Baby Girl Bedroom and Nursery Ideas

I know that you are very excited to welcome your newborn baby girl. Besides your baby’s clothes, another essential thing that must have been lingered on your mind is the baby’s room. You have to make sure that everything is secure and comfy, those are the two main things to help you start. What can I do to meet the previously mentioned criteria? Well, you can emphasize the functionality of the furniture, especially the bed. Other than that, you should also consider the design of the room. Not only will it make the room look aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but also it will evoke that kind of feeling that you want to create.

In this article, we are going to talk about baby girl bedroom and nursery designs that we exclusively picked just for you. We are also going to discuss the theme of the room and other things that you should consider while expecting your baby. There is a lot of variety of things to choose from when designing the room. It is not always about the traditional pink baby girl room. You can explore your ideas to create your own style. So, without any further ado, check out these cute baby girl bedroom ideas.

Subtle Glamorous Pink

If you want to keep the original color of a baby girl’s room without having to make it look plain, you can step it up. For example, you can add a few shimmering details on some areas. As you can see in the picture, there is a mosquito net on top of the baby box. This creates a nice complement to the design. Instead of having a regular, white mosquito net, this design uses a mild tone of pink to accentuate the layout of the room. Other than that, you can add extra safety and comfort by laying down a rug beneath the baby box. The fluff adds such a nice texture to the surface. Also, you can add some ornaments such as stuffed animals and flowers to evoke the adorable side of the design.

Vibrant Colors and Little Sparrows

Other than muted colors like dusty pink, you can implement bright colors as well. Take a look at the picture above for example. You can see how captivating the wallpaper is. However, the wallpaper is not being applied to all sides of the walls since it would make the room look crowded. The vibrant color of orange gives off an eye-catching detail of the wallpaper. It also fits perfectly with the rich blue color. To supplement the sophisticated pattern of the wallpaper, the other side of the wall is painted in beige. Also, the warm and neutral color of beige goes ideally with the wood flooring. They work together to complement the design of the room. Besides that, the ornaments, such as the standing lamp and the mirror, help to bring out a personality to the room.

Soft Pastel Colors

Create a contemporary finish on the design with a soft pastel color palette. With a neutral tone on the walls, you are able to put more colors on the furniture and decoration. As seen in the displayed picture, you can see how the pastel colors of coral, mint, and yellow are combined. Other than that, this design also emphasizes consistency in the colors. You can see how the colors on the blanket have a resemblance to the ornaments on the wall. This generates a sense of unity in the room. This color palette sparks cheerfulness and sweetness that are portrayed through the design and layout.

Chic Twin Girl Bedroom

Are you expecting twin baby girls? Say no more. The electric pink on the ceiling creates an eye-catching look. Other than that, to create a sense of balance to the design, this twin baby girl room uses white to dominate the wall, the window frames, and the balusters that surround the crib. Also, to create a deeper and richer color to the color palette, this design uses dark brown to paint the buffer of the crib. You probably would not opt for this color to be combined with pink. However, it turns out to be the best match for the electric pink.

Use Pink As A Blush

A bit different from the previous design, this one does not emphasize the color pink. Rather than having the color dominate the design, dusty pink is used to give a nice accentuation to grey, black, and white. Besides that, the color pink gives off the femininity that can indicate a girl’s bedroom. Other than paints, you can hang some artworks or your favorite string lights to bring an extra glow to the room.

Statement Wallpaper with Dimmed Blue Color Tone

Opting for wallpapers is always a good call to make your baby girl’s room look more appealing. Choose the pattern that goes along with the theme that you want. As you can see in the picture above, the wallpaper is full of illustrations of blooming flowers in soft colors. Other than that, you have probably noticed the shape of the lamp on the ceiling. Yes, you are right! It has the same vibe as the wallpaper, a blooming flower. There is also a fluffy, round ottoman right in front of the brown armchair to rest your feet on. Perfect for you who has spent all day and night trying to get your baby to sleep.

Safari Themed Baby Girl’s Nursery

As parents, of course, you are in charge of making and designing your baby girl’s room. Not only do you have to make the room as safe and as comfy as possible, but also you have to decide the theme. Now, if you are looking for something other than pink and pastel colors, this design could be the one for you. Dominated with brown and grey, this design is always a fun one to try.

So, which bed?

I know that you want to give the best to your baby girl, but make sure that you set your budget and narrow down your preferences. Therefore, you will be able to manage your spending while having your little daughter sleeping tightly in her crib.

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