Best Cozy Open Space Screened Porch Ideas

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Hey, it’s summertime now! Look at the shining sunlight! I know you can’t wait to lay underneath the hot sun to have the sun-kissed. Well, you already prepare the lemon tea and the best outdoor rugs to enjoy summertime. But there are so many bugs and the temperature suddenly becomes very hot. So, how to easily enjoy the sunlight without feeling the humidity? Well, you have to build a screened porch in your home.

So, what is screened porch? It is an additional room that has a roofed structure with mesh screen walls. Moreover, the mesh screen walls will give you the feeling of outdoor space. Also, the screened porch offers you beautiful outdoor scenery without feeling overheated and keeping the bugs away. I can guarantee that the screened porch is the best place to enjoy and relax in the summer days. So, let’s stick with me to find out the best cozy screened porch ideas for your home!

Stunning Fence Walls

The fence walls will let the fresh air pass to your room. Moreover, the fence walls give some gaps so that you can see a unique focal point of sceneries. But you keep in mind that you should not choose high fence walls because they will feel overcrowded. So, you have to keep building low fence walls. Then, you should choose low furniture like the low table so that it can perfectly match with the low fence walls.

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Moreover, one important thing is to install a ceiling fan. Moreover, the ceiling fans are important to regulate the circulation of fresh air and to lower the humidity. Then, you have to make sure to choose a fan of eight until nine feet gap between the floor and the ceiling for security. Moreover, you can add rugs striped like in the picture. These striped rugs will create a strong pattern and eye-catching aesthetic to your screened porch.

Then, one important thing you should consider is the floor. The screened porch is an open space so you must choose a weatherproof and water-resistant floor. Moreover, the weatherproof floor can handle the fluctuating temperature change of the season. Then, the water-resistant can handle the moisture of winter snow. Lastly, don’t forget to create some space around 28 – 37 inches between each piece of furniture so that you can easily move around.

Rustic Fresh Natural

Doesn’t it feel relaxing on the rustic screened porch? We all know that the rustic style is rich with earthy organic colors like white, cream, and deep brown wood. These colors enhance the natural atmosphere of your screened porch. Moreover, these rustic colors also evoke the relaxing and welcoming vibes to your screened porch.

Since the screened porch is an outdoor place, then you have to put the weatherproof couches. This weatherproof couch has the durability to handle seasonal change. So, you don’t need to worry about your screened porch couches in the wintertime. But you have to check every piece of the weaving’s coach, especially in the winter. Also, don’t forget to add plants so that your screened porch feels fresh. Well, we can see in the picture that this rustic screened porch gives the vibrant natural earth which is nurturing and relaxing. Moreover, you can add rugs to give warm vibes to your screened porch in the autumn or spring season. Then, you can create a frame wood mesh screen wall to enhance the natural earth atmosphere. So, I can guarantee that this rustic screened porch will be your family’s favorite room.

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Colorful Privacy Curtain

It’s a bright summer day! You feel so excited to enjoy the fun and sunny days. So, you decided to enjoy the sunny days on your screened porch. But suddenly your neighbors are so noisy. Uggh, it should be my beautiful days! So, you probably wonder how to avoid those noisy and have privacy while enjoying your sunny days? It is very easy and simple. You can just hang the curtains. So, these curtains will block the scenes of your noisy neighbors and they can also block the flash of flaring light. Moreover, you have to choose the curtains that match with your ceiling and wall color. We see in the picture that the yellow pastel curtains match with the full white ceiling and walls. Also, these yellow pastel curtains don’t overpower the white walls.

Moreover, you can also create a mix of grey and white screened porch like in this picture. Some people might avoid combining white and grey because they think it would be boring. It’s definitely wrong. You can add more colors like turquoise blue so that it will not feel boring. Moreover, the combination of the white and grey screened porch will enhance calmness and comfort. So, do you dare to try?

Energetic Playful Swinging Seat

Umm, I want to make my screened porch room feel energetic. Then, I know you probably wonder how to create a screened porch that enhances playful and energetic vibes? Well, it is easy. You can add the swinging seats to your screened porch. Moreover, these swinging seats will evoke a playful and energetic atmosphere on your screened porch. These swinging seats also have weatherproof so they can handle seasonal change. Moreover, you should choose rattan seats because they are not heavy and you can easily hang them on your ceilings. Also, don’t forget to add pillows so you will feel comfy while sitting on the swinging seats. Then, you should choose pillows with water-resistant and durable because you will put these pillows on the outdoor screened porch. Voila, your cozy swinging seats are ready!

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Moreover, you can add backyard lighting to your screened porch. This backyard lighting will illuminate the beautiful night’s view at your screened porch. But you should know the backyard lighting is more than that. The backyard lighting will create an aesthetic alluring ambience and make your screened porch stand out.

Let’s Create Your Dream Screened Porch 

Now, you already know some best ideas and tips to create your dream screened porch. So, this is the right time to manifest your dream. Then, what are you waiting for?

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