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Every inch, every corner, and every space of our house is something that we should appreciate wholeheartedly. The decorative sense to embellish our home is the reflection of our sentiment and visceral love towards our dwelling place. The bathroom is one of the examples of the vessel to pour down our aesthetic ideas and the impetus to generate our creativity. 

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The bathroom is the habitual place for our relatives or even our guests to layover for a while and it is a place to leave a marking impression on our establishment. It is an objective notion for us to acquire a desire for making a good ”prima facie” for our surroundings. Here are some references to help you to decide the best wall decoration for your bathroom. 

Plant some greens

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If you are the type of person who has a special interest in natural splendour instead of man-made fabrication, the option to put some fresh plants is obligatory. The natural element in our bathroom can be the tool to equiponderate the bathroom atmosphere to be very eye-pleasing. There are multiple ways to place down our plants among the areas of the bathroom.

It can be in the form of a hanging position, put it on the edge of the bathroom corner, and even nailed it down on the wall. However, we have to be smart and conscientious about the type of plants to place in the bathroom. The suitable characteristics of the bathroom plants should revolve around its durability and everlastingness. 


The plant’s options that you can consider are Lucky Bamboo, Zamioculcas zamiifolia, Orchid, Spider Plant, ”Mother in Law’s Tongue”, Snake Plant, Cast Iron Plant, Golden Pothos, Air Plants, Aloe Vera, and many more. By implementing to embellish our bathroom with these plant selections, it means we should not forget to give proper nutrition for them on a daily basis.

Adding storage

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Storage is a pivotal aspect of our bathroom because of its practicality and the other benefits that are embedded in it. We can start placing a shelf or wardrobe to provide additional space for our towels, clothes, soap, shampoo, and other bath materials. The shelf is more lenient to structure down rather than the wardrobe, also the additional perk of the shelf itself is it consumes less space than the wardrobe and it avoids narrowness in our bathroom.

 We can attach our shelf to the wall or even decide to do the conventional method, one that is similar to a wardrobe. It enhances the aesthetic aspect in our bathroom and it overcomes the daily bathing obstacles, seems like a win-win stake for us!

Hang some frame pictures

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If you are a photography connoisseur or even a painting admirer, why bother to plastered your passion into the bathroom walls? The alternative choice of the picture can be in the form of motivational quotes or something that enkindles our spirits. Some people also like to perpetuate their cute pets or even something related to recent pop culture. Every picture is the figuration of the owner’s personality and the stimulant to create a certain atmosphere that we aim for.

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In advance, we can start to estimate the picture size and the number of pictures that we want to arrange. Do not make it too packed or disparage and we have to find a middle ground for it. We can envisage our bathroom to be the personal gallery that we can simply enjoy while relaxing in the splash of water.

Tiles for style

Ever feel that the wallpaper for our interior is not enough and cliche? Well, tiles are the proper substitute for it. The installation of tiles in the wall is called tiling and it is such a unique method in the realm of interior design. The tiling technique is actually derived from the ancient architectural tradition, which was from the knowledge of Sinhalese kings of the old Sri Lanka.

 As time goes, the tiling technique becomes more popular and it is being imitated by a big chunk of people on an international scale. Tiles’ versatility can be utilized as an interior material for a coffee shop, working space, showroom, or even at the microscale such as our bathroom’s wall and its floor. The sophistication of tiles is also at the sturdy trait that makes it impervious and congenial to implement in the bathroom. 

There 2 types of the most commonly used tiles, which are the plain one and the tiles with the pattern.

1. Plain Tiles

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The plain one usually consists of a single colour and it is compatible with a contemporary bathroom with a minimalistic design. The plain tile with a stark colour tone can also be used for a maximalist design, tantamount to a pattern tile. 

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2. Pattern Tiles

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The pattern tiles usually still stick to their original root and do not forego the Sri Lankan culture. The development of their architecture is ahead of its time and never goes out in style.


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If we dissect the modern epoch in a holistic outlook, it consists of the recapitulation of the previous time investment. Even though we are highly relying on the light from the electric bulb, the melancholy spark from the fire that burns in the candle’s fuse remains to be an essential part of our bathroom decoration. Sconces for candles can be found in the antique shop but it might come off as somewhat costly but the alternative option of it is we can buy it through the regular furniture mart. 

Sconces can be assimilated with the other decorative furniture as well. We can use it as the accompaniment of the wall between the broad mirror and the sink. In the context of candle selection, we can switch the conventional candles with the aromatherapy scent one to indulge us while we clean ourselves.

The candle’s scent that we can choose differs from the fruity aroma, rosey, cinnamon, fireplace, and many others. Now your bathroom can simultaneously turn into an instagramable contemplation place.

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