gold makes it easy to combine with other colors. The color usually fits perfectly with deep-tone colors, vibrant colors, and neutral shades to allow them to have more shine on the surface. However, you should be careful when combining white or pale colors with gold. If you use a brighter tone of gold, the color could be dimmed and outshone. Therefore, it is better if you use a darker shade of gold such as metallic gold. It gives the perfect amount of warmth and glows to your room. If you want to know more about what other colors go with gold, just scroll through this article. So, without any further ado, let’s jump into it!

Neutral Shades

As I mentioned before, gold gives a nice accent to other colors, including neutral colors. The colors that we are going to talk about first are black and white.


Now, it is easier for gold to combine with deep, dark tones, such as black. Also, the two colors combined to give an elegant finish look to your room. However, you should pay attention to color domination. For example, if you want to use black walls, make sure not to overuse black on the furniture. You can go for a brighter color such as white and beige. Other than that, because we are talking about gold, you can make your room look catchier by hanging a gold-framed mirror. There are so many things with a gold accent that can be a nice supplementary to the room. Lamps, drawers, throw pillows, and even artworks. Just make sure it fits your interests and style.

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A little suggestion for you if you want to combine white with gold, choose a deep tone of gold. As shown in the picture, the design is dominated by white. We can see it on the wall, drawer, and some ornaments. However, to avoid making the room look pale, we use gold. As seen on the mirror frame, the gold makes the room look more popped out. It gives such a nice statement to the wall. Also, you can see that this design provides a good organization that allows the room to have a good traffic area. All you have to do is to explore your preferences and search for layout ideas, or even better, make it by yourself.


Another neutral color that goes perfectly with gold is gray. I know, this color might not be the first one that comes up to your mind, but this could be such a game-changer. As shown in the picture, the combination of gray and gold gives a subtle luxury. As a combination color of white and black, this color tends not to give too much expression. It does not represent excitement, like vibrant colors. However, the balance of the color makes it flexible to combine with any color, such as gold. As shown in the picture, the grey bed framing gives a nice deep tone to the bright white wall. There are also some ornaments in gold that spark a nice warm color to the room.


This might sound a bit questionable, but I can guarantee that you will not regret choosing this palette. The green color that is used in this design is bright olive. One of the reasons why this color fits ideally with metallic gold is that both of them are in the warm shade. Also, olive is actually a mixture of green and yellow. This is why it is a great company for gold that has yellow as its main color.

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Other than that, you can also opt for a darker shade of green such as emerald green. The muted color of emerald green is complemented with the spark of metallic gold. As you can see in the picture, this design is mostly dominated by dark colors. The wall is ashy black and the sofa is emerald green. Other than that, to avoid an empty wall, the designer chose to hang a pot of bright green plants to make a livelier finish. The frame used to support the pot is in metallic gold which gives a nice, more popped color. Also, there is another utilization of the gold on the furniture. as you can see on the legs of the sofa, the table, and the flower pots. The color gives a perfect amount of lamination to the room. It also makes the room look more elegant and timeless.


Gold and blue? What could go wrong? We cannot do anything but love this color combination. The strong deep blue complemented and the glamorous metallic gold is beautifully integrated into one color palette. Also, this dynamic duo gives us a sleek and elegant finish look. Take a look at the picture above. You can see how gorgeous the gold color punctuates the navy-blue wall and the sofa. It gives a nice accent and makes the lines look more popped out. Also, you can see the blue and gold color combination on the jar and table.

Other than dark or navy blue, you can also use light blue or baby blue to combine with metallic gold. Check out this cozy, minimalistic bathroom! We can see that the combination of these two colors gives an exquisite final look to the design. Dominated with bright colors, this color palette makes the room appears bigger. The design of the mirror frame and the chandelier that you can see in the mirror complements the elegant finish of the bathroom.

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Gold Color Palette Ideas

If you are new in this color choosing world, these coming up suggestions will help you. There are particular colors that could fit perfectly with gold and the combination can be seen in these color palettes below.

Red and Green x Gold

Pink x Gold

Burgundy x Gold

Teal x Gold

Hot Pink and Teal x Gold


Now you know what colors could fit perfectly with metallic gold. I hope after reading this article, you get inspired and start planning your ideas. Be bold with gold.

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