5 Best Wood Panelling For Walls + Ideas

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Now, the wood panelling walls are everywhere. You can see wood panelling in the traditional house, modern house, and even in the pub. But you probably wonder why nowadays wood panelling becomes trendy? Then, you have to know that wood panelling is eco-friendly and it can hide flaws in your wall. Moreover, everyone knows wood panelling creates an aesthetic atmosphere in your home. But wood panelling is more than that. Moreover, the wood panelling will bring a warm vibe to your home sweet home. Then, you probably wonder which wood panelings are good. So, let’s stick with me to know what the best wood panelling are and many more!

Best Wood Panelling That You Should Never Miss 

1. Beadboard


Nothing can beat the natural insulation of beadboard. Then, what is natural insulation? So, this is a material that can provide a warm thermal in your home. Well, you will have a natural heater in your room. Moreover, the beadboard is a row of vertical planks. Then, there is a little ridge in between each wood which is known as a bead. Also, the beadboard gives a classic outlook yet it fits with modern and traditional style. But you have to know that the beadboard can be easily dirt because each panel has grooves.


I know you probably wonder about the price of the beadboard. So, the price of real wood beadboard is around $1 per square foot. Meanwhile, the MDF beadwood is around $50 – $75 per square foot. 

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2. Shiplap 


Clean and modernity are the best words to describe shiplap wood panels. Moreover, the shiplap wood panels are strong because they are crack resistant. Also, the horizontal panels feature is tightly installed and it also has a natural weather proof material? Then, what is weather proof material? The weatherproof has a resistant ability with the bad weather. So, you don’t need to worry that the shiplap will get rotten. But you have to know that shiplap is easy to get dirt due to its grooves. Keep in mind you have to clean it regularly for example like twice a week. 


The shiplap wood panel is very affordable. Moreover, the price of shiplap is around $2.50 – $7.00 per square foot.

3. Plank Wood 


Nothing can beat the uniqueness of plank wood. Moreover, the plank wood panels have a lot of unique rich patterns like horizontal, vertical, diagonal, zigzag, and chevron. Also, plank wood has more variable sizes. Then, the good news is that you can also remodel the size of the plank wood panel based on your needs. Moreover, the plank wood panel can bring a modern and classic outlook at the same time. I can guarantee your guests will never stop staring at your beautiful unique wall.


The MDF plank wood panel is the cheapest. Moreover, the price of MDF plank wood is around $6 – $12 per square foot. 

4. Raised Panels


Do you want wood paneling that is scratch resistant? Then you should install the raised panel in your home. Well, I know you probably wonder can I put some paintings or shelves on the raised panel wall? Yes, of course, you can and you don’t need to worry because the holes of hanging objects like paintings can easily be fixed on the raised panel wall. Moreover, the raised wood panel brings a classic vibe of royal family home design. Also, the look features of raised wall paneling are 3 dimensional. So, the raised panel wall consists of six parts which are cove molding, cap molding, top rail, stile, raised panel, and bottom rail. Those six parts usually have a height of around 30 – 40 inches. But if you want to create more than 40 inches high, then you have to add more center rail to create more rows of panels.

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So, how about the price of raised panels? The price of raised panels usually goes  around $10 – $30 per square foot.

5. Board and Batten 


There is no other word than sophisticated to describe board and batten wood panels. Moreover, the 3 dimension texture of the board and batten wood panel enhances boldness to the room. One important thing you should know is that there are some narrow seams usually around 2 inch wood pieces which are known as battens. Also, the board and batten are eco-friendly because you can recycle the old board and batten wood panel.


The affordable price always makes board and batten on the top list of wood panels. Moreover, the price of board and batten is around $7 – $9. 

Wood Paneling Ideas You Must Try

1. Mesmerizing Modern Pattern of Plank Wood Panel


Plank wood panels are the most adaptable wood panels. Why is that so? You can create and explore when it comes to making new patterns of the plank wood panels. Moreover, exploring new patterns of plank walls will enhance the modern outlook in the room. We can see in the picture that there are lots of combination patterns of diagonal, vertical, and horizontal. Therefore, these mix match patterns evoke modern artistic features.

2. Sophisticated Bold Beadboard Wall Panel 


Trust me that paint the wood panels will never ruin your home. Most people usually avoid painting their wood panel wall because they are afraid of the overcrowded atmosphere. This is completely wrong. Instead, painting the whole wood paneling wall enhances the bold statement to your room. Keep in mind to paint only with one color so that the wall doesn’t look overcrowded. Moreover, you can put colorful furniture because these can evoke a playful atmosphere into your room. I can guarantee this outlook will make your room stand out. 

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3. Charming Rustic Board And Batten Paneling Wall 


You will never go wrong with the white board and batten wood paneling wall. The white wood board and batten panel never look outdated. Moreover, the white board and batten enhance the freshness and cleanliness atmosphere in the room. Also, the white board and batten will evoke rustic dimensional texture in your room.

Your Turn

Now, you know the best options for wood paneling. Moreover, you also know some great ideas to install stand out wood panels. So, this is your turn and your time to make your dream wood panels!

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