11+ Platform Beds With Storage Recommendations For A New Married Couple.

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Bed shopping can be a pretty exciting thing to do with your partner. However, as a new married couple, you might get a little confused in choosing the right bed for both of you. Is it going to eat up so much space? Will it be too small or too big? Will there be enough area for other stuff in the room? For you who have that kind of questions, buying a bed with storage is what you should consider doing. Need some ideas? Here are our top 11 platform beds with storage that you don’t want to miss.

1. Upholstered Platform Bed Queen

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Number one on the list we have the upholstered queen platform bed with storage. This one is perfect for you who have a small room but still want to experience a spacious bed. The storage is almost as wide as the bed, so you will surely save enough space in the room. It is also very accessible. You can pull the rope and the bed will automatically lift. Easy and worth the buy.

2. Upholstered King Platform Bed With Storage in Black

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Don’t like handles or notches? We got you covered! The two drawers on each side of the bed frame have no handles. You can access the drawers by simply grabbing right under them and it will easily slide it out. The black color is subtle yet giving you an elegant look. This one is perfect for you who have a big enough room but still want to save up some space to slow dance with your partner before going to bed.

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3. Arianna Storage Bed

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The next one on the list we have Arianna storage bed. The frame of this platform bed with storage is made out of lacquered woods with no upholstery on both the foot and headboards. It has two drawers on the front side that you can easily access. The design goes well with any type of bedrooms, making it very adaptable. The bed comes in three different sizes, queen, king, and California king. You are free to choose which one fits well to be placed in your room.

4. Orlando Platform Bed with Storage

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Coming up next is The Orlando Platform bed. This bed has 7 drawers, various shelves, and much more to store all kinds of things starting from small jewelry to books and clothes. With this, you can easily arrange your stuff without having to buy any more shelves or ledges. Other than that, it also has a wall on the side to hang up your best pictures together, reminiscing when you two first met or probably every anniversary that you have celebrated. You are offered different sizes of bed starting from twin, queen, to king versions.

5. Platform Bed IKEA Malm

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For you who like the idea of a platform bed with storage that has a bit of improvement, you should consider choosing this one. It maximizes the utilization of the height of the room. This platform bed allows you to make use of the bed frame to store your belongings. It has 8 drawers where you can store whatever you want in each of them. Each drawer has no handles, making it look more elegant and modern. You can also use the remaining space on the side of the bed for your pets. In addition, you can put a pet bed or perhaps a glass case if you have reptiles. You don’t have to worry about not having space in your room because this platform bed genuinely set aside a decent amount of area for you and your partner to have a little date night in your bedroom.

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6. Modern Farmhouse Queen Platform Bed with Storage

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Number six on our top 11 platform beds with storage, we have the modern farmhouse queen platform bed. If you want to make use of your spacious bedroom, this bed is the perfect choice for you. It has two drawers on the front side of the bed. Even though it only has two drawers, each can still contain lots of your possessions considering the bed is a queen size. In addition, the frame is made out of good quality lacquered woods that come in the colour grey which makes it adjustable for any colour and type of bedrooms.

7. Gray King Bookcase Storage Panel Bed

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Similar to the Orlando Platform bed, this bed is also complemented with various shelves and drawers. For you who want to experience good sleeping quality with your partner and access your stuff easily while in bed, this one could come in handy. It has 1 large drawer on the left side of the bed, 4 wide drawers on the front, and additional 2 drawers on the headboards. This bed turns the space that was supposed to be for the upholstery into drawers and shelves for books. Therefore, you can maximize the utilization of the bed frame.

8. Roman Modern Platform Bed

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Modern and minimalistic are the perfect words to describe this platform bed with storage. Even with three wide drawers on the side of the bed, this bed still manages to keep the concept of simplicity. You don’t have to worry about having to argue with your partner about which desk you should buy because The Roman comes with six supplementary shelves on the headboard of the bed frame. Furthermore, the hardboard top rail can also come in handy to help you display your favorite flowers, or maybe your action figure collection.

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9. Wooden King Size Platform Bed with Storage

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Need a bed that can fill up your spacious bedroom? Say no more. This Wooden king size platform bed has sturdy, wide side rails with four complementary drawers on the side. Each of the drawer does not have handles, perfect for you who seek the modern look. Even though it has no hardboard rail and slat, you can still maximize the utilization of the bed frame because it was meant for a king size bed. No more fighting over who gets much more space because it is quite roomy for a couple to sleep on. In addition, the bed frame has weathered finish on the wood, perfect for a couple who search for a more rustic yet modern feel.

10. Sagamore Storage Platform Bed

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Want to experience a peaceful retreat but lacking space? Coming up in number 10, the sagamore storage platform bed is the ideal choice for you. What’s more amazing is that it has, not two, but four drawers on the side! This means, the functionality of the storage of the platform bed is maximized. The clean-finish slats give away that modern minimalistic look, making the design does not look outdated.

11. Fully Upholstered Queen Size Bed With Storage

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As you can see in the picture, the bed frame is fully upholstered in premium fabric for a velvety and soothing touch. It has four drawers, 2 on the wing sides and 2 more on the front side, which are also covered with padding. Furthermore, the wing side drawers are complemented with small rollers that make it easier for you to use.


Now you have various options on platform beds with storage to be discussed with your partner. Each bed has its own specialty, especially with the design and the material that is used. Hopefully, you can find the perfect platform bed with storage that you’ve always wanted. Here is another relatable article

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