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Have you ever seen how kids use to draw houses? Not only kids, but also the majority of people. If you were asked to draw a house in under 10 seconds, you probably would draw a house with doors and windows. That shows how essential windows and doors are to a house. You may not realize it, but every door and window have trim. The trim around doors and windows might not take as much space as ceiling trim. However, door trim and window trim still play important roles in a house.

Some of you may notice that trim paint is labeled specifically for trim. The reason behind it is no other than to make the paint easier to find. Although there are many kinds of paints for trim, you can always choose which one suits you best. What I mean is that which paint meets your budget, preference, and needs. Check out these suggestions below that you surely don’t want to miss!

What Makes A Good Trim Paint?

Before we dive any deeper into the kinds of trim paint, it would be better for us to know what defines good trim paint. So, what kind of trim paint should we choose? Well, there are several things that can be your guidelines when choosing trim paint.

You should make sure that the paint you are choosing is sag-resistant. Who is not annoyed by sagging paint? I am sure everyone is. Here is a pro tip: choose a paint that has a thick consistency. Other than that, the method you use when brushing also has a huge impact so be careful with that too. The next characteristic is gloss. Why is this important? It is because the molecular structure is tighter. It means that there is less room for dust, dirt, or other debris to get into. Another trim paint characteristic that you can rely on is a non-yellowing effect, especially if you opt for white. Some paints have non-yellowing properties that can prevent the paint to turn yellow if overexposed to sunlight.

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Now that you know the top features of a good trim paint, it is time for you to get to know each paint better!

Oil-based Trim Paint

Although the drying time of this paint takes longer time compared to the other paints, oil-based paint is still superior. Because of its thick consistency, oil-based paint is really good at covering tiny holes. Also, it has a luminous finish that will make your window look timeless. Another thing that makes this paint worth the buy is the minimal brush marks. This will prevent the obnoxious look on your window or door trim. Other than that, this paint has a formula that makes it resistant to moisture. This means that oil-based paint is safe to use in areas that are prone to water and high traffic. However, you have to make sure that you use a brush with natural bristles when painting. This is because the formula in the paint can affect artificial bristles.

Water-based Trim Paint

This one might not be the ideal one on the list, but many people still use it to paint trims or baseboards. Water-based paint is less durable if compared to oil-based paint or acrylic latex paint. It is because of the thin consistency of the paint that does not fill up tiny gaps in the trim. This, later, will lead the trim to get dirty more easily rather than when you use thicker paint. Other than that, if you use a water-based paint for your baseboards, there would be a high chance for it to get some scratches. There is no restriction or such things when it comes to choosing trim paint. You can still opt for water-based paint if you are confident enough in using a good brushing technique.

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Acrylic Latex Trim Paint

Made with an acrylic resin binder and water, acrylic later paint provides an adequate quality of trim paint. This paint uses resin as the binder and water as the vehicle. The binder has a huge role in holding together the color pigments of the paint and also the water. This will later cover the trim or baseboards to create the film. Furthermore, this paint is easier to apply compared to oil-based paint. If your option fell on this paint, you would not need specific equipment as if you chose an oil-based paint. You can easily clean the brushes with water or a detergent. This will cut off the budget so you can save up more money. However, this paint also has some flaws. This includes a lack of glossy effect and the ability to cause the grain on woods.

More Tips on Painting Trim

  1. Go for a paint that is based on location.
    Pay attention to where the trim is located. If you want to paint your baseboards or door trims, I suggest you choose a paint that is labeled ‘interior’. However, you can also choose a paint that has ‘interior/exterior’ label on it. An oil-based interior/exterior paint is more durable and prepared for extreme weather change (including rain, snow, and high heat).
  2. Choose a paint that has a semi-gloss finish
    This is for no other reason than to accentuate the trim. Since the trim is the frame of doors and windows, it would be better to make it look more popped out. Matte finish paints do not give the same amount of highlight to the trim compared to semi-gloss paints. Also, luminous trim helps your windows and doors to have an accent. This will make the trim have decorative purposes.
  3. Still not sure about the color you pick? Choose white
    There is a lot of reason why most people go for white when it comes to trim. One of the major reasons is because white is neutral. It can go with any type of house design. Minimalistic? Rustic? Modern? White trim can fit all three. However, you should take a note that there is a vast spectrum of white. Also, some white oil-based paints can make your trim turn to yellow if overexposed to sunlight. Therefore, you can choose a paint that has no yellowing effect so that it will remain the same color.
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It’s Your Time to Shine!

Now that you know the essential things about trim paints, you can start exploring and choose your favorite paint. Be sure that it meets your budget and preferences. Happy working!

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