4 Modern Living Room Decor Ideas

modern living room decor

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4 Modern Living Room Decor Ideas. Owning a house is one of the biggest dreams of everyone, especially for those who work in a big city. Apart from owning a house, many people want a room design in their home to suit their wishes. A room that has an important function in the house is the living room. The living room is often used by family members to relax or to receive guests. Therefore, the design of the living room must be made as comfortable and attractive as possible. So, people can be comfortable while in that room.

Having an attractive and beautiful living room will give you a great first impression from people. This happens because the living room is the first room that family members or guests see when visiting your home. A living room that is designed as attractive as possible will make people feel at home and comfortable. If you are confused about suitable living room design for your home, you can imitate some examples of this design.

modern living room decor
modern living room decor

Here are some modern living room decor inspirations that you can use as examples

Using Pastel Colors

Source: interiordesign.co

The first modern living room decor idea that you can imitate to beautify your living room is the application of color. Color is an important factor in beautifying a living room. You have to choose a color that matches the theme of your home. Pastel colors are one of the favorite colors of many people that are often used to beautify the living room. The living room that is applied pastel colors will give a comfortable and soothing impression.

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Monochrome Living room

Source: hipwee.com

Monochrome theme is often used by many people to design their house that focus on combination of white and black. This theme could give the room a more modern and luxurious appearance. The application is not only for wall paint, but also on the furniture and decorations in the room. However, monochrome theme does not only focus on white and black color combinations, you can also combine them with gray in your living room.

Adding Ornamental Plants

Source: casaindonesia.com

The next modern living room decor idea is to add several types of ornamental plants to your living room. The advantage of this idea is that your living room will be fresher. In addition, you can also make a mini garden in the living room as a decoration to beautify the room. There are so many types of ornamental plants that used as decorations in your living room, for example spider plants. However, ornamental plant does not only function as decoration but also as an absorber of dirty air in your home. Ornamental plants can supply more oxygen so that the air in your home is more refreshing.

Apply A Scandinavian Theme

Scandinavian Theme home decor

Source: dekoruma.com

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One of the interior design themes that is often used by many people is the Scandinavian theme. This theme can give the living room a simple and unique appearance. The Scandinavian theme is characterized by using neutral colors such as white, beige, and gray. The rooms that are designed with this theme usually use geometric patterned carpets. Because it can give a broad impression to the room.

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You can choose one of the four modern living room decor ideas above. Hopefully, the ideas can match with the appearance of the living room that you want.

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