7 Cool Modern Industrial Bar Stools You Should Never Miss

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Gosh, this Covid-19 pandemic really stresses me out! I cannot hang out with my friends or drink outside in a bar. Well, you don’t need to worry because you can make your bar in your house! Moreover, a bar home is a good place that can bring privacy yet it can also entertain your guests. Then what is a design style that always perfectly matches a home bar? It is definitely the modern industrial style. Why is that so?

Nothing can beat the uniqueness of the modern industrial style. Moreover, industrial style can blend modernity and old classic. What a cool style! But I know you probably wonder how to choose and arrange the modern industrial bar stools so they don’t feel crowded and heavy? So, let’s stick with me to know more modern industrial stools that will look charming in your home!

What You Need to Know Before Buying Bar Stools

There are several important things you need to consider outside of the aesthetic factor before you buy the bar stools. Let’s deep dive to know more! 

1. Coziness

Now, you know which bar style perfectly fits in your home. Then, you need to consider the comfort of the bar stools. Do you want to buy bar stools with a backrest or without backrest? It actually depends on your choice. Moreover, backless bar stools are definitely perfect in a small space because these stools do not take a lot of space and they can free up space. But if you spend a lot of time sitting in the backless stools, you can feel back pain. Thus, it will be better if you buy stools with the back. Moreover, if you have kids or teenagers in your house, then the back bar stools are also good for them because these stools can give safety.

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2. Height 

You have to keep in mind that there is a difference in height between counter and bar stools. The height of counter stools usually around 35 – 47 inches. Meanwhile, the height of bar stools is usually around 24 – 34 inches. Moreover, you can buy adjustable stools or fixed stools. You can easily arrange the height of your adjustable stools depending on your guests for example they are elder people or younger kids. But if you want to buy fixed bar stools because they are more aesthetic, then you have to precisely count the height between your counter and barstools so that it can also bring cozy. 

3. Swivel Chair 

Are you an active person who always loves to move? Then the swivel bar stools with the ability of 360 degree rotation will be a good option for you. Moreover, you can move easily with swivel stools without the need to push the chair. All you need is to just swivel your position. But swivel bar stools might not be a good choice if you have young kids in your home. Some children can be recklessly swiveling their sitting without looking around. Hence, they can unexpectedly drop glasses or other stuff in the counter bar.

4. Cozy Footrests

The footrests might look like small things that don’t really bring much impact. But this is not true. The footrest will make everything feel comfortable while you are sitting on the bar stools. Moreover, you can rest your feet to prevent feeling tired of dangling your feet all the time. Therefore, the cozy footrest is very important to make comfy on your bar stools.

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Cool Modern Industrial Bar Stools That Never Go Wrong 

1. Gas Lift Adjustable Bar Stool 

source : Pinterest

The gas lift bar stools always become the first list of everyone’s top number one option. Why is that so? We can see that the gas lift bar stools have adjustable tools. Hence, you can easily adjust the height of gas lift bar stools. Moreover, the barstools have strong durability. You have to know the gas lift bar stools can handle a person with more than 100 kilograms. Furthermore, the gas lift bar stools give triple comfort! It is insane, right? The gas lift bar stools offer the backrest, the footrest, and the handrest. What a perfect comfort! 

2. Masculine Marco Industrial Bar Stools

source : Pinterest

Nothing can beat the simplicity and the strong masculine of the Marco industrial bar stools. Moreover, the Marco seat uses solid wood to bring comfy and warmth while you sit. Also, Marco bar stools give double comfort with the backrest and the footrest. So you don’t need to worry about back pain and foot pain.

3. Yaheetech Industrial Bar Stools

source : Pinterest

Do you want to buy industrial and minimalist bar stools? Then you should buy Yaheetech industrial bar stools. Moreover, the combination of wood and black solid steel will enhance the aesthetic vibe in your home bar. You have to keep in mind that there is no backrest in the Yaheetech industrial bar stools. But if you don’t mind with this then it would be fine. Moreover, Yaheetech is still worth buying because it can free up space in the small home. 

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4. Avery Bar Stools

source : Pinterest

Nothing can beat the lightness and uniqueness industrial stylish of Avery bar stools. The wood seat will add a warm vibe to your home bar. Moreover, the metal footrest will be strong enough to hold your feet comfortably. Moreover, you will easy to arrange the Avery bar stools because they are not heavy.

5. Vasagle Bar Stools 

source : Pinterest

The most durability and simplicity are definitely Vasagle bar stools. One important thing you should know is that these stools are not only aesthetic but they can also hold 120 kilograms. I know that Vasagle bar stools might not look comfortable because they don’t have the backrest. But I think you should consider the durability and the mildness of these bar stools.

6. Modern Airlift Adjustable Swivel Bar Stools

source : Pinterest

You will never miss the chic accent of modern airlift adjustable swivel bar stools. Moreover, you can adjust the height depending on your needs. Also, the swivel mechanism of the modern airlift bar stools will make you easy to move. Moreover, the double comfort of the backrest and footrest. Then who doesn’t want to stay longer on these bar stools?

7. Faux Leather Industrial Swivel Bar Stools with Back & Arm 

source : Pinterest

The timeless strong and elegance of faux industrial leather bar stools will fulfill the aesthetic vibe of your home bar. Moreover, these stools provide ultimate comfort with the backrest, footrest, and the handrest. I can guarantee no one will complain to leave these seats.

Your Turn 

Now, you know all the things you need to consider before buying the stools. Moreover, you also know some of the cozy and cool modern industrial bar stools. Then this is your time to arrange your dream industrial home bar. What are you waiting for? 

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